A Holiday Card for My Dear Readers

December 23, 2015   26 Comments

I wrote this post a few years ago and I like it so much that I am posting it again. I may be repeating myself but I can't improve upon the sentiment:

Holiday Card

You know that moment when the sun is about to come up and every one else is asleep?

There are birds chirping and the view looks cleaner, newer, and fresher. That moment is the one I try to catch for about 5 seconds in my day.

I caught that moment in this photo of a snowstorm a few years ago. The snow was sticky and it made the most amazingly peaceful scenery, don't you think?

I opened my window on the second floor, put my hand with my camera outside, took the picture, and then my children came bouncing into my room. Moment gone (but captured).

My wish for you is that you get a couple moments of peace for yourself during this holiday, however you celebrate it.

Thank you for reading Snack Girl. I am grateful you take a moment of your day to visit here.

AKA Snack Girl

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GORGEOUS!! Recycling such sentiment is a gift you can give every year!! Thank you for all you do for us and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family!!


Beautiful pic and even though we all weren't there it is so pretty and peaceful looking that when you stare at it you feel like you are there. Thanks for that and for all you do and post. You ROCK Lisa! Have a wonderful holiday and be safe if your traveling :).

Lisa, all the best to you and your family. Thank you for the photo....I can feel the peacefulness and the stillness radiating from the picture.

I remember this! I appreciate you and your wisdom more than you know. Like I said when I first started reading your posts - I LOVE YOU SNACK GIRL!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Thank you Lisa for sharing your love for life, healthy eating, and family every day. Because of this amazing invention called the internet, your caring spirit reaches me every day! Thank you and Happy New Year!

Thank you for all you do, Snack Girl! Here's to a healthy & happy 2016 for you & all your readers :)

I remember this post, that picture is so beautiful. Thank you Lisa for another great year with Snack Girl. Thank you for all that you taught me this year. Warmest wishes for you and your family.

I also remember this but it is very much appreciated. Such a nice sentiment. Especially with being surrounded by ads and requests to buy things. It's a reminder that it's really these small moments that can have lasting impressions. That's what we try to do with our holiday time as a family. Wishing you all the best. I hope your holidays are filled with memorable moments with family. happy new year!

thank you for such a peaceful scene. I hate the cold lol but this made me appreciate how God works in small ways

Merry Christmas

Lovely photo and sentiment. Warm wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy new year. And thanks for introducing me to Healthy Wage, which helped me to lose 10#. Now to keep it off amidst the abundance of holiday treats!

I want to wish YOU ans YOUR Family a Verry merry Christmas and A Healthy & Happy New year.

Thank you Lisa for all the info you give to us-your readers.

Love that picture, here in SC we are dealing with rain and almost 80 degree weather. Living in NY for 59 years of my life I must say I do miss the first snowstorm of the season.

Can't wait to see what you bring us for the 2016 year...

Wonderful post!

I love the quiet after a snowstorm. Our favorite way to enjoy it is to go snowshoeing in the quiet woods. :)

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU, from one of your guy readers who is well on the way to losing weight and feeling better following your posts!

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays to you Snack Girl! Thanks for your interesting posts!

Love this pic-is serene n reminds me of why I moved to Arizona! Thanks so much Lisa, for your research, humor, and obvious zest for life😄 We need more caring and fun "journalists" in the world...Merry CHRISTmas and blessed New Year🎉 You do bring joy to your readers!

Thanks, Lisa, for reminding me to pull back, at least for a few minutes, from the rush the holidays can become. 🎄

I love that picture and the sentiment. I remember it from before and it is certainly worth repeating. Thank you for all the effort you put into this site. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Thanks for sharing such a peaceful picture and all the great posts this 2015. Looking forward to seeing what you have for 2016. Merry Christmas.

Lisa, thank you for your great blog - I love it & your fun and warm personality :) I hope you & your family have a joy-filled, blessed Christmas!

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