A Perfect Storm of Factors That Makes The Holidays Difficult

December 23, 2011   10 Comments

Here is my "Holiday Card" for all my loyal readers and fans! Thanks for coming here and being part of the Snack Girl community.

Holiday Weight Gain Advice


Now, I want to get a wee bit real.

I have identified a THREESOME of factors that make it almost impossible to do anything but gain weight and feel guilty. You ready?

  1. Lots of food and alcohol
  2. Very dark outside
  3. Sadness, loneliness, and stress

I'm sure that some of you will not be enjoying the holidays this year. I think Elvis's rendition of "Blue Christmas" is a good example of what I am referring to.

So, you feel bad, you are SURROUNDED by food, and you just want to stay inside all day because it gets dark at 4 PM. Seems like a powerful recipe for weight gain.

For those who are happy during the holidays - you guys are still surrounded by food and darkness (you just aren't trying to change your mood with food).

What to do?

Here is where I get to write something pithy like, "Fill up on celery sticks." or "Buy a high intensity light fixture." or "Move to Australia during the winter months."

Or, I could just say you already feel bad so why add guilt about eating to the list? Simply accept that you are eating too much and do your best not to feel bad about it.

I noticed that in my town some of the churches are having "Blue" services for the people who are having a rough time. Find these people and express your sadness without wallowing. I don't know where the line is between self-indulgence and true expression of sadness - but I'm sure you will find it.

The holidays are overwhelming for many - so let them overwhelm you - then you can get on with your life in January.

XOXO, Snack Girl

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Thanks for always keeping it real Snack Girl!!! You never cease to amaze and inspire me. Have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to hearing more from you in 2012!

What a great post... nice to acknowledge these feelings & the stress that always seems to accompany the holiday.

A few things I've heard this season that I think are helpful:

1) From Linda, my yoga instructor - "Something has to give over the holidays, try not to let it be exercise." Yoga is so healing and makes you feel better... you may not do it as often, but try to squeeze it in.

2) From Joanne, my friend, a wellness coach - "No one should try to diet this time of year, but try to eat veggies every day." (At least something good is getting in there!)

3) From me - "Put away the scale for a few weeks" - As a lifetime WW member, I try to weigh myself daily and adjust when the # gets too high. For the holidays, this was leading to additional stress & guilt, so I'll weigh myself after Christmas - may be a bad idea, but we'll see. (And back to WW meetings in Jan.)

4) And, another one from Joanne - "Try to be grateful for something each day. Write it down if you can." When I was particularly blue a few weeks ago, I started thinking about challenges that my family and friends were going through...(divorce, child with cancer, etc.) mine seemed pretty minor in comparison.

So, sorry for the ramblings, but you really hit on something... Thanks for the inspiration. Do a little something for you this holiday season... And, don't feel that everything has to be perfect!

Merry Christmas to you too, I love your website, I get on it as soon as I get my cup of coffee.

I love potato cakes!! Good for cold weather in the winter.

Very well said snack girl. I don't care for the holiday's due to stress from the in-laws, step-children, etc.....I alsways keep up my fitness program and drink copious amounts of water. I am also the one to bring the fruit and healthy treats to the dinner's. Just 2 more days and it is over for another year.

I do love to decorate the house with 5 christmas trees and my santa collection, its the extra stress and drama I could do without. Love your blog....please keep it up. I am making the chocolate dipped figs and the nutbutter balls with almond. I am also making the baked oatmeal with canned apples.....thanks again

Merry Christmas Snack Girl! I also look forward to reading what you have to say and enjoy your web site very much (even when it doesn't pertain to me). Also always enjoy the comments. Have a blessed New Year!

Merry Christmas and thank you so much for your posts!

Happy New Year Snack Girl! Thank you for all the good info all year long:-)

Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy reading it.

Happy Holidays to you & all your readers, I hope everyone has some quiet time to reflect on what is good in their life.

Happy Holidays Snack Girl!

My weight watchers leader loves to say "The most fattening thing you can feed yourself is guilt".

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