How To Dress Well If You are Curvy

November 28, 2018   14 Comments

Have you noticed that the models don’t look like you? I’m pretty sure I have never looked like a model because they tend to be very thin.

How To Dress Well If You are Curvy

I get why fashion designers want a set type of person to design their clothes for. It is EASIER! If you have the same size woman every time you make a dress - you know how to make her look stunning.

Then there are the people that don’t fit those specs. How do you dress if you are not a perfect size 2?

First, I want to share that I know someone who is a size ZERO and she does not look good in everything she tries on.

I would think everything would look perfect on her but even she has trouble with waist size, pant length, and baggy sweaters. Finding clothes that make you look good is hard at any size.

I don’t actually have one set answer to this conundrum except for that you must accept is that you have the body you have. Spanx can only do so much and even then - I’m not sure they are a good thing.

When you look in the mirror look up! Stop staring at your butt, thighs, stomach, arm flab, etc. and look into your eyes. You are not perfect but you probably look a hell of a lot better than YOU think you do.

Here are a bunch of ideas that range from cheap to expensive on how to dress your curvy body.

GoodWill or the any thrift store near by will have all sorts of “interesting” clothes. I love GoodWill because I can always find something and I will take it home and discuss with family/friends whether I look good in it. If it looks horrible - I give it back! Reuse, recycle, and support a non-profit. How can you go wrong?

Target - I wrote an entire piece on the Target mannequins and their shape.

Somehow, Target got the message that we aren’t all the same type! I have not tried on these clothes but I am guessing they would fit. Go every season and see what works. It is funny, every once in a while I find myself complimenting a friend on her look and then I find out she bought it at Target. They have some cute stuff.

Stitch Fix - Stitch Fix is an online service where a stylist sends you clothes and you decide if you want to buy them. I have to admit that I have never tried it because I am the most boring dresser in the world but this is a really good review: Stitch Fix Review. The blogger is a curvy woman and she shoots photos of herself in all the outfits.

You pay a $20 styling fee and a stylist sends you a box of clothes. You can buy things that you like and the $20 goes toward the purchase of anything in the box.

This seems like a low cost way to get some help in looking good. You do have to work a bit to share your favorite types of clothes to help the stylist find good stuff for. Also, you don’t have to go shopping!! Someone else does it for you. How cool is that?

Rent The Runway is a service that has clothes for larger sizes and YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY THEM. You can rent all the outfits you want for about $170 per month and then send them back. No cleaning, no fixing the buttons, and if it is hideous - don’t wear it.

I rented a dress for $60 (including shipping) and it was a smash. Would I have worn it again? I’m not sure but it wouldn’t have cost $60.

What I really love is the photos of all the different people trying on the clothes. Even if you can’t afford RTR, go to the site Rent the Runway and check out how different body types look in different outfits. You may be able to figure out what would look best on you by looking at the photos!

This is all I’ve got right now other than “keep on shopping” and “don’t buy anything that you don’t love because it is on sale”.

How do you find clothes that work for you? Please share. I am sure we could all use your suggestions!

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I have struggled all my life with weight. Now as a senior I have some tips for choosing clothes. Remember gravity is not your friend. Never accentuate your negatives. If you have loose under arm flesh wear 3/4 or long sleeves. Never wear tight clingy tops if you have any rolls around your middle. Never wear skinny jeans or leggings if you have thick thighs. Never wear a halter top over the age of 25. Never fool yourself into thinking you can wear a size 8 if in reality you are a size 12. Tips from 50 years of experience.

I love Carol's response above! Let's try to keep it real ladies - as a rubenesque woman myself - I agree with everything she said. No more halter tops, skinny jeans, etc for us more mature gals. LOOK in the mirror! If things are drooping, rolling or visible to YOU, then they're visible to everyone else - get a bigger size. There's no shame in it! Cut out the tag if it bothers you - just be realistic and don't show the world 'everything'. :) Great comment, Carol!

I love the advise you give and the comment I just read from the lady with 50 years experience, HOW TRUE!!!!

You need to love yourself the way you are in the present. If you're working on changing yourself by losing weight thats great, but in the present love yourself. I went to my daughters wedding in August and wore a dress. I haven't worn a dress in 10 years. Last time was my sisters wedding, every 10 years. Anyways the dress I chose was a aline dress, no sleeves, just above my knees and I looked in the mirror and surprised myself on how good it looked. Everyone thought I looked great. Even being a size 16. So I told myself I'm going to have a great time and danced most of the night. Danced with my 4 year old grandson and he said Grammy you look so pretty. I couldn't ask for more.

Love all the advice! I tried RTR for a recent black tie wedding and found a 14P gown that was stunning, that would have been impossible to find in stores even if I had searched for weeks (and I never would have paid the $900 retail price).... it fit like a glove, was suitable for my age (53) but sexy as heck, and was cheap/easy. The reviews and pictures helped - I knew I needed a heavier weight fabric to hold me in (ha!) without showing bumps/lumps, and that i I had to accommodate my —cough cough - generous Boobs and butt. My BF couldn’t take his eyes off me!

Other than that, I find that open necklines draw the eye up, along with pretty necklaces, and that confidence is the best accessory. Love reading Snack Girl!

Thank you for talking about Goodwill. I love that place for jeans. They have so many different companies/styles that you are sure to find something that fits. It introduces you to new brands without going to every store in town and being frustrated.

Good stuff - especially to look into your eyes! As I get older, I'm more about comfort than fashion! FYI, Glamour features bloggers, including this one: Girl with Curves- migh have some good tips

I am only 4 ft. 9-1/2 inches and 64 years old. It is so hard to find things that fit well or that are for someone my age. I go into a petite section and what they have is for the younger set or something I may wear (not even sure even then) when I'm 80 years old or more. I liked what they did in Targets but there are no petites. I just keep trying clothes on & see what works.

Love this post and your tips. I have to say I’ve been noticing more and more clothing companies featuring a variety of bodies in their ads and websites. It’s a move in the right direction.

I read this book called The Science of Sexy by Bradley Bayou that really helped identify my body type. Tells how to dress to maximize your good parts and minimize your not so good parts. Expands on what Carol said in the first comment.

L loved reading all the suggestions on how to dress t accent your positive attributes.. I’m 4’10” and have a hard time finding clothes that don’t hugh my hips but in Florida I am finding more stores carrying Petite large sizes ... I also take pictures of the outfits I have that I want to match the colors ...takes the guess work out of wether a blouse , shirt will match WW hat I already have

I am 72 years old, 5'1", and a size XL/1X. I have my greatest success at Talbots, Chico's, QVC, Bloomingdale's, and Nordstrom. QVC makes everything in size XXS to 3X, and their models are in all sizes, which is really helpful. I wear mostly NYDJ (Not Your Daughter's Jeans--Made in USA!) black jeans available at Macy's and Nordstrom. Once you know your jean size, you can buy them lots of places including QVC, Chico's, and Amazon. I wear mostly colorful jackets over either a (most often black) scoup-neck tee or (most often black) turtleneck. I have NEVER subjected myself to Spanx or the like. I like to cook, I like to eat, and it is what it is. I have been at peace with it all for a long time. I add shoulder pads to a lot of things--buy Dritz at Amazon. Final advice: return it if you don't love it it. Return postage costs are your friend. Only own things that you love and that make you feel good. Love you, Snack Girl! Thanks for everything you do!

I believe also that just because a woman is bosomy does not mean she needs to advertise it. I know men might like that, but I do feel it is inappropriate. I have a friend that is very endowed and she seems to think that we all want to see her cleavage and her spill over. I do not want to see that. I know that is what her husband loves, but then let him see it at home and leave it there.

I tell my daughter: "enjoy your body and your 10 years you will look back at pictures and wonder why you thought you were so (whatever)". I am 72 and 5'1" and wearing a 1X. I'm comfortable with me but it took 20 years to get here. You younger gals don't have to wait til you're it now! It's Ok!

Amen Dee. You are so right. I'm 62, 5'3", size 16. Yes it's taken years to finally say I'm okay, I'm just fine.

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