How To Get The Perfect Body

January 28, 2014   14 Comments

Look at that woman up there! She has a flat belly, glossy hair, and legs that go for miles.

How to Get The Perfect Body

She stares at us from the pages of magazines and we wonder — how did she get that way?

Today, Snack Girl is going to reveal the secret to perfection. I realize it is hard to believe that I would know this secret because I am anything but perfect — but I have learned through thorough research the KEY to this image.

Adobe Photoshop

Where do you get this “Adobe Photoshop”? Does it come in bottles? (that would be great, no?) Alas, it is software that allows people to alter images to match what we want to see — not the reality of what a woman looks like.

Up in the corner of this website, there is a photo of a woman (me). The photographer used Photoshop to remove fly away hairs. She left me intact (wrinkles, teeth not shiny white, freckles, and one eye squintier than the other). I am a real person – not a celebrity.

But, what if I wanted it altered? What could we have done?

If you haven’t seen the below video about changing a woman with Photoshop — take 37 seconds and check it out:

Longer legs? You got ‘em? Less droopy breasts? No problem? Eyes too small? We can make them bigger.

Honestly, why even use humans as a basis of the photo?

A few celebrities have been speaking out about Photoshop when they find that they can’t recognize themselves on the cover of a magazine. Kate Winslet went bananas when GQ decided to alter her legs and again when Vogue had their way with her face. Check it out here: Kate Winslet's Vogue Cover Is Unbelievable.

She stated:

"The retouching is excessive. I do not look like that and more importantly I don't desire to look like that... I actually have a Polaroid that the photographer gave me on the day of the shoot... I can tell you they've reduced the size of my legs by about a third. For my money it looks pretty good the way it was taken."

I don't doubt that her real legs were great. I wonder why they felt the need to change them. Don't you think her real thighs could sell magazines?

One magazine has struck back. Verily says it is a new kind of women’s magazine: "one that celebrates the best of who you are".

Verily’s Photoshop Policy:

Whereas other magazines photoshop to achieve the “ideal” body type or leave a maximum of three wrinkles, we never alter the body or face structure of our models with Photoshop. We firmly believe that the unique features of women — be it crows feet, freckles, or a less-than-rock-hard body — contribute to their beauty and therefore don’t need to be removed or changed.

You go, Sisters! I’m going to check this magazine out at my local Barnes and Noble and see if I like the writing. This may be my new favorite publication.

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Oh man, as an actor photoshop can be a blessing and a curse! A blessing in that that lipstick on your teeth can be edited out. A curse when you get your touched up headshots back and don't recognize yourself (and tell the culprits to redo it), haha.

That was awesome! I new they could touch up photos but your right, you never think about the extent of it when you look at a magazine.

Thank you for this, Lisa. It is beyond the imagination.

No wonder so many women have low self esteem. I just turned 60, am about 20 pounds overweight (working on it but not too worried about it), have some aches and pains but no cancer or serious illness. I am still on the job after 32 years and am proud of my accomplishments. I have a husband who loves me for me, the sun is shining and I found 4 pennies this morning! Life is good all without photoshop or anything else as ridiculous. Let's all celebrate ourselves just as we are today and every day.

I worked in advertising years ago. I always told people that the celeb photos you seen on covers look nothing like the real people. What a shame that we are a society that pushes perfection and not confidence in being ourselves.

Thank you for this message.

Here's another photoshop video for perspective:

I do modeling---- not as young as I used to be----but still manage to get work----I'm 68 years old and I refuse to be photoshopped.

I'm proud of my age and if they want a senior citizen, print me as I really look. Whether young or older, I think everyone has a special beauty all their own. Let's get real about this.

Phony photos are just a fantasy ------no one can be so perfect.

Fascinating coincidence! i live in France and today it was reported that some legislators are considering a law to prohibit Photoshopping advertising images, especially of women!

Believe me, there are women who look even more svelte and gorgeous than the one in the picture at the top. It does not mean they are happy with fulfilling lives. I used to live at Venice Beach, CA. There are stunning women at the beach with unbelievable figures and they are real. They are also in their teens and twenties. Some women over 50 have that kind of figure and it takes more work than I would care to do to feed my vanity. And, for some no matter how much work or exercise, the pounds just don't come off : ) More importantly, I think if we are healthy even a bit overweight then fine. There are so many body types and I would not want to be built like everyone else. Our self image is the most important. I believe, we should love ourselves as whole people, we are not just our bodies. Also, I hope that I would not judge unfairly those people that are overweight. Some have medical conditions, physical and/or mental. Those who love us, love us for who we are, know that we will not always be skinny or wrinkle free. Aren't those the type of people we want around us anyway?

GREAT,GREAT Post Snack Girl. I had to watch the video you posted 3 times just to see all the changes they made & I am sure I missed some of them. This is a post EVERY girl & EVERY woman needs to watch. And not just once, they should watch it & be reminded of how fake society is & that true beauty takes form in many shapes, sizes & colors. I am 36, short & a little chubby. I constantly catch myself looking down on me because I am not what our society would consider beautiful. But I am so lucky & fortunate to have a man who loves ME, curves, PMS days and everything else in between. Thank you for showing us this. So very important.

Everyone over the age of ten needs to see this. I don't think many realize that the women/men they see in magazines are photo shopped. Gives teens unrealistic expectations. Great post.

Knowing how to get a perfect body is important for many women, since having a beautiful body opens up a lot of opportunities to them. Also, it helps you stay fit, stronger and healthy.


I completely agree with most everyone's comment above! These magazines cause SO MANY eating disorders in America and's unreal. (I should know) Aside from that... is this not telling the models they are 'fixing' they aren't good enough either?? Think they, as in the advertising arena need to take a step back and re-evaluate their intentions on the public!!

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