How to Roast Brussels Sprouts on the Stalk

November 16, 2022   18 Comments

Do you know how to roast Brussels sprouts on the stalk? I have always cut them off to cook them but it turns out that it isn’t necessary or even a good idea.

How to Roast Brussels Sprouts on the Stalk

I saw this stalk at Trader Joe’s and at my local grocery store so I am hoping that the entire country has access to this crazy thing. This cost me $6 which I think is a deal.

Yes, that is right. This stalk is almost 2 feet long! Jack and the Bean Stalk long! You pick up the stalk and put it in your cart – no bag required. I couldn’t fit it in my fridge so it hung out on my counter.

I decided to see if it could make it to my Thanksgiving or Christmas sides Hall of Fame which includes simple glazed carrots and balsamic roasted green beans.

But first I would have to see if it fit in my oven.

As you can see, it makes it in the oven but not on my large rimmed baking sheet. No worries! You can cut it into pieces very easily. It is a little tougher than broccoli.

The preparation here is a little olive oil and salt and pepper and right into the oven.

You end up with this kind of extraordinary trunk of yummy sprouts that can be served at the table just like this! Isn’t this cool? Put it on a serving platter without adornment and you will hear a sigh of amazement. How did you do it?

Now the vegetarians at your Thanksgiving table will have something to carve! Hand along a paring knife with the stalk and people can cut off what they want to eat. If they are already a bit tipsy, you can cut the sprouts off for them.

I think the stalk ensures that the Brussels sprouts don't age as quickly as when they arrive off the stalk. I found these much sweeter and lacking in the sulfurous cabbage taste that you find in older Brussels sprouts .

Do not try to eat the stalk as it is quite woody.

Have you tried roasting Brussels sprouts on the stalk? Please share!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts on the Stalk Recipe

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Makes 6 side servings

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1 long stalk Brussels Sprouts (about 23 inches long)
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper


Heat oven to 375 F. Rinse off stalk and trim the tough leaves that you find in between the sprouts (if there are any). Place on a rimmed baking sheet. If the stalk is too long, cut it in half and place both halves on the sheet. Brush with olive oil using a basting brush. Turn it over to ensure that all the sprouts are covered and then sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Roast for 30 minutes or until sprouts can be pierced with a fork. Remove sprouts from stalk with a paring knife.

Nutrition Facts

One serving is 109 calories, 7.1 g fat, 10.2 g carbohydrates, 3.8 g protein, 4.3 g fiber, 29 mg sodium, 1 Green, 1 Purple, 1 Blue WW SmartPts

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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This is SUCH a cool idea!! I am totally making this! I bet the brussels get extra cruncky on the outside since they're spaced out so nicely. Yum!!

When I first noticed these at our local Giant Food a few years ago, the checker didn’t know how to ring them up!

Trader Joe’s never had a problem!

I always cut them off the stalk, but I can see now there’s no need. Thank you!

What a great way to cook them. Need never thought to leave them on the stalk.

What a great idea! I've never roasted them like this, but I have thought about roasting people like that who have talked about politics at my Thanksgiving table. Definitely a "No politics" time!

Love this!

This is amazing! A must do. Especially this year, my daughter is hosting TG for the first time and is very excited about it. It's to be a totally vegetarian menu with one fish exception. This stalk of sprouts will look so festive and rustic with a big ole knife sticking out! I'm not worried about a political disourse, thankfully we're all in agreement on that front. Thanks so much for your fresh ideas Lisa!

Looks like fun - I'd use garlic salt instead and throw a little rosemary from the garden. Spray olive oil would be easy here!

When I put in WW it comes out to 1 SP. Am I missing something? Thanks

I've heard that if you don't trim sprouts enough they can be terribly bitter. Was that not an issue doing it this way?

@Heather - I found that these were quite sweet on the stalk. I eat them a lot and have never had a problem. Thanks for your question!

Omg, Lisa! Not sure how I missed this one originally BUT, I can guarantee this baby will be roasted and on the Thanksgiving di ner table this year. How awesome. Thank you!

So cool!!! I'm doing this for sho!!! I effing love this website, great - great original content!!

Food will always taste better the less exposed it is to the environment -- oxygen, germs. So whole chicken will taste better than chicken parts, sprouts on the stalk, carrots bought with their greens still attached, etc.

I have never roasted these, but I used to grow brussels sprouts in our garden. So fun watching them grow! I haven't found them yet in our nearby stores.


Having lived for years near Watsonville Calif---unpisputed home of the brussel sprout, we used to get gigantic stalks. Right now you can get them for almost nothing at road side stands along the road between santa cruz and salinas CA. Check the first few leaves, as they can have aphids. We used to roast them but use BROIL with the pan low. Made a brush on with mashed garlic, olive oil, CHEYANNE powder, and sometimes basil pesto from Costco. ANother way is to take them off, cut them all in half, and broil til almost dark brown on tops, use honey, olive oil and a little (I know I know) butter.They carmelize and are crunchy. Baking a turkey? Put a bunch inside the plastic bag or in bottom of pan. They come out super soft and flavored wityh whatever you put on turkey.


Well, cutting the stalk in half was challenging! I had nothing in my kitchen that could do it. So, I got the pruning saw from the shed, and it worked well. The sprouts tasted great, and the dogs got to knaw on the discarded stalk (which held their interest for about 20 minutes due to roasting w olive oil & salt, I reckon).

I LOVE this information! It makes something surprising and fun out of a nutritious and delicious food item! What a terrific surprise. Thank you, Lisa.

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