Impossible Burger Review: Is it a Good Choice?

November 1, 2021   27 Comments

This Impossible Burger review is for those who are wondering if they should take a dive into fake burgers.

Impossible Burger Review: Is it a Good Choice?

I shouldn’t call them fake - they are burgers made from plants that are trying to be like red meat. Impossible burgers want you to believe that you can replace red meat with their product.

I did a Beyond Meat burger review last month - my first dip into the plant based burger phenomenon. I was impressed with how much Beyond meat reminded me of red meat.

The Impossible burger also looks like an actual burger.

The Impossible burger packaging invites you to “Join the Movement” and “Save the Planet” by using 87% less water, 89% less emissions, and 96% less land than a cow based burger.

I cannot ignore how compelling this argument is for the planet. Can you imagine if we all swapped our beef burgers for Impossible burgers? Or maybe just one burger a week? That would be a significant impact on emissions.

But, for me, it is in’t good enough to swap entirely for the planet. Hamburgers are not a healthy choice! I would also see the plant based burger be better for you overall with less saturated fat and cholesterol.

Here are the nutritional facts:

One burger: 240 calories, 14 g fat, 8 g saturated fat, 9 g carbohydrates, 0 g sugar, 19 g protein, 3 g fiber, 370 mg sodium, 9 Green, 9 Blue, 9 Purple WW SmartPts

There is no cholesterol but they added coconut oil (the third ingredient) which is why there is 8 grams of saturated fat. This is not beef saturated fat - and is considered more healthy than “meat” fat but I’m not sure we need 14 grams of fat in our plant burger.

For comparison:

85% Lean Beef, Four ounces = 284 calories, 17 g fat, 7 g saturated fat, 0 g carbohydrates, 0 g sugar, 29 g protein, 0 g fiber, 81 mg sodium, 8 Freestyle Smt Pts

The Impossible burger has more saturated fat than a regular burger (but less overall calories).

It is disappointing that there is more sodium in the plant based burger than a beef burger. I don’t think that the Impossible Burger is a healthy choice.

It does cook exactly like a beef burger. I cooked these for two minutes per side.

I slapped it on a bun and took a bite to test if it was truly like a beef burger. Then I fed it to my kids to see what they would think.

They both really liked it! I guess soy protein isolate can be delicious.

I paid $7 for these two burgers. Overall, I liked these less than the Beyond burger because I found them less flavorful.

The Impossible burger had the texture of meat but I would have to add a bunch of condiments to cover their bland flavor.

Both plant based burgers are much better for the environment than your regular beef burger. If you want to cut down on your red meat consumption - these are a great choice. If you want to cut down on red meat and be healthier - skip them.

Have you tried the Impossible burger? What is your review?

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I'm not convinced that anyone who really loves hamburgers will eat these over the long term. Personally, I don't like anything made from a list of ingredients trying to mimic a single ingredient. I'd rather use ground turkey or chicken - or even ground ahi tuna! :-)

The taste is not bad but they are not a healthy choice for me. Hence, I don't use them. I use 93 or 96% lean beef and it's a much better choice - health wise. I also don't feed a lot of soy products to young boys - too much estrogen for them.

i love beyond and impossible. i most certainly do not eat them for health though. i eat them because im a vegetarian, but i love burgers

I’m with Laura. I love the impossible burger and eat it occasionally as I used to a real hamburger. They are expensive in weight watcher points, 7 on purple but really satisfied for those opting to not eat meat.

There is something in the Beyond Meat products that made me sick both times I tried different products and I'm not allergic to anything. I could; however, "stomach" the Impossible Burger.

Thank you for the review! It's good to know that this is available in several places when I eat out. I will probably keep this as a treat for those times. At home, I will stick with diy burgers such as the recipes you feature.

My daughters and I are vegetarians, so we enjoy Impossible burgers on occasion. Not often because they are not that healthy, but every once in a while when we get a desire for a burger. I think we like them more than Beyond Meat, but it's also personal preference.

I've always wondered if the fewer emissions count on soy products take into account the gas powered farm equipment is required to grow them. Also pastures that cows are raised in usually are rocky ground that can't be used for crops and if cows didn't eat it there would be more grass fires. Personally, I can't eat soy products because they give me hives and rashes.

I haven’t eaten meat (or dairy for that matter) for years. These work for me as an occasional treat. The taste and texture are fine. I don’t consider these to be particularly healthy, there are healthier veggie burgers out there. If you don’t eat meat or want to eat less meat and have a craving for a meat-like burger these are fine.

I have not tried the Impossible Burger, but love the Beyond Burger. I've also used their ground "meat" and sausage in a jambalaya recipe on their website. I am not a vegetarian, but try to eat less meat, and less unhealthy foods. My husbands a meat man, every meal has to have "meat" he refuses any of my tofu choices, like yummy tofu bacon...but the Beyond Burger, when he wants a burger, does satisfy, he likes it. Yes, it was shocking to me too!

It's a big No for me. They are too much like "real meat for me. As a vegetarian I do not want to eat something that tastes like or has the consistency of the very thing I don't eat. But that is just my opinion as a long time vegetarian.

I did try one of them (it might have been the Beyond, not sure) because my meat loving son brought them home one day. I thought they were disgusting, only took one bite and it went in the trash. He threw his away too.

Unfortunately, all the restaurants that in the past had good, some of them homemade veggie burgers (looking at you Ironhorse Tavern!) are turning to these. Will never be a fan.


Not something that I would buy, but if I'm eating out and this is only choice I have gotten it. I don't eat meat or dairy.

Make no mistake: Impossible and Beyond Meat have made zero claims their products are diet food. Nor should they. Their plant-based products are better for the environment, a lot better, and that is their major claim: an environmentally sustainable substitution for red meat. Personally I think Impossible is world’s above Beyond as far as texture and flavor.

I tried Beyong Burger and wasn't impressed. I had to cook them longer to get them hot and eliminate the pink ( I really don't like my beef raw or pink, won't even eat sliced roast beef) and then really doctor them up with peppers, onions, condiments. Also really quite small in size and quite pricy. Hopefully in a few more years it'll get better in taste and moistness. I find myself turned off on beef and pork more and more, to the point I hate pork chops now. I just want more plant-based food and less meat. Not a veggie burger lover either but love a good veggie sandwich.

Never tried them, most likely never will as I try to eat foods that are whole and not processed in a factory with a lot of added chemicals or nonfood additives. Why eat something fake when God gave us the real thing? We should try and keep it as real as possible…our bodies weren’t meant to ingest chemicals and can’t rid themselves of them.

I use Beyond Meat. Cause the texture is great for any recipe that calls for ground beef. It also tastes better than the Impossible Burger. I do agree that the numbers could be better on both but the flavor has to come from some where. Thanks for doing these reviews 😊

i agree with ann—the impossible burger is hands down so much better than the beyond meat burger. i don’t buy the premade patties—i get the ground burger and make them into my own patties, meatballs, whatever. they taste fantastic. if the company goes public, i am buying the stock!

I have tried both. Like them but not healthy so on an occasion I will have one. It satisfies the urge for burger. I haven’t eaten meat in years. The veggie burgers taste like cardboard to me.

Thanks so the reviews. Love snack girl

I've had both Beyond and Impossible burgers. I've had upset stomach after eating both and they taste very similar to me so it's hard to choose. I do enjoy the Impossible Whopper at Burger King....I guess it's the combination of the bread and toppings.

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