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January 27, 2016   7 Comments

Today, we are going to watch some short videos in an attempt to inspire.

Inspirational Videos

The first is of ME (can you believe it?). I was interviewed as part of a series of top influencers in health and fitness to talk and inspire. Here is a transcript of my interview: Snack Girl Fitter Faster interview and a link to the other blogger interviews that you may enjoy -Inspirational Health & Fitness Blog Series.

Our second inspirational video today is a spoof on a pharmaceutical ad featuring “NATURE” as a drug to cure you. A friend of mine shared this with me. Not only did I laugh, I took a walk with my dog. I live around nature and sometimes forget to use it appropriately.

Do you have any favorite videos that motivate you? Please share.

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Lisa, you have so many readers because you have common sense! Thank you for making it all about health. Love your philosophy. I look forward to your daily tips in my email. Also, I just had to share the nature video on my Facebook page, although being winter in MN, I don't get out often; dislike the cold!

You did a great job Lisa! And thanks for posting the "Nature" video. It sure did make me laugh. I loved it.

I really like your outlook on the too-often frustrating and hopeless-seeming struggle to improve one's self-care and health. One small change is do-able. I will never be able to look like the 25-year-olds at the gym or completely eradicate the damage I've done to my body with unhealthy habits over the years. But I can do SOMETHING, and I actually am. Too often I beat myself up because I can't do everything, all at once. But since being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes a year ago, I have made changes, and I need to acknowledge that. Doing more is definitely manageable, if I don't let myself get intimidated. I've recently had the awareness that "perfection" is the enemy of improvement, at least for me. Loved your video and the one about nature!

I love the videos!! You are so right about the baby steps! It's a journey and you have to forget old habits and learn new ones. To me baby steps is learning how to navigate to grocery store, learning to read nutrition labels, learning to cook healthy foods for the whole family not just yourself. This doesn't happen overnight.

Thank you, Lisa, for your emphasis on body diversity. And you're right: the fitness industry is mostly centered around selling us equipment, clothing, instruction...and the best way to do that is often to foster insecurities so we'll buy what they're peddling. I love your common-sense approach and emphasis on real food.

Way to go Lisa!!!! Interview was great!!!! Health IS the goal.

Yes to would be nice to lose those pounds that make me feel

uncomfortable when I look at myself.....BUT the the most important reason is to improve health. I want to live fully knowing I am doing my part in getting to more healthy life. Thanks for helping me in the journey.

Most inspiring videos. I really like the way you approach issues as important to our health.

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