I’ve Gained 10 Pounds - Now What?

February 21, 2019   19 Comments

Sometimes weight creeps up on you when you aren’t paying attention.

I’ve Gained 10 Pounds - Now What?

I was asked by a reader about her added 10 pounds. I don’t know this person but I think her question is important.

I met a woman who told me that she put on 50 pounds without noticing. How? She didn’t have many mirrors in her house, her clothes were stretchy, and she worked at home. She said that she didn’t wake up to the weight gain until she looked at the scale.

Now what?

1. My first recommendation is to get some full length mirrors and put them where you dress and right next to the front door (so you can check for food in your teeth before you leave the house). I recently installed full length mirror doors on my bedroom closet and I find myself checking myself out in them.

The “check-out” is not vain nor do I judge my body for its failures. I do notice how my clothes are fitting and that can be a good thing.

2. What about the scale? If I knew the ten pound heavier reader, I would ask her if her clothes are tight or not. You can gain weight, for example, and be getting fitter.

Muscle is twice as dense as fat so you can be heavier and fit in your clothes better than you did before you added an exercise regime.

I find that my waist size is a far better indicator of my overall health than my weight. Maybe the scale isn’t telling the true story and you tying yourself to a number.

3. Don’t panic!! You don’t have to freak out when you realize your weight gain. In fact, stressing about the weight can make it worse because it has been proven that stress leads to weight gain (as does a lack of sleep).

The 10 pounds is not the worst problem in the world for you to have. It is a mere bump in the road on a very long and healthy life. You can do this!!

The good news is now you are AWAKE to your gain. You can start to evaluate how the pounds arrived and make changes. If it took 10 months or 2 years for the 10 pounds to show up, it is going to take that long to lose them.

The reason for the weight gain is probably staring you in the face. Don’t beat yourself up! It happens and you can change things or you can embrace your new number.

Please share your experiences below. We can all learn from each other and be supportive!!

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I have also gained weight "without noticing" in a manner of speaking. Although I hate to admit it, frequent weighing for me is a must. Life happens and I can easily go on auto-pilot. My health suffers as a result of becoming overly busy. So then my weight is not front and center. I belong to WW now and hopefully will be a lifetime member in about two weeks. Those weigh in's will keep me in check. But it is all about making the time for myself instead of putting everything and everyone else first.

I weigh myself often..nearly every day. It's the only way I can keep on top of my weight. My weight fluctuates, but I don't have to worry about waking up one day and being up 10 lbs.

Have to weigh daily or every other day. It helps me to keep a handle on creeping weight- either way!

I blink and the weight jumps on. I too gained 10 just over the holidays. I noticed as I had to move to my larger size pants that I had "put" away and was ready to donate. So easy to gain.... hard to lose.

My mother told me to always wear clothes with a waist band. You'll keep your waist and stay within your clothes size. I've found my worst enemy is yoga pants and jeggings. They fit too comfortably and stretch way too easily. I wear them sparingly. My jeans are my indicator. When I struggle to button them, it's a good time to watch what I ear.

Wow! It's ironic that this came out today. I was just telling my husband this morning that I'm so disappointed that my weight doesn't seem to be moving on the scale after nearly 3 months of dedicated weight loss effort. He says he can see it but I think I expect too much. This was worth hearing today!

I too gained that 10 lbs over the last holiday. I am a slow learner. I must consider I cannot overindulge after weigh in to the degree I do and expect to lose in that week! Man that sucks. I've treated that day too freely, like the first year it worked. Lost 80 lbs doing that. Can't do it anymore. That free for all eating escapade busted me. Sooo, it's time to face it if I want to be at a healthy weight. Off to the gym I must go. Yes this couch potato must move this 220 lb 65 year old body to get where I need to be.

I never panic about weight gain (which occasionally happens!) because I know I can do something about it - add exercise, cut carbs/sugar, eat more veggies, etc. Luckily, it's not permanent!

I weigh myself almost every day. I find this keeps me within a three pound range. I have never been seriously overweight. I think I have a high

metabolism, though. Weighing in keeps me on track . Painless when you do it daily.

When I saw the headline, I wondered if someone was spying on me. I am a WW member and after losing 60 lbs. I was stuck and not able to lose the final 20-25 to get to goal. I quit weighing everyday, thinking it was affecting the way I was eating. I did break the plateau, but in the wrong direction. My weight kept creeping up to a 10 lb. gain. I have been more diligent with tracking and cut added sugar down to almost nothing, but am finding these 10 lbs. unusually stubborn. I am on the other side of menopause,so I know that can be part of the problem as it gets harder to lose weight and I changed job locations, making it harder to get in my walking. I am very frustrated.

If I start putting on some pounds, I start eating huge salads for breakfast, a light snack for lunch and a balanced meal for dinner until those pesky globs go away. If you are hungry, it means you are burning fat. Go a little hungry.

I feel like I am always gaining and losing the same 3 pounds. Recently though (the past year) I have gone up to about 8 pounds. I want to think that it was because my thyroid medicine was dropped in dose but the Dr. swears it has nothing to do with it. Is it a coincidence that my weight gain was right after I changed the dosage? Anyway, I started this week with cutting out the little bit of sugar I crave during the week and trying to eat super healthy and committing to getting to my excercise class every week. I haven't weighed my self yet but it's only been a week! Also, when I get hungry mid afternoon almonds are my go to, healthy and they give me energy.

When I am stressed or overly emotional, I want the bad-for-me food. I know fasting isn’t good, but if I’ve gained over 5 lbs, I fo a vegetable juice fast for 24 hours. And during that time I do gentle yoga and self-love meditation which alleviates the stress.

Every year I gain 8-10 pounds over the holidays, and every January I sign back up to WW for three months and take it off. I am obviously a lifetime member, but the key for me is to never, ever let it get past ten pounds !

To Delores: Congrats on getting closer and closer to Lifetime WW. There is nothing as delicious as maintaining Lifetime at each monthly weigh-in.

Pick any of the above about holiday weight gain & I fit right in. Thanks for addressing the literal elephant in the room!

NEVER wear pull-on or elastic waist pants. Even track pants have string ties at the waist. If you wear clothing with a waistline closure you will feel the pounds creeping up immediately. Also I weigh every day. I know what the pitfalls are but I’ve tried all the advice and weighing every day keeps you focused even when you know why you gained or not!

After having been at goal for several years, I have gained back almost 10# while on WW.....and after being frustrated for ages, not really enjoying the meetings and resenting the price of WW going up to $45/mo.....I am ready to quit, my habits are good, my dr, says I am healthy and it is age (68). I exercise daily...I do Jazzercise about 5x, yoga a few times and walking to fill in those days I don’t do Jazzercise per week. I cook all our food and we eat out once a week . I track daily and have now started tracking on MFP, to give me a better idea of what I am eating. A sub leader recommended I look up my BMR (what my body needs jut to exist) and that alone comes to 1400 calories plus exercise.....the next part confounds me, that is to figure out how much less I really need to eat to lose weight. In any case it shows I probably have been way under eating on WW and need to shake it up. Sometimes I feel like I will always be 10# over my goal,

Sharon I can hear the frustration and I understand. It does get harder as we get older but health and happiness are the ultimate goal ! Just relax and enjoy !

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