KFC Oh-No-You-Didn’t Cups

October 30, 2013   46 Comments

Let’s say you are in a hurry and are looking for a snack that would fit in your cup holder.

KFC Go Cup Nutrition

How about a banana? Or an apple? Or maybe you might be interested in the NEW KFC Go Cup?

For a mere $2.49 you can purchase a cup filled with fries and chicken. See here:

The top photo is of the KFC Go Cup in my car. I was curious how it would work – me – driving with greasy food in my car – trying to eat it.

What do you think happened? After stopping for a red light, I managed to drop my chicken tender on the floor of my car – which we all know is a very sanitary place.

I’m kinda glad I did because the KFC Go Cup nutrition facts are SCARY:

540 calories, 28 g fat, 4.0 g saturated fat, 46.0 g carbohydrates, 0 g sugar, 26 g protein, 4.0 g fiber, 1440 mg sodium, 14 Points+

This is almost an entire day's worth of sodium for an over 50 year old and 28 grams of fat! The Go Cup is out of control.

The steering wheel gets covered in grease and you can’t have ketchup with your fries when you attempt to eat from it.

Can I tell you how it tastes? No, because I couldn’t taste anything because I was so focused on driving my car. As you can see, I drive a standard so it was challenging to eat and not run over some poor old lady.

This is by far the worst way to enjoy food. My Honda Fit has 8 cup holders all around the car (which is insane). I am going to use them for water bottles.

Any of you try the new KFC Go Cup? Are you amazed at the nutrition facts?

Points+ values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only.

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But was it steering-wheel-lickin' good? Doesn't exactly look it.

Clearly not all things conveniant are good for you. Think about the kids. OMG. WHAT CAN WE DO BUT EDUCATE!

Hungry on the go? Stop at Subway!! You can get fresh food for low calories and it's soooo good and actually will fill you up.

However, if you were out driving around looking for a convenient heart attack all you have to do is pull in to your local KFC and get the "CUP."

Check out The Food Babe's take on Subway, she investigated it.

Oh Yes, I agree with the Subway. I get a flat bread veggie and is it ever good and filling.

Not sure which is more amazing, the nutrition facts, or that you drivr a stick! I'm impressed with both!

Don't you know you can just squirt the ketchup directly into your mouth and then stuff the fries in? That's some gourmet eating right there!

Ok, be honest, do we really need to have it spelled out that KFC is never a good choice for a healthy meal. There are far too many better options available to be able to justify going to KFC. I can make better choices at the gas station nowadays.

I wouldn't go anywhere near KFC with a ten foot pole- the amount of grease is astounding.

Put baby carrots and snow peas and berries in your go cup.

LOL @ Angi! The calories, fat and sodium in fast foods never ceases to amaze me, and none of it tastes good enough to be worth it. Occasionally I am forced into fast food and I always wonder, "Why did this taste so good to me when I was younger? Blech..."

One word: "Yuck!"

Holy sugar sh!t! How horrible! No wonder people in the US have weight issues. What is wrong with these people! I haven't had KFC in years and it was before I started eating healthy because it used to give me the WORSE stomach ache ever!!! The only thing I miss from KFC is every once in a while I crave those stupid fake mashed potatoes with gravy and a biscuit!!

It's scary that people will buy this and think nothing of it.

Yeah I did it. First time eating at KFC in yrs hunger, price sucked me into drive thru. Inhale the go cup/honey mustard dipping sauce while driving.(who cared bout greasy steering wheel) ended up home soo thirsty from the salt intake from that demon go cup- heartburn chest, belly feeling like just swallowed a rock. Sat down figured out the points and counted them journal the experience and stuff I could have eaten that was better for me. The whole time thinking "this is why people on the other side of the world call us fat Americans " this is what happens when you leave your almonds home and get hungry! desperation!

I like the idea of the cup to use for other (better)snacks while driving. I might buy it, throw the chicken and fries away and use the cup.

Yikes! I'm kind of glad that my son asked to go to KFC once because he heard some kids talking about it. He never asked to go back again. His go to place is Subway - over McDonalds and Burger King. I'm a happy mom!

Subway is the devil in disguise! Are you people aware of the crap in their breads?!

I don't know why Subway is thought of as a place to get healthy food. As a dietian and Certified Diabetes Educator, I used the Subway menu and nutrition info as a teaching tool. At that time, a few years ago, there were only a couple of items on the menu that had an appropriate amount of carbs and fat, such as the Veggie Delight, but the sodium is always too high. It's okay in a pinch, but as others have suggested, it is much better to plan your meals and snacks ahead of time so you can limit your exposure to this "food porn," a phrase coined by Center for Science in the Public Interest. Check it out. Lots of good info in their publication and no ads.

I haven't been to KFC in years. When I would go, the Mac and cheese was my favorite until one day I went and they said they didn't have any. I asked why and they said that something went wrong and the Mac and cheese was fluorescent orange and it wasn't a very appetizing color. Makes you stop and think how many dyes and chemicals they must be using.

Unfortunately, although scary the nutrition info is scary but not surprising. We try to keep snack containers filled with nut, dried fruit and low sugar cereals in the car for those moments when somebody will 'just die' if they don't have something to eat. Then we can make it home and avoid the 'Food Porn' - what a great phrase!

Even if I ate meat, I wouldn't try this. The stats are scarier than a horror movie. Even worse is the chicken burger where the chicken is the bun. Terrifies me.

Ick. Staying away from those!

Just another confirmation that big food companies care nothing about consumers and the health epidemic to which they contribute. 540 calories, 28 grams of fat, and 1440 grams of sodium all packaged up in a darling little "go go" cup? For a snack? Shame on them.

Those things are terrible. Will never get another one. Not at all like they look on TV or other ads. YUCK!!!!

How busy can one be that they have to have their meals in the car? I never ate anything in the car except when I was a kid and the family went to the Drive - in. You can't wait till meal time to eat? We only need to eat 3 times a day and that can be at home. The problem with the world today is,,,people graze constantly. Especially kids....When I had my children the strollers and carriages did not have any food trays or cup holders. We fed baby before and after our outing. I work in a fine ladies clothing store and I'm sick of picking up crushed goldfish crackers, cookies and cherrios off the floor, not to mention the sticky fingers pulling on the clothes as mom wheels the carriage through the store. As far as eating in the car, that is as bad as texting while driving............

So, if Subway is so bad (not sure why?), then WHAT OPTION DO YOU HAVE?

You cannot tell me that 100% of the time you can always be prepared or make the perfect choice or not eat a snack in the car. I need to stop reading your comments and just get the blog facts.

Altho now I really want some KFC. Once in a while will not kill you.

No way, I stay away from fast food as much as possible. This includes Subway, processed processed, processed, and not tasty. I recall as a kid how KFC was a once a year treat, if that and how disappointed I was when having as an adult.

for all of you who swear by Subway....some of their salads also have way too much sodium....almost all the sodium you need for the day!

Snack Girl, its refreshing to read so many responses that are enlightened and aware of all the ''food porn'' [great name!] out there. You have helped so many of us in our quest for healthy, real food. Food Babe and 100 Days Of Real Food are 2 more great sources of information, motivation and ideas to stay strong in a sea of corporate food distributors committed to increased profits and NEVER in health. Our full time job is to unlearn all the false claims made by greedy corporations, to look at pictures and commercials and see not tasty yummy enticing food but artificial, chemical-laden, dye-ridden, non-food and run! I still have lots of people in my life who believe what our FDA allows as healthy options but more and more I see friends and family waking up. Mark Twain said, ''its easier to fool people than convince them that they've been fooled.''

Regarding KFC to go cup--uh dangerous, germy, unhealthy, why even go there? Regarding eating on the go, just don't do it, why must we constantly appease our

appetite? It's ok to feel hunger, it won't kill us :) but eating when we should be operating dangerous machinery will!!

I am pretty sure eatting while driving is far more dangerous than KFC. : )

Two points: Eating *while* driving is indeed much worse than eating when parked.;.just because the cup is made to fit the cupholder doesn't mean you have to be driving to use it!

Secondly, you're being a tad picked the highest sodium and most calorie-laden selection.

Take the Original chicken bites: they're 120 calories lower per cup, at 420, whichh includes the fries. No one is forcing you to eat ALL the fries. The original chicken bites alone are only 130 calories, 6 g of fat, 1 g sat. fat, and 440 sodium. Just saying.

Or do what I do and order the kid'

s meal of 4 original bites, 3 potato wedges and a packet of apple sauce. If you *have* to do fast food, the kid's meals are always a best of a bad situation choice.

@Dee When I ordered, I asked for the most popular selection. I was not trying to order the worst of the bunch. Good tip on the kid's meals. Thanks for your comment!

Why not just keep a protien/meal replacement bar in your purse? I get mine from… It comes out $2.66 a bar and I'm full for hours and dont have to worry about ... well anything really. PS the one I buy is just an example. There's some great recipes to make your own for cheeper, and of course lots of companies making them I just choose this one because I like the taste and its full of good for me calories.

@Snack Girl, you're right of course, I'm sorry I implied it was deliberate. Scary thought, though, if that is the popular choice!

I have found most places will let you buy a kid's meal, if you explain that a full serving is not allowed for you. Occasionally, they'll let you substitue a healthier side as well. I could try asking for a packet of apple sauce instead of fries in a go-cup, and drink a lot of water with it to dilute the sodium from the bites... Ok, now I'm just rationalizing.

Interesting...I just drove past a KFC today and wondered what the points would be on those. Not that I'd get one. My mother is diabetic and when she's eaten KFC and taken her blood sugar levels afterwards they're through the roof. Diabetics beware, as well as people watching their weight.

LOL! Seriously??? Did anyone really think this would stack up as healthy? KFC is known for the fried chicken. My advise is to always be prepared in your car with a snack. My cup holders are filled with them

Why anyone would even turn into one of these places is beyond me. If I get REALLY hungry, to the point of say, psychosis, I will drive to a burger place and order a burger off the bargain menu with no bun. Just some lettuce and mustard and I will make myself a wrap. And mind you, that is only when I am desperate. I know that Snack Girl does these things to educate the masses, but truly and honestly, I don't see any good in overpaying for garbage. If I can, I will stop at a convenience store where I can at least find a clif or kind bar to tide me over.

Haha, am I the only one who finds it appropriate and amusing that Snack Girl drives a Fit?

In the U.S. are big-chain fast-food places the only option for eating/snacking on-the-go? Living in New Zealand, a fast food outlet is the last place I'd go if I wanted to eat on the run.

I'd stop at a cafe or home bakery to get a yummy filled roll, sandwich, salad, smoothie, meat pie or sausage roll. Some of these things might not be the healthiest option but I know they are handmade with minimally processed ingredients. Another option is to stop at a greengrocer and get some fruit or baby carrots. My local Chinese grocery also sells steamed buns with different fillings and at $1.20 each or five for $5.00 - you can't beat that for value.

Another option is a supermarket to get a protein bar, some drinking yoghurt, cheese, crackers, or anything that takes your fancy, really. The other day I bought some cooked mussels, grape tomatoes and a bread roll at the supermarket for a quick lunch. Relatively cheap and not very unhealthy. I say, avoid the obvious and you realise that there are so many easy options for healthy eating.


I think one thing that makes this discussion so interesting is the assumption that if you're in a hurry you have the time to stand in line at Subway, or stop at the grocery store. The phrase "on the go" to me is a clue that you have to be somewhere on time or in a hurry. In that case, yes, a *healthier* choice from a fast food place may be preferable. As to the idea that steamed buns from a chinese place are healthy...the fat content and the sodium make it not very healthy at all. And a yogurt drink or protein bar? Might as well just buy a candy bar...the sugars are about the same, and sugars are what triggers more hunger, as they raise the insulin level in your blood. Sugars and processed carbs metabolize fastest, and when they run out, you're going to be hungrier, sooner.

That said, we as people who want to eat more healthily, have consumer clout -- and we should use it. A protein choice with a healthy side should be as easy and quick to find as a cup of fried protein and fried potatoes. Just saying.

pass - Of course I haven't had fried chicken in over 15 years so that is easy!!

I definitely identify with a junk-food snob, sorry to say, however I can laugh at myself too because I can also identify with this whole bit! Hope to make you all laugh too!…

I'm just amazed there's no sugar content

I have one every so often, they're freaking amazing! Then again, I'm the greatest multitasking driver in history.

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