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Hm. About as gourmet as I get is a nice veggie tray during the holidays. These snacks sure would be a pretty and tasty accompaniment.

Stuffed mushrooms are a tradition in my house. I also like to take them to parties because everyone enjoys them. Another winner is veggies with hummus. My guests can get some of their veggies in while waiting for the man event🍅🍆🌽😊

I'm not the "go-to" person for appetizers. I do make beautiful veggie trays/sculptures for holidays and special events, often with a variety of crackers as a side. I'm anxious to try John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks and SheeseCrisps.

Cocktail bread toasted and spread with a mixture of mayo, minced onion and parmesan cheese, put under the broiler until bubbly. Always a hit.

Everyone deserves a treat now and then. Just keep track. These look great for cheese lovers, of which I m one.😆

Not very gourmet but deviled eggs are always a hit.

I love making chutney for the holidays and serve it along with crackers and cheese.

Cream cheese with red pepper jelly is also our family favorite.

My go to gourmet snack I'd spinach parmesean balls. So yummy and healthy! I would love to try these cheese sticks! They look amazing!

Deep fried artichoke hearts!

Bacon wrapped water chestnuts with barbecue sauce. Not exactly gourmet but..... I can't wait to try these. I love anything cheese and crunchy.

In my house, it's not a holiday without shrimp and cocktail sauce.

for Thanksgiving I serve a pumpkin dip snack with cinnamon graham crackers but my "gourmet" for the adults is Fulton's Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur :o)

Home made Salsa and Chips are a regular at holidays in our home. However, I love the idea of cheese sticks as a more sophisticated treat.

Little pumpkins tarts made with Splenda, vegetable pizza and crudités --

Spinach dip in a deep bowl surrounded by cheese sticks.

Yummy (and simple),

I love sausage balls. And since becoming a vegetarian, I've managed to tweak the fauxage stuff into a sausage ball that even my meat-eater hubby approves! Oh and rum balls. mmmm But my favorite is to get those phyllo cups and fill them with all sorts of yummy stuff! Spinach and mushrooms, taco meat, buffalo cheese...

I love appitizers at holidays...dips and crackers..cheese balls and fruits...these cheese straws looks great..really want some..

I usually serve a cheese/fruit/cracker tray at my parties, which is always a favorite, especially with the children, who love grabbing cheese cubes, grapes, and berries on their own! Last year, this tray was the first one to disappear! These new CheeseSticks would be a delightful addition to my party tray! :-)

We make Olive Cheese Balls. Great Taste…

I usually like to do a veggie tray but have a nice spicy dip or salsa. Also I like to make cookies but use applesauce instead of the butter although the ones made WITH butter are WAY better. Hey, it's the holidays right?

We love ceviche. My favorite is the shrimp ceviche Rick Bayless makes (with a few modifications, like buying pre-cooked shrimp)so delicious!

Not into gourmet appetizers but do enjoy a good cheese cracker tray when hosting a Red hat ladies night.

I fix an onion dip or ranch dip for veggies...and always make Chex snack mix to nibble on, too!

I don't often eat cheese, but at the holidays I like to serve baked Brie.

The Dip (just a taco dip) my husband's family loves!

I often have a dish of Chili Con Queso and Chips handy. It is the requested snack for all my family and friends.

Veggie tray with hummus.

I enjoy serving a cranberry-orange spread with toasted pecans...accompanied by baked crackers.

Salsa & baked chips and cheese & crackers. I would love to try these cheese sticks. YUM :)

Tomato basil cheese skewers

I like to serve sausage stuffed mushrooms. Would love to add these to a beautiful cheese plate.

I make artichoke cheese dip, and sometimes add crab meat as an extra. So easy to make, just mayo, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, a can of artichokes....all blended together. A sprinkle of cayenne pepper on top too. 8 minutes in the microwave at 60% power and yum!!!!

I like making spiced nuts for the holidays. Some to share and some to eat !

This time of year I love to go to good cheese stores and find a variety of cheeses to serve with good crackers. I label the cheeses so my guests know what they're trying. The cheese and crackers platter is the most popular place to stand in our home! These cheese sticks would be a welcome addition to our appetizers!

I love to do veggie trays, blt pinwheel roll ups, and I also do fates stuffed with a nutty cream cheese mixture rolled in powdered sugar.

Deviled eggs because I'm addicted to them and eat them whenever I can. I use the old fashioned recipe my dad used because they're amazingly delicious. Thanks 🤓

My gourmet snack of choice is baked brie (brie, fruit preserves, and pecans wrapped in pastry dough and baked) served with water crackers and wine.

With a nice steaming bowl of soup or stew.

Nothing really gourmet. Simple cheese platters or homemade fudge.

I would love to try these.

I always do a veggie tray and I like to put out my homemade pickles for partys. These look like they would be a great addition.

So many flavors! Never get tired of them.

I enjoy making Bruschetta served on crostinis over the holidays and any time. Bruschetta is so versatile since it can be served hot, cold or even room temperature. It looks great on a plate dressed with fresh parmesan chees and a basil leaf.

I'm more of the baker in the house at the holidays - white chocolate snickerdoodles are my favorite. For apps, you just can't beat cheese and crackers. This would be a great addition!

It's all about cheeseballs, cheese & meat trays and and a variety of crackers!

Veggie tray on my end - I've tried to go away from the traditional holiday treats that stay with me for far too long after the holidays!

Mini phyllo cups stuffed with spinach-artichoke dip!

Warm roasted almonds with herbs. Add some lavender to the traditional thyme/rosemary mix!

I eat these by the box.... all by myself! Can wait to try the vanilla and chocolate but maybe I shouldn't then I'll really be in trouble! ;)

My family's favorite holiday snack is black olives stuffed with cream cheese. I do consider this gourmet because it takes extra effort. We use a cake decorator bag and tip to get a ruffled effect. We have also dressed these up to make little penguins with some sliced carrots for feet.

I always like to do a nice fruit and cheese tray, and baked Brie is always good as well.

I make homemade salsa and chips. I also make the crescent roll/cream cheese veggie pizza. That's about as gourmet as it gets at my house. I'm sure the John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks would be a great addition to my spread. I'm all about cheese. Don't eat it often these days but when I do I use the real stuff and savor the heck out of it!

My fav appetizers include shrimp w/cocktail sauce, a variety of cheeses and fancy crackers plus fruit preserves like fig or a holiday preserve mix. We all love goat cheese rolled in walnuts or dried cranberries on rosemary crackers for an example. We do an olive tray and pickled herring too. There's usually a hummus with veggie stick dippers. I keep a corner of sweet things too which includes mulled cidar, sm.slices of cranberry bread and a pretty dish of stuffed dates. These cheese sticks would add a festive touch served in a crystal wine glass with a bow on the stem.

I confess I don't often serve appetizers during the holidays, but I am always on the lookout for hostess gifts! These might be welcome when I go to someone else's house!

It's not gourmet, but I make homemade pizza dough and use it to make stromboli. I'll always make a pepperoni and cheese, and I also try to make a healthier alternative — either chicken sausage or turkey pepperoni with reduced fat mozzarella and parmesan.

I like to serve hot crab dip with some hearty crackers. It is delicious!

I like to make asparagus spears wrapped in Prosciutto and roasted in the oven. This is an impressive appetizer.

I do a very beautiful veggie tray with wavy veggies and turnips, etc cut into holiday shapes, stars, trees, etc. Even kids wanna eat their veggies from this basket. Serve with a homemade spinach dip...very colorful on the buffet table!

Mushrooms stuffed with turkey sausage, 2% cheese, onion & other spices!

Anything homemade is something special at our house. We love pickle/cream cheese/deli ham roll ups, and tortilla roll ups.

My big Christmas splurge is baked brie with walnuts - I limit myself to once a year, and eat as much of it as I can stuff in! Lol...

I make the BEST stuffed mushrooms!

We like cream cheese covered with Frank's Sweet Chili Sauce served with crackers and cream cheese and caramel apple dip served with red and green apple slices.

Cocktail shrimp!

vegetable tray, homemade cheese ball

I love them plain! They look awesome on my fancy fruit & cheese plate on Christmas morning at brunch :-)

These would go great with a Buffalo Chicken Dip.... I Love the warm spicy combination... served with crunchy vegetables...

Have been enjoying the sweet sticks for many years.

I do devil eggs, stuffed mushrooms,a veggie platter and a mini crab cakes. Not so gourmet, but served with love and on pretty platters...

I do white chocolate Ritz crackers and pretzels every year. Sometime vanilla wafers.

I love to stuff Medjool dates with local goat cheese. These gourmet cheese sticks would be a wonderful addition to the tray!!

Egg white, spinach and cheese squares

Yum! I've never tried this brand of cheese sticks. I'm always looking for light carbs.

Love to wrap Brie in crescent rolls, bake and serve with crackers and apple slices.

It usually depends on the holiday, but we always serve stuffed mushrooms and we make the stuffing a little different depending on the season; and we serve different varieties of Spanish Tortillas with different dipping sauces if our guests so desire.

I usually serve hummus with homemade pita chips, or a good cheese with crackers.

I like to serve fruit salad!

Cream cheese with pepper jelly poured over it and use wheat thins to dip is one of our favorites.

Miniature homemade cocktail meatballs in a sweet and sour sauce or grape jelly sauce with a platter of assorted cheese and crackers. Always a growd pleaser.

I love serving a prosciutto wrapped asparagus, sprinkled with Parmesan that has been baked. Another healthy goto is mixed veggies (your faves), sliced julienne style and wrapped in rice paper with various choice of dips.

A nice cheese board that includes goat cheese rolled in herbs and a slice of brie served with fruit and crackers is one of my holiday go-tos.

Our fav's are either Endive Stuffed with Goat Cheese, balsamic oranges and candied Walnuts, or a goat cheese vodka marinara dip.

I love these crackers, I wish my Costco would bring them back in stock!!

My favorite holiday appetizer? SHRIMP EVERYTHING!

I am more the dessert girl, but my sister makes this yummy ranch cheeseball covered in nuts. People could not stay away!

What a great idea! Love having something I can throw together . . .

I like to serve mini-sausages and meatballs in a sauce, shrimp & dip, fresh veggies and 2 dips, and a fruit salad.

I typically serve a smoked salmon platter or cocktail shrimp option. Always considering the calorie count and nutrition to start the meal.

I serve deviled eggs, along with celery and carrot sticks and yogurt dip.

My favorite holiday gourmet snack for family and friends is a colorful hummus medley -- spinach, beet, artichoke, red pepper -- accompanied by julienne veggies or naked pita chips.

My favorite holiday appetizer is my grandma's recipe for stuffed mushrooms, they are always a hit!

Generally, we bring nice pastries to our friends house for Christmas Eve. Sometimes an appetizer.

I usually make cheese balls and serve with crackers. I could forgo the cheese ball and serve these yummy cheese crisps.

We like dates stuffed with Fontina cheese and wrapped in bacon. A big hit with the guests!

Just picked up some homemade pepper jelly from the farmers market this summer. I love this stuff because it's spicy and sweet. For an app or snack I serve it with goat cheese and bread/crackers. So delicious!

I love fruit! My go to appetizer is sliced apples with a special dip. I just stir together banana, vanilla yogurt, peanut butter, and cinnamon.

Goat cheese with apple slices instead of bread or crackers. But would love to try these too!

Baked brie - brie, topped with raspberry preserves and chopped pecans wrapped in crescent roll dough, served warm with crackers

I always serve beef stick (summer sausage) and cream cheese!

Gourmet sweet snack? Pitted Medjool date stuffed with raw walnut - fabulous!

Toasted sugar/spiced pecans with a little rum and butter are a go-to treat, and I give them away as special holiday gifts. Started this about 10 years ago and can't quit now!

I make my great grandma's homamade kolache! So tasty!

What is the likelihood that you will eat only two of these from a box that contains 12? The weight is only ~19 grams for two. Most light snack packs range from 28 - 42 grams in weight.

I'm really not one to take traditional appetizers...being a chocolaholic...I tend to think of dessert-type things to bring. Having said all that...I think I'd greatly enjoy trying the cheesesticks. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

A favorite is a cheeseball recipe from a Danish friend which includes full or reduced fat cream cheese, crumbled blue cheese, chedddar cheese spread, worchestshire sauce combined in a ball and finally rolled in a mixture of chopped fresh parsley and pecan pieces..fabulous served with thin, toasted baguette slices or water crackers..YUM!!

Not very gourmet, but caramel cornflake coconut balls. Love the cheese sticks, just have to stop at eating a few tho!

love date wrapped in bacon

Also 3pepper is shrimp

I take medjool dates, pit them stuff with a walnut and roll in a light coating of powdered sugar. Tastes sooooooo good!

Our household has a range of fancy (or not) we serve. We celebrate from pimento cheese stuffed celery to gougeres to homemade ricotta on toasts. Do you notice a cheese theme?

Fresh tomato/mozzarella/basil skewers!!

Hot artichoke dip & nice crackers.

A big platter of bruschetta. Tomatoes; as many colors of grape tomatoes as you can find, basil, garlic, balsamic vinegar, served with thin, crispy toast rounds - it looks so festive!

I love to make a cheese plate and healthy(er) buffalo chicken dip.

I don't know if it's gourmet, but I like the old-fashioned cheese ball that my mom used to make.

Mini quiches!! Old school but so good!!

During the holidays I serve cheese & crackers during the holiday.

For the holidays two of my go to apps are a veggie pizza with alot of green and red veggies so it is very festive looking and crab dip just because everyone loves it and it is easy!!

I like to do Holiday Mixed Nuts, Peppermint Chocolate-Covered Strawberries and Gourmet Popcorn to keep it fun, but would love to share John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks

I didn't realize there were only 90 calories per 2 sticks - I love them even more now!!!

My most sophisticated holiday appetizer would have to be my mini taco cups in wonton wrappers. They are super cute and can be customized to the occasion.

Smoked oysters wrapped in bacon. That's as gourmet as we get at my house.

The only "gourmet" snacks I make is Chex Mix. I use spices I like - Mrs. Dash Original or Italian. No soy sauce cause of salt content plus I have asthma. I also make a dill dip with sour cream and fresh dill week, with dehydrated vegetables added too.

Since this is going to be our first Christmas in our first house together, we will finally have a Christmas party!! I haven't determined the menu yet, but definitely plan to serve an array of gourmet cheeses on our never-used slate cheese tray. These would be a great accompaniment.

i try to make a cheeseball and serve with crackers.also always have relish with dip

I like to serve candied walnuts! They have some healthy fats and a bit of protein!

Little mini cheesecakes!

Everyone loves my pimento cheese dip and artichoke dip with a variety of crackers and breads. My fudge is a big hit as well

Roasted butternut squash - simply delicious!

If I have the strength I make cheese puffs

I would totally serve the savory versions of this with my white bean dip. They are so good.

Goose liver paté with cognac.

I make devil on horseback, that is a date wrapped in bacon. The sweet salty taste is always a favorite

I would have to say bacon quiche and chocoloate

Baked brie wrapped in phyllo pastry! So gourmet, so delicious, so fattening we limit it to once or twice a year!!

Bruschetta is a quick and easy appetizer that most of my family loves!

I make a fig and goat cheese appetizer that I use as my "gourmet" snack

We typically have a veggies, dip, cubed cheese and crackers platter. I'm interested in substituting the last part for these cheesy and lighter crackers!

I have a stuffed mushrooms recipe that we love but I don't make often enough. I'll have to change that this holiday season!

My gourmet snack is anything that I can

make quickly and easily. These looks delish!

We love my pepper jelly over cream cheese, served with fancy crackers. Also, we are crockpot meatball fans.

These cheesesticks look delicious! I love trying new things.

My favorite holiday go to are sausage balls!!!

My favorite snack to serve is brown bag popped corn seasoned with all different things depending on mood: cinnamon, chili powder and sugar/salt combo are just a few.

i make a ton of stuff, i dont think anything very fancy though, maybe brie wrapped in puff pastry

stuffed mushrooms and little crostinis with goat cheese!

I am hooked on some very simple ingredients for a tangy, slightly sweet and nutty appetizer. Sprinkle some good crumbled blue cheese on a festive platter, drizzle with honey (I like locally grown) and sprinkle some chopped pecans over the top. Serve with your favorite cracker, crisp bread or pita chip. If blue cheese isn't your fav, feta could work too! Easy and elegant!

I've always made dips, baked cheese spread, hummus, salsa and guacamole. It really depends on my mood. Having fresh veggies and specialty snack crackers/breads/pita's etc is really what we enjoy

I serve bruschetta with tomatoes, basil and cheese. Perfect holiday colors!

Bacon wrapped water chestnuts. Maple 'flavored' bacon is the special ingredient. SO good!

I make Southwest Chicken Tortilla Pinwheels

I like to serve made from scratch puffs - filled with chicken salad or chocolate creme.

Daughter and I love cheesy anything, with good ole' southern fattening cheese straws our favs! We WILL be trying these for sure, and so will our Thanksgiving guests...thanks for the post (as always)!

Peanut butter Buckeyes!

My go to appetizer is smoked salmon!

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