Holiday Celebrations With What You Already Have

December 17, 2015   6 Comments

There will be no BMW with a large red bow in my driveway this Christmas (or any Christmas for that matter).

Mason Jar Votive

Am I okay with that? Absolutely! I mention it because I never think about the lack of luxury in my life unless it is this time of year. Everyone looks so happy on TV with all the presents piled up under the tree and it is hard not to equate STUFF with happiness.

I don’t want any gifts this year. In fact, I thought about wrapping up my 10 year old Kitchen Aid mixer and putting it under the tree because it is awesome.

The above votive symbolizes the kind of thing that you can do without spending any money. I saw this on Pinterest and I was thrilled to discover that I didn’t have to buy anything to make it. It also took me about 2 minutes to “make”.

This is a Mason jar, a column candle (that I happen to have because someone at my office put a “free” sign on candles and I took them home), and Epsom salts. Do you see how the salts make snow?

I thought this was super cute and it stopped me from purchasing a new holiday decoration. I did buy the Pointsetta plant for $3 at Trader Joe’s (TJ’s has a great selection of inexpensive holiday stuff).

Be creative this season and shop in your house for creative decorations and gifts. You won’t believe what you will find!

Do you “shop” in your house? What kind of things have you discovered?

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I did the same thing but put cranberries on too the Epsom salts. Multiple jars look cute lined up on my kitchen table.

My husband and I were up in the attic last week to bring down a few xmas decorations and to give my daughter some of our animated figures we had purchased over 30 years ago. But as we looked we came across boxes marked xmas decorations and LO and Behold I found things I forgot I even had..It was like finding treasure LOL.. So to me they are like new..

You never know what you will find when you rummage through boxes...

I did something similar to Jan. I pulled out crystal that belonged to my mother and mother in law and some of mine to make tablescape. Turned some upside down for height and floated cranberries in them. I had a table runner I had never used so make it easy. Tied ribbons non a couple and sprayed branches from yard and cut greenery to go in vase placed in center of all. Beautiful cedar placed around and voilà tablescape 2015!

Adding a pretty bow, twine, or burlap strips around neck or middle of mason jars also look great in themed groupings; I've used coffee beans, sand, m&ms, wrapped peppermints, also to stand candles up; love the whole cranberries idea. If anyone is lucky enough to have access to wooded areas, a few pine boughs in a vase, or a rustic wreath or bunch cinched together with a ribbon or burlap are more super freebies. Last year I made mini wreaths with rosemary sprigs for napkin rings. Yes the homemade decor always looks so warm and comforting and its fun to get creative for free!

I curl ribbon and hang on our Christmas tree. Looks great with similar color ornaments, candy canes, Red bows, etc. I also have purchased inexpensive silk Christmas flowers, cut most of the stems off, and used those to decorate the tree, garland, etc.

A favorite decoration of our home are holly branches snipped from the (generous) neighbor's bushes. I lay them on the fireplace mantle; run a strand of white, small lights through them, and place a center piece of a good piece of crystal ware or, this year, an enclosed candle stand.

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