Colorful jewels of chocolate and sugar

February 2, 2009

Just look at those M&M's. So beautiful, sparkling in the light. The amazing colors and the smell of them make my mouth water. They are so cute aren't they? When I was a kid, this was my candy of choice. I even stole a packet when my mom wasn't looking because I loved them so (I STILL feel bad about that).


If you aren't watching your weight, go ahead a get a pack. They have a little calcium so they are not a completely nutritional waste. And their sunny colors will cheer you up. The crunch and then chocolately inside are really a pleasure to eat.

M&M's are also a great treat for little kids because you can give them just a few for a job well done. This is a much better choice than a Snickers bar (where they will demand to eat the WHOLE thing).

But, 1 package is 240 calories, and that is for only 1/4 cup. So, if you are really hungry, you want to avoid these. They will provide a sugar "rush" and soon you will be hungry again. These are really a dessert or a treat, to be savored and enjoyed. When you eat them in a rush, you are just eating "empty" calories without any satisfaction.

Want to try to eat only 1/2 the package? I don't know many people with that kind of will-power. Why put yourself in that situation? Just eat them if you want some chocolate - or eat some dark chocolate instead and get a nutritional boost.

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