Don’t Be A Muffin Hater: Celebrate Your Muffin

November 19, 2012   11 Comments

Daphne of coolmom has made a revolutionary video celebrating the part of our body that we hate to look at.

Muffinlicious Video

Her video entitled “Muffinlicious” made me laugh so hard I just had to write about it and interview her for Snack Girl. She is a stand-up comedian and blogger. The tagline for her blog, coolmom, is “It was the best of times, I need to wash my hair”.

She cracks me up. Here is her brilliant song and video:

Snack Girl: How did you get your muffin top? (and where can I get one as cute?)

Daphne: oh you are too kind. Well, if you have three pregnancies and a chef husband you too can have one. Honestly, I was born with a belly. The best I've ever had is a two pack.

Snack Girl: How did you become so proud of your muffin top?

Daphne: Well, I was excited I could button my "skinny jeans". Your bones move out when you are pregnant, so even if you are a skinny girl it takes time to get back into your old clothes. The weight dropped off me after my first pregnancy, but then two more ( one was a miscarriage) and getting older made weight loss difficult.

Also, I was no longer getting my ya- ya's from men turning their heads to gawk at me. That use to be more important. I like to look good, but for my husband who likes my body as it is. I love cuddling with my kids, not getting picked up at clubs. I think I could lose 5 or ten pounds, but I'm not going to try to do more than that. And why? I have a healthy BMI. If you look at Jean Harlow she was curvy an sexy, but she wasn't trying to sandwich her figure into too tight jeans. We don't have to dress like that.

I wanted to laugh at myself and at what we do to ourselves. I don't want to be at war with my body. I have too much to do. I want to get over myself.

Snack Girl: What is your favorite snack?

Daphne: well, probably hot baked bread, but I do try to control the carbs! Honestly, I snack most on apples, carrots and cheese and crackers. Good cheese. I think you get satisfied quicker if things taste really good so spend money for good cheeese.

Thanks, Daphne!

My favorite line of her song is “embrace your form, be nice to yourself” - yep, I hear you! I believe your video has brought me one step closer to lovin' my muffin.

What do you think of Daphne’s video? Shall we all get over ourselves?

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Thank you for this post! "I don't want to be at war with my body." That is a very important statement....& one that I needed to hear. I'm thankful for Snack Girl & Daphne!

Love it, made me laugh, and now I have a new word "muffalicious"

Awesome video!!! I love it and what a wonderful post! I feel better about my muffin top!!

Too funny! My family wears their "pie pants" on Thanksgiving so we can fit in dessert after dinner! Now I can explain to them that we are just "muffalicious"! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Lovin' for the muffin-just in time for T-day!

I'm not sure that Jean Harlow is the best example of not "sandwiching" yourself into your wardrobe since she was sewn into her dresses and had a special "chair" built for her to rest on since she couldn't sit down. Just saying ... otherwise I agree.

This made my morning! I'm forwarding it to all my girl friends, my mom and to my husband at work. Coolmom rocks. Power to (accepting, appreciating and laughing at) the muffin top!

Love this!!!

Yeah skinny people shouldn't hate their bellies, post something relevant to actually fat people and it might mean something.

I enjoyed this story but I don't like my muffin top, I am trying to lose it ASAP!,

Hi Snack Girl,

Am looking for a muffin with less ingredients than 18 you have one ? I usually buy Martha White muffin mix, but there are so many ingredients , some which I can not even pronounce....and have no idea what they are !.....just want a simple oatmeal muffin or even a carrot muffin.....can't seem to find one....thanks much......

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