New Look for Snack Girl

February 13, 2020   39 Comments

Today we have launched a new look!

New Look for Snack Girl

Isn't she adorable? She is going to save you from crappy food!

Not only did we add a logo but we made changes to fonts, colors, the recipe lay-out and hopefully improved Snack Girl so you will enjoy spending even more time here. You can now rate the recipes which I think it is a great addition (and will help me create better recipes).

Please do rate the recipes as you comment.

We are not done with the updates but I think it is a good start.

Please let us know what you think of the new design and how you would improve it. We take suggestions very seriously!

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Looks good Lisa! Frest an updated.

It’s really fun!!

It’s a fun look!!

It's a fun look.

LOVE the new look! Made me smile! It’s fun, it’s super appealing!!!!!

Looks great. Always enjoy the daily emails

Love it!

Looking forward to read more

Love the new design Lisa. Look forward to your recipes and I will be sure to rate them.

Thank you for your help.

Love it!!

Nice Job! Love reading your articles and thanks for sharing your recipes. :)

Love it! Looking forward to more. :-)

She IS adorable! You Rock, Lisa!

So cute!

I would love your site logo or no logo but it is so cute. I always love your comments on how your family reacts to your "adventures" in cooking and life in general. I live north of Toronto in Canada, it is minus 21 this morning - you are my hot cup of tea in the morning! Cheers.

Looks great!

Nice job updating the Newsletter!! I always enjoy reading your thoughts, ideas and recipes! I'm 68 years young! Am maintaining a 50 pound weight loss of 2 years following WW. Never deprive myself, have tried many of your recipes! 😎 Thanks for all your efforts!!

Yay! Looks great ~ love the update.

Great new look. Much easier to read. thanks.

Love the new look.

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