Weight Watchers Flex or Freestyle for 2018: The New Program

November 15, 2017   157 Comments

The 2018 New Weight Watchers Flex debuted in the United Kingdom yesterday and will be coming to the USA (perhaps as WW Freestyle).

New Weight Watchers Flex 2018

UPDATE 12/03/2017 - CHECK OUT MY POST Weight Watchers New Program: Freestyle FOR THE LATEST ON THE NEW PROGRAM.

I wrote last week about the New Weight Watchers and I got a lot right except for the name – Weight Watchers Freestyle. Of course, it is possible that WW will call the US version Freestyle and the UK version Flex so maybe I got that right too.

What we really care about is not the name but what changes in 2018 will make the new program better or worse than the old one?

The really good news is that Weight Watchers is still using Smart Points so your calculators, scales and many of your recipes will remain the same.

What are the big changes?

  • There are now 200 ZeroPoints foods including eggs, fat-free yogurt, fish, turkey and chicken breast.
  • You are allocated less daily points.
  • You can roll over your points when you don’t use them – up to 4 points per day will get added into your weekly allowance.
  • You can earn FitPoints that can be transferred to SmartPoints.

New Zero Point foods

Just like the old program, all fruits and vegetables are zero points (except for the ones that weren’t last time such as avocados, potatoes, and sweet potatoes). The change is that they added in some lean protein that will now be zero.

You will have to adjust the recipes in which you use these foods to get the new SmartPoints value. That will be a pain (especially for me because I use a ton of beans).

Here is an abbreviated list of the zero points additions:

  • Eggs
  • Fat-Free yogurt included Greek
  • Salmon, tilapia, oysters, crab, shrimp
  • Canned tuna in spring water
  • Chicken and turkey breast, deli and cooked
  • Legumes such as chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, and lentils
  • Tofu

Less Daily Points

My friend Mark has 10 less daily points and I have 7 less daily points. I went from 30 to 23 and I still have 35 weekly points. I think the change is probably because they are giving you so many more FREE foods. If they left the daily points value the same you would be eating more and the program might not work (as you would not be reducing your calorie intake).

Rollover Points

Let’s say my daily allowance is 23 and I only eat 19. Those 4 points don’t just disappear like in the old days! Now, those 4 points get added to my weekly allowance to be used when I need them. You can do this multiple days in a row to save up for a big event but you can't roll over more than 4 points per day (so no starving yourself).

FitPoints into SmartPoints

This part was confusing to me so maybe others can illuminate the program. If you hit certain fitness goals, you earn Fit points, and then you can choose to turn those into SmartPoints. You can keep track of your FitPoints using a fitness tracking device or an Apple Watch but you can also do it manually.

Before you can earn a SmartPoint you must walk around 3,000 steps per day (or do the equivalent). The next 1,000 steps (or equivalent) will get you a SmartPoint which gets put into your weekly allowance.

My Conclusion

I still think Weight Watchers is hard to beat when it comes to a healthy long term weight loss program. Whether they call it Flex or Freestyle in 2018, I love the inclusion of protein in zero points because dietary science has shown that protein is important for satiety (feeling full). I think it may make the program easier to follow.

Mark said that he is finding the program more restrictive because of the drop in his daily points allowance (which could be a big problem).

I love the focus on exercise and that a couch to 5K program is included in the app. It is also cool to see them integrate fitness tracking devices into the WW program.

So far, I like that the changes aren't too drastic but I haven’t been on the program long enough to know if they are an improvement.

Have you tried Weight Watchers Flex plan? What do you think?

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i see weight watchers has a diet wine out now too. have you seen it?


Thank you for outlining the changes in WW.

Nice to see the Zero point foods.

Wow, this does sound interesting. Hated smartpoints when it came out but like these changes.

Been trialling it for a week now and am loving it. The members of the vlsss I help at get it tonight...

I love Weight Watchers! And I love that they are always working with nutritionists to bring us the latest and greatest! The program has evolved so much since I did it (successfully) 15 years ago. This time, I will NOT slide back into old habits, and I will maintain for longer than 10 years once I loose the rest of what I gained! The new free foods listed are fantastic! Can't wait for the entire program to roll out! Barbara

Signed up for this yesterday but app didn’t change to flex. Seems if you’re a returning member the new system won’t click in until weigh-in day. I did wonder if daily points would reduce (guess they would need to). Will see how I get on. Have linked app to Fitbit.

Another new program what a surprise. I lost a lot of weight on Points Plus and couldn't lose on smart points so I quit finally. Although I'm missing the meetings and the camaraderie between the members, I still follow Points Plus and I feel that that's the best program because it's easy.

I fail to understand why WeightWatchers doesn't address high sodium and high sugar foods.. in fact they sell them at the meeting as snacks. $$$ all about money.

I really do miss the meetings and the weigh in but it's going to take a lot more than a fancy new complicated program to get me back. Good luck to you all in your weight loss Journey.

I'm worried about having less daily pts and eating zero pt foods. Sounds like simple filling and l didn't do well when I tried it. Afraid I will overeat . Guess will have to wait and see.

Janet, the smart points program does address high sugar foods. Sugars are calcium in the smart points values. Anything that is high in sugar has a very high smart points value.

I’m concerned about the drastic point reduction. I don’t eat fish, eggs or tofu. I can’t eat chicken daily nor should I. Too much protein can be bad for your health. You should only have .8 to 1 grams for you weight in kilograms. I weigh 160 so I should only have 60-70 grams of protein a day. My daughter is a RD and that is the formula they use. I probably eat 4-5 points of the now free stuff so if they take away 10 points. Where am I going to make it up?

Luckily, I’m lifetime and I get 120+ fitpoints a week so I will just use those. I am anxious to see what it’s really about so even though I’m concerned, I want to get the specifics before I make any decisions.

I'm nervous about the changes. I usually feel good about the changes and do love SmartPoints. It might take a little more planning and prepping (which could be a good thing). But I don't eat meat, so I'm glad that beans will be free! And tofu! I do wonder if it's going to include tofu/soy products as well. Can I eat a veggie burger for 0 points? I might have to see about making my own. I only get 10 minutes to eat lunch, so it has to be something quick. Usually it's a sandwich with veggie deli slices. I get 30 sp (36 when I'm maintaining) and 6 goes to breakfast, 3 for a snack in the morning, 6 for lunch, 15 for supper or other snacks. Sometimes I use all 15 for supper, and just snack on fruit. Sometimes I have a lighter supper and snack on popcorn or frozen yogurt, etc. So I'm a little nervous how this plan will affect my eating. But if I can find quick meals for lunch, I should be okay. I will be adding more beans and tofu to my diet! I am excited about the changes too. Always gives me a kick in the butt!

Maybe I’m confused about what you are saying about the daily points. How are you at 28 for daily points, when the lowest you can be at is 30 sp’s?

Glad to see fat free Greek yogurt is free, as that's my breakfast with 1/2 of a banana and some other fruits. Also add 1 oz nuts. I have cut out meats and process foods during the week, so it seems I will be using most of my points on the weekend.

Does anyone know when this plan is scheduled to debut in the U.S.? I hated smart points and left weight watchers after a successful 50 pound loss on points plus, but I'm thinking the rollover points, free foods, and ability to use activity points again might be do-able for me.

I lost over 80 lbs. Kept it off for the past 6 years. Had hip replaced this summer ended up with infection and operated on again. Gained some weight back and started back to WW

My question would be how would the new program help me since it is all pretty much what I always eat now since I am a vegetarian.

@Shelly - I haven't been on WW for a while so I remembered 28 daily points but I bet you are right and it was 30. I will change the post. Thank you!

@Julie - I hear it is December 2nd. It could be worth a try! Thanks for your question.

Thanks for the info! I am in the U.S. and they tell us for weeks that it is going to be great. I am more of a 'just tell me what it is and I will tell you if it is great' kind of person! Ha! This will work for me, I already eat quite a few of those things! Thanks!

Thanks for posting this Lisa. If all this is true, it's awesome. My leader says it will roll out the first week of December.

What about the simply filling plan...any changes there? With the free protein choices it is steering more towards simply Filling!Which is great!

Sounds like a high protein, high fruit and vegetable plate which kind of combines Paleo with fruit. I love the idea. Protein keeps me full and the tendency to over-eat eggs and turkey etc is slim for me. I would definitely need a big drop in available points though. Otherwise too much food for me and I'm a volume eater... that can be dangerous. When does it roll out here?

Thank You for outlining the new program. I am excited! Was contemplating whether or not to join again. Weight Watchers has been the only thing that has ever worked for me. Again, thank you for always being kind and sharing your knowledge. Happy Thanksgiving! (I will NOT overeat. I will NOT overeat!)

I love the sound of these changes! I already incorporate a lot of chicken breast, beans and eggs into my daily plan - because I feel it helps me lose weight - I don't want to say faster - I'm a slow loser - let me say 'more consistently' I'll see a loss sometimes smaller, sometimes a bit larger - when I focus on lots of proteins - cutting out the sugar has really helped me too. I enjoy sprouted grain bread every day (Trader Joe's has good low point breads to choose from)...

It's been working for me for over 10 years...I'm still working on it...but I'm far better off than I was when I started - down 50 pounds...working on that last 10 or so.

Thanks for the heads up on these new changes! I'm newer to Weight Watchers, and was nervous things would change drastically!

I wanted to ask/add that on quorn is on the UK 0 point food list. I don't know what quorn is and quick research says that it is not available in Canada (not FDA approved). So I'm wondering is soy products, like Yves, Gardin, and Tofurkey, would be on our 0 point list. Dec 3rd we find out more, but I'm so impatient! lol

As a former Weight Watchers leader, I am still embracing PointsPlus! I never liked SmartPoints, and not sure if I will embrace the new plan. We once had CORE plan many years ago which is extremely SIMILAR TO THE NEW FREESTYLE PLAN. MY ADVICE............STAY WITH WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!! THE THREE Ws......

@Kelly Lynn - the soy substitute meat products are on the UK zero point list and are regionally specific. Soy yogurt is on the list and my guess is that Tofurky as well as tempeh and other soy based protein products will be on it. I have not seen the US list. Great question!

With regard to the new zero foods, beans, chicken, etc. At some measurement/weight will they have any points?

Sooooo HAPPY to see so much more positivity in the comments this time around....tho understand, the unknown can be kinda scary...and many are not fans of change BUT starting December 3rd it's going to be Ahh-Mazing!!!!! As a long time and lifetime member of WW I'm thrilled that they continue to keep their ideas fresh!

Melissa, it rolls out in the US the week of December 3

I have a question do you know what percentage of fat for the zero point meat?

With regard to the new zero foods, beans, chicken, etc. At some measurement/weight will they have any points?

I look at WW as a tool to understanding my body...what works and what does not. WWis MUCH easier when I ditched sugar and artificial sweeteners. The cravings stopped and I can manage food intake much better than I did before. I am learning to pay attention to when my body says it has enough to eat and will save the balance til later.

@Carol - Skinless chicken breast is 3.6 % fat - which is very low. They allow it so anything along that line may work. I hope this answers your question.

@Gloria - Zero points means zero points for any amount. I know it sounds crazy but that is what they are saying. You can eat as much as you want of these foods. Thanks for your question!

Just remember with the 0 point foods, you can not eat as much as you want. You eat enough to feel comfortable/satisfied.

Can we start new program now

I routinely eat the healthier items that will be 0 points and am concerned about overeating them on the new plan.

Thanks for keeping us posted on WW changes and for providing this 'forum' for discussion. Looking forward to reading everyone's experience on the new plan!

WW Flex sounds like a big deal! Hated Smart Points. Lost all my weight, got to goal and then inched up to 30+ pounds weight gain! This plans may have great possibilities. Hope so for the Weight Watchers community!

The real question along with the point reduction is didnsome Foods-ie, carbs go up in points. I also did best on PP, although I gave up at one point (stress eating) and have had limited success on SP. I enjoy healthy carbs and I hope it is still possible to fit them in using just DSP. Will be interesting to see on 12/ of the flaws in the app is that when the program changes, it doesn’t recalculate any personal recipes you have entered. Cautiously optimistic for new plan. P

I think it sounds great...but... I am sure the zero point eggs have to be hard have to obviously track butter or oil or whatever you cook it in. I would also think the chicken and turkey are WITHOUT has to be white mean turkey (I would imagine).......I know it rolls out in the U.S. Dec 3 (I go to Saturday meetings so I won't know til that weekend) LOVE that fat free yogurt is zero can virtually eat most of your day in zero points. I think this is fabulous. Can't wait for the change!!

these changes could get me back to WW. Right off the top of my head I can see chicken, tuna or egg salad made with greek yogurt. I love eggs. Greek yogurt is very versatile. Legumes are wonderful and can be made into so many things. I think this is going to work for me!

I think these changes are fantastic! The more chicken,turkey, eggs, and fish I can put on my salads the happier I'll be. Believe it or not I have been @ goal since 1986 with WW and I have never counted egg whites or egg substitutes as points. It never hurt my program weight wise. Now I can justify it.

Also rolling over those 4 pts can be a lifesaver to get that extra something tomorrow when you are really craving something good at the Christmas party. Can't wait.....Sounds great!

I think this will

I only do this online. Will I have to purchase a new app, to the tune of $200 some odd dollars! I just got this one. Please say they will make the necessary changes so we don’t have to purchase s new app to keep track of points!

Will the new program update on the app? I don't go to meetings I strictly weigh myself weekly and keep track on my phone of my points

Is it going to be any fat free yogurt or just the plain?

Does the point values change on anything else? Changes sound interesting. My normal breakfast went way down in points. I like that.

I have been doing Simply Filling for my maintenance for the last four years and I love it. This will probably not change much for me with the new program as I do not count those now zero point proteins anyway. Unfortunately, lots of people will have a problem with it because they like to eat processed foods, which have lots of points. WW is really trying to steer people away from processed foods, and I think that is a good thing. Question for you, Snack Girl: Are the weekly points still there or do you have to save up points to use as your weeklies?

I just joined 11/1 - will this new plan be optional or mandatory? I'm just learning how to do this & don't want to have to change how I do it.

Oh, my, I am allergic to fish and shellfish,dairy, eggs and mango. Doing SP right now, not having much success. May go back to PP as I lost a lot with that. Going to give SP a little bit longer. The new program may not be for me with my allergies. I am confused.

I agree with Janet. I did so well on points plus and miserable on smart points. So restrictive and not losing. I ate everything on PP and lost consistently. Bever felt deprived of foods or treats. SO is-a fancy name for high protein low fat diet. Don't need to pay Oprah for that!! I'm not renewing and will do PP on my own.

When is WW going to provide a program specifically for vegetarians and vegans? A support system as over-weight folks transition to a plant-based whole food way of losing weight AND living a healthier long life is long overdue. It’s a transition that doesn’t have to be a drastic change but every step toward curbing animal products is a step toward a healthier longer life with and for our loved ones plus one that is energizing and slimming. I wish WW would embrace the science and join with the current movement to where evidence has been pointing all along for decades. WW’s stand of ignoring overwhelming information on how animal products are the single greatest cause of death is shameful with all the research out there.…. While this informative Dr. may be entertaining, the data he presents is dead serious. Hey WW! Vegans need support too!

I started with Points Plus in 2014 and did very well. When Smart Points came along it was a snail pace; took almost a year, to get to my goal. Now a lifetime member I'm ready for a change. Hopefully the new program will be for the best.

HI,could someone tell me wether WW USA follow the same program as in Australia.I have been following the USA on facebook. I tried doing WW several years ago ,but was unsuccessful, seeing your program makes me think twice ,so many yummy recipes and have a huge support group and that's what I need

Lifetime with WW since 1985. I’ve been through all the changes. Please keep in mind, zero points for a wider range of foods is great but they all have calories albeit healthier choices. Too much and you will not lose. Eat sensibly and you will😊

I have been following the New Program from the UK since last Saturday, I printed the list and can Truly say I have not been hungry and didn't even have a sweet treat or touch 1 of my 35 weekly points which I would use all right after weigh in, I get 30 dailies with the old program so i'm doing 23 points and still have points left over, of course I still watch portions of the free foods as they still have calories, if you eat the right foods 23 points a day is enough and you won't be hungry,I feel this New Program is so Freeing, tomorrow is weigh in so we shall see

Looking forward to it

Sounds like a good concept Thanks for explaining it so well.

I agree with Maggie. I tried smartpoints and found it a deprivation diet. I am working points plus program as many have continued to do. This new program sounds confusing. I still go to meetings once a month since I am lifetime but will not even try new program. Points plus no smartpoints etc for me.

Okay folks -

the daily points have to drop in order for you to have those zero point there will be NEW LOWEST POINT AMOUNT.

its not going to be an eat all you want with the zero point foods, if you ever did SF, you know that's not how it works.

WW is a business, no one is forcing you to buy their snacks if you feel the sodium is too high, maybe its just too high for you. Make your own.

I"m so tired about people whining.

IF products didn't sell, WW wouldn't make them, its a business - plain and simple. You know there are plenty of sites with recipes, right?

Points Plus was my favorite and easiest to keep my weight off

. Able to deal with Smart Points. Just found out today at meeting they are changing the program AGAIN! So glad to find this article.

One lady knocked Weight Watchers for not having a vegan or vegetarian program. You must have never done the program (Points Plus or Smart Points) because they certainly embraced vegetarian options! The choice has always been yours.

While I had problems with Smart Points, I am hopefully excited about this new program!!

Also, someone spoke of allergies to eggs, yogurt and fish. It is also a choice. By all means, follow options that will not affect your health!

I do think you have to be careful with portions on the zero point foods. There can be a lot of sugar in fat free Greek yogurt and also if one eats too much free fruit. And many people, including me, need more restrictions on portion size with proteins, beans have a lot of carbs. So unlimited seems counterproductive.

I have been on WW since 9/2016 and am about to reach my goal weight. I have only used SP and love it. This change should be interesting at this point in time for me.

I am not a fan of it so far I have lost 7 points per day (49 in a week) the bonus points are 28 which was exactly the same as on the old plan. Most of the zero point food is very expensive eg. Fish and chicken breast which were very few points before anyway. My breakfast alone is 8 which is only Weetabix wen I count in the daily milk allowance. That leaves me 15 points for the rest of the day. I will be sticking to the old plan I have lost most of my weight on that easily enough.

Please send me any up dates . I was a lifetime member but lost my husband and feel off the wagon, so I will try again.Thank you... Louise

Looking forward to the new program, Dec.3, 2017 in Canada 🇨🇦

Shhhh it's hush , , hush tehe love FaceBook

i am from the old school.i join ww in jan. of 2011. iam a life time member. i still use the old way and it still works for me. my goal was to weight 145lbs. as of today i have not reach that goal. i weighted nov. 9 2017 at 138.8. give me the old school anyday. i love you ww old are new.

In Germany it will start 26. November.

Every person on the community is really nervous ... let wait and see.

But your post is really interesting!

I am excited about the new program this sounds like the program they had 16yrs ago when i first started and lost 30lbs.

I'm really hoping this new program is better Smart Points didn't work well for me

But I did good on the older WW programs

I KNEW this was coming!!! At our meeting, the cookbooks and the smart points calculator were on sale HALF PRICE!!! That is EXACTLY what they did when they went from Points Plus to Smart Points... sneaky... I am lifetime and kind of in a rut with this plan... I am not good with change, but maybe this will help to get me out of my rut! I just have to wait and see!!! Thanks for his info!!!

First if all, grammar snob that I am, I must remind you that it's FEWER points, not less. The rule is, if you can count it, it's FEWER. Less is used for things that can't be counted like weight. I lost less weight last month than in September,for example. Sorry, this mistake drives me crazy!

The new program sounds outstanding! I just read about it for the first time and I can't wait to get started! Thanks Weight Watchers for always being cutting edge!

Would Chobani 0% Greek be considered free?

Hopefully this is true.. at my meetings the staff is very tight lipped.. I guess they are not allowed to discuss it... did great on pp but Sp not so good.. I am LT for 3 years now... Maintenance on so has been very hard...

I am anxious to start this new program!!!!

Does anyone know the 200 free foods list.thanks so much and enjoy this wonderful journey.

I’m nervous about this change

Is there going to be a sale to join before


Is the new plan avaliable all over the USA? I am a member how do I switch

It is freestyle rolling out first week in December

When the new program starts the week of December 3rd, will you have to have a new Dining Out Book and also a new Calculator? Just curious.

I heard that you won't need a new calculator but l would almost bet you would need new books since somethings will now be zero pts.

Bonjour moi je suis preser que cela commence, sa va me rebouster , car depuis quelques temps je fais du n'importe quoi. Merci W W

Very good diet, expect that you are constantly hungry and the weight doesn't drop a gram :) Smart points worked perfect for me. The reasons, why people are overweight, are variable. Some people don't controle the sugar intake, some have weakness for fat foods, some are just overeating the healthy amounts. Why should one type of diet work for everyone? Ww should have kept the old smartpoints program as an option for those ones, for whom it was working brilliant.

How many points will avocado be now?

I’m being a bit sneaky here, I am in the good ole US of A! 👀 We were told at our meeting this morning that WW will be ‘tweaking ‘ our smart points plan and that we are going to ‘love’ it. Gingers crossed. I’m a bit nervous about the daily point adjustment as I have just dropped 7 points on my weekly allowance. As long as fruit remains free, I’ll be ok. Wondering if peas will be free.

I became a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers in 1990. I gained all my weight back and then some - it happens. My wife also became lifetime in the early 1990's - same story. Our doctors told us we have GOT to lose weight. It is after Thanksgiving 2017, and since June 2017 I have lost over 40 lbs - even over Thanksgiving! (and yes, I even had dessert - just less of it - my favorite is dark meat turkey which still fits in very well - no gravy, thank you). Another interesting thing is my digestive system, before going back to Weight Watchers, would give me a lot of discomfort. I would have no problem ordering, for example, a hamburger and fries - now that sort of thing makes me even more sick. I ride my bicycle to work 3 times per week - 10 mile ride with a 510' elevation gain. More fun than the gym.

What I like about Weight Watchers (as both an engineer and as a one-time nursing student [I have degrees in engineering and music - nursing is the HARDEST field I ever attempted]) - is that Weight Watchers is evidence based. My doctor is having me come in every 3 months - he was concerned about my blood pressure (145/100 in the office) and cholesterol (207) - in October 2017, my blood pressure was like 110/75 and my cholesterol was 175! This is without medication.

Insofar as the changes are concerned: I think this is positive. Weight loss and weight maintenance (my wife lost 110 lbs - my goal is to lose 90 lbs) is hard. We have got to do it, though - this is our prescription.

I showed my physician (an internist) a brochure for the "Simply Filling" plan - he said, "I'm impressed! This is what I tell patients every day! This is how I think people should be eating." This new plan goes toward the "Simply Filling" but maintains the flexibility that I like.

Another point to make: The person in the office who take my vital signs for my October exam is in my Weight Watchers meeting. Need I say more?

Will we get a new app for our phone?

What’s the story with milk? Is fat free milk 0 points? I would love 0 point coffee

No fix for those of us who run on carbs. Not a fan of protein. Didn’t resolve the issue of unlimited fruit but taxing sugar. No indication of any kind of balanced eating. Most of us got fat by eating too much, making more foods zero points is not going to help those who have issues with portion control. Whole grains are a vital source of energy for your body,

I have lost more weight on My Fitness Pal in the past two weeks than I did in two months of WW. Think I will be saving my money and dumping WW unless the new plan is a whole lot different than what I have read. I wish they would continue to support past programs.

Will we on-liners be getting a note on our new daily points value?

Janet if you had stuck around for Smart Points program you might have seen that sugar is watched closely and counted. You may have been more comfortable with it.

Have there been new point changes for wine ( other then the new we wine) or for vodka or whiskey?

I can't wait until it is unveiled here in the U.S (Dec 3rd) I do Simply Filling and I find that option so much better than count the Smart Points. I still have my weekly points that is allotted to use for the non-SF foods. Wondering if those points will decrease with the new roll-out program. Thank you for your information it is much appreciated and I can't wait to hear more from my leader in few days.

I lost all my weight on the original weight watchers, now can’t find my papers and food list I was allowd 19 pts, I have since gained some of it back. I miss the meeting but am working and the meetings are in the next town around a hour away.

Any ideas about how WW addresses type II diabetes?

will this new program update automatic on the phone app? my husband and i just started so will all the new info on how program work be on app and easy to follow.

Greek 0? Plain? What will vanilla be?

How will healthy carbs go?

Still monitoring sat fat and sugars, think these are important.

Sandra Overton: Thank you, no I did not know WW embraced veg.options. That's the first I heard that. I was a member of WW back in the 80's. My knowledge of WW is from Snackgirl these days. I am still very sad that an org. as influential as WW doesn't encourage, at least, the minimizing of animal products in all their diet options, and shout it from the rooftops, that the evidence is showing animal products are right up there with cigarettes, actually worse, a leading cause of all top US diseases! Business or not, it's sad that WW is making animal products zero points! Esp in light of current News on animal products being more and more accessible to the average Joe, not just foodie elites. I, for one, would applaud WW for at least attempting to support a healthier diet by lessening the very food causing our death. As the evidence becomes more and more mainstream WW will have to change again to stay credible. I really worry that folks trying to lose weight, a situation caused in many of us due to the SAD, are being led to continue this way, into a different set of problems, namely heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, the list goes on. What set me off was hearing ''zero points'' for animal products. I might sound ''extreme'' to some, but I think that was an extreme move on WW's new plan. . Kudos to everyone who tweaks the new WW plan to limit or eliminate sat.fat and sugar and stick with previous healthier plans--it's a great start to losing weight and gaining health!

If legumes are going to be zero points that is definitely vegetarian friendly and may explain why I lose weight some weeks even though I go over my points.

This sounds a lot like Simply Filling, with some extra counting Points thrown in so the change won’t be too drastic for some members. I did Simply Filling, loved it, and lost over 30 lbs....and I certainly did not miss the constant counting of points. Just give the new program a’ll like!

Can't seem to find the scoop on popcorn.

I'm not surprised that WW is AGAIN making major changes in the program. It was on the national news and they said they are trying to "lure" members back that have left. Yea, members like myself who had been following WW since I became Lifetime in 1999. When they changed from PP, which I loved, to SP which I hated I stopped going to meetings and was just frustrated. I'm thinking about going back but am skeptical after reading all I can about the new program changes. The "free" foods sound like the old Core program (which I never could do successfully) or Simply Filling so I don't quite see this as all that different of a change. I guess they are thinking members will gravitate toward the "free" part of anything. I had been one of WW biggest fans (even worked at the WW Corporate office for a time which you are only eligible to do if you are Lifetime at goal) UNTIL SP came into play. I guess time will tell, and I will keep checking on here to see the feedback until I decide whether or not to go back. I know my Leader (went to same meetings with her since 1999) is wondering what happened to me.

Is the new WW wine on the market yet and will it be in the Kroger stores and



In response to Debra's comment, I must say I echo your frustration! Imagine how I feel that Weight Watchers is telling me, "We will give you the program specifics on your next weigh-in day - Saturday, December 9. You cannot follow the program before then. This is the only choice available to you on that day and after." Sure, my wife got the updated information on her regular weigh-in day. It doesn't really help me because the system available to me now (I use my smart phone to track). The fact is, I get a completely new program on December 9. On December 11, I leave for Stuttgart, Germany for a week on business - I have never been overseas before. I'm running all over town trying to get the power adapters needed (I'm even an electrical engineer). Conventional wisdom is that you eat heavy food in Germany. I'll be on business. How do I explain that I can't eat Wiener Schnitzel in a foreign country where I don't even speak the language? My German company is even conducting our meetings in English to accommodate us. I try to get Weight Watchers to work with me. I ask, "Can I change my weigh in day so I can start early." The answer is, "No, we cannot do that this week. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you."

Any business that treats me like that is one I leave, typically. I am so frustrated about this inflexibility.

Why will I stay? Answer: Health. More specifically, my doctor's prescription that I get diet and exercise to reduce weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Bottom line: It's working - I see my doctor every 3 months. My weight is going down. My cholesterol went from 207 to 175. My blood pressure is down to 110/75 (more or less). I'm 52 - have 45 more pounds to lose (I've lost 45 - so I'm halfway there).

Weight Watchers is the only thing that works for me - I've tried going it alone.

Now another thing I want to point out is that the changes Weight Watchers is making this time are ones my doctor prefers. I showed my doctor the "Simply Filling" plan and he said, "This is exactly what I tell people to do every day." He said there are things he would like people to never eat. Sugar is one thing that he really has a problem with. Guess what? Weight Watchers puts on a lot of points for those things that are high in sugar content.

Weight Watchers is evidence based. As new clinical evidence becomes available, it is applied to the program. I don't like how these new changes have been rolled out - it was a bit of marketing. (We engineers find conflict with marketers very often anyway. I can imagine that the scientists working for Weight Watchers have become quite frustrated.)

So I'm staying with Weight Watchers. I'll do the best I can in a country where cleaning one's plate is expected. I have some colleagues at work who love to take this trip, so they gave me a few pointers. Still, I am not happy with how this happened.

It does sound a lot like the Simply Filling option of the program which I totally love. I did join years back with PP system and absolutely hated it and quit, came back in Jan of 2015 as the SP system was being introduced, I lost but after awhile the tracking became overwhelming, I stopped for a few short months in 2017 before returning in August and decided to try SF and well I fell in love and now hearing and reading about the new program change well before it was even announced as a teaser and then the UK unveiled it I thought that yes this Simply Filling but with a new name. I’ll find out more today at my weekly meeting but I know the older lifetime members were not happy with this possible type of program.

Life’s about changes nothing ever stays the same.

-Patty Loveless

I saw your receipies with new points. Now I cannot locate them. Where do I go to locate them. Like to try chili.

Kevin, it sounds like you definitely have some challenges coming up with regard to your international travel AND starting the new Program. Hopefully just one week will NOT totally derail you. I would just suggest doing the best that you can to pick the healthiest choices while you are away. You most certainly may be doing some "estimating points" during this time. I just always try to look at it as one day (as with holidays) or one week (as with vacation or business travel)will not normally be a huge problem. This is just life. I always tell "newbies" to WW that the hardest part is keeping it off. You cannot go years, as I have since 1999, and not go up and down some. I remember setting my goal weight way back then, and I was given some advice from another member to "set it high" which I really didn't want to do at that time because I didn't want to weigh THAT much. Well, here I am all these years later and it's very hard to hold it at that "high" amount. Good luck in your journey and have a safe trip. International travel is always challenging. It sounds like it will be very interesting to say the least.

As a follow-up to Debra's response, I want to let you know that I did weigh in yesterday and started on the new program. In addition, we went to Hollywood after my early morning (we gave my daughter Hamilton tickets for her Sweet 16 birthday earlier in the week). We ate all 3 meals out, including a meal at a mediterranean place where I ordered grilled chicken breast (0 points unless they coated it in something with lots of calories, but that was not apparent), steamed vegetables, and brown rice. I even had pancakes and eggs for dinner on our way home! I stayed within my newly assigned points value.

So here is what I know about my German trip: (1) I arranged in-flight meals on Lufthansa to be "Reduction Food" as they call it - average in flight meals (this will be a 12 hour flight) are 1000 calories, (2) Our hotel provides a free breakfast every morning, (3) our company there has a cafeteria which offers many choices, (4) health conscious people at work gave me some recommendations including a grocery store, and (5) we will eat out for our evening meals, but I'll just not eat Wiener Schnitzel - which would give me great discomfort anyway.

I still don't like the way this was rolled out, but I did find out that much clinical testing was done and that the leaders got to try out the new program before presenting it to us. Even so, I was so upset at first that I wanted to quit Weight Watchers, but where would I go? It is the only way I have ever been able to lose weight. I don't want to quit now. My company is paying for most of it.

The bottom line is I am under doctors orders to lose weight, reduce blood pressure, and reduce cholesterol. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now well within a healthy range. Weight is down by over 42 lbs as of yesterday - 38 more to go.

I could kick myself for all the fuss I made. Thus far, I like the new program better. PS: Even the leaders didn't like the reduced points at first, but bear in mind that this diet is closer to how my doctor wants me to eat.

I love the new program the first week I lost 2.8 lbs very pleased i've lost 36 lbs on this wonderful journey and stll going hallelujah so grateful. Thanks W.W. and my determination. Dianne

The new point system focuses on protein, beans and corn. American soy is genetically modified, it causes cancer and is havoc on the thyroid as is all American grown corn. Tofurkey products cause cancer as do all those frozen soy based meals. Weight watchers used to be about choice. With fewer points participants are bing forced to eat more protein than is necessary to maintain a healthy body unless you’re a professional athlete or body builder. Stop pretending. Let’s talk about their 0 points of protein. If you’re not eating hormone free proteins your upping your animal antibiotic intake. Gross. If you are like most people and are consuming tons of farm raised salmon you’re getting boosts of red food dye with every bite of fish. There’s also plenty of aluminum in 0 points of canned tuna. WW’s has lowered daily points so good healthy carbs might not even fit in to your day anymore.

@Naomi, totally agree. I'm not a member of WW nor needing to be at present but I'm aware of the push or the ''okay'' that WW's has for animal protein. It does not reflect the most recent science that discourages animal products. I do enjoy occasional tofu, not very often, but when I do, I buy ''The Bridge'' Brand. It's organic, non-GMO and sold in the Northeast.

To be fair to Weight Watchers, one has the option to be a vegan, vegetarian or whatever! There were choices - on Point's Plus, Smart Points and now evidently Freestyle! I do eat meat but have "no meat" days occasionally. My desire now is to find Freestyle a more viable option for me and hopefully so will others!

Great job, Kevin! So glad things worked out for you. I am returning back to WW in Jan. It has been the only program by which I could lose weight without benefit of surgery. My Pastor has raved about Freestyle!

Will we still get a weekly allowance of 49?

How do I calculate my daily points with freestyle?

DID GREAT on Points Plus. Lost 25 pounds. Why? Never feeling deprived of one food group or another, I tracked points every single day, and when necessary(wine/pizza,etc., on weekends/special occasions or whenever),used my weeklies. After two surgeries, my weight is back up*. Never could get excited or lose weight on Smart Points. I do like my occasional (sweet) snack or dessert, and have been known to eat some cheese and crackers now and then. Therefore, I do not feel the new Freestyle Plan will fit my life style very well. Will go back to Points Plus as, if I continue to be diligent in tracking, etc., I can still "steal" a few indulgences and not feel too bad or deprived at having done so. Smart Points and the new Freestyle program put such a points penalty on the occasional sweets, I felt a real sense of deprivation. Points I come again--I'll just go back to counting my points for lean protein (when I feel like eating it), counting "carb" points-foods, as in beans, peas, corn, etc., because I didn't overindulge in them in the first place, and they made up an important part of my diet. I don't like to feel "confined" to eating a lot of eggs, seafood (can't), chicken etc. (Like every day??!!) A REALLY BIG DOWNER for me is that the W.W. organization/meetings don't support past programs!? As a "lifer" I have to wonder why, when there was so much weight lost on past programs, and, if people want to still embrace them and lose or maintain weight loss, WHY SHOULDN'T we still have support...especially if we pay/paid for it?! *If I'd have had support for Points Plus when the program first changed to Smart Points, I wouldn't have quit! Is that any way for a "lifer" be made to feel?! Maybe, if they figured that out, they'd have more members. Hope this little tidbit helps someone else who might just feel the same way I do, and boy, do I feel better getting it off my chest! Shirl

Shirley....ditto for me. I do miss the camaraderie between the members and the instructor but I did try last year to go and quietly use Points Plus... Doesn't work because I felt guilty so I'm just going to try Points Plus on my own. I lost 40 pounds on it before

Shirl....ditto for me. I do miss the camaraderie between the members and the instructor but I did try last year to go to the meeting and quietly use Points Plus... Doesn't work because I felt guilty so I'm just going to try Points Plus on my own. I lost 40 pounds on it before

I did not like Flexpoints at first, Esslingen equally because I only got to start following it 2 days before I left for Germany on business. To my pleasant surprise, I was able to stay on program so much more easily! I came back from Germany weighing the same as when I left (ok, so I followed my plan but was flexible that week - my leader said I did very well - and I ordered low calorie meals on my flights).

My physician, who is treating me for hypertension (no meds and my readings are very good), says that the foods as prescribed by simply filling (and by extension the 0 point foods on flex) is precisely how he tells people he wants them to eat. He also wants me completely off sugar. Likewise, high point values for sweets discourages one from such foods.

So while going back to an old plan may be tempting, also remember that it does not follow the latest evidence based research.

Transition into flex was not easy for me - I kicked and screamed especially because it came across with bad timing. Temporary inconvenience.

One last thought: Over Christmas my sister in law said all diets are off at Christmas- I said to her I was under doctor’s orders - she works in the medical profession and backed off very quickly.

I don’t get a break - I have a prescription. Just remember that diabetics, especially those with Type I diabetes, cannot ignore their diet ever - doing so could be fatal (and I had a friend who was such a diabetic who died at a young age. Tragic).

All I want to know about is the WW wine that Judy mentioned!

Have been reading some feedback after my posting on "going back" to Points Plus in favor of the Flex Plan. I have to thank "Kevin" for his me thinking in the "Flex" direction. Still equivicating over this whole change. Just hate to spend the $$ to find out it's not for me! And, it STILL bothers me that we lifers can't get support, no matter which of the (former) W.W. plans we are following. (Reminds me of paying big bucks for an I-phone only to have them change/update it so one has to purchase a new one...?) Thanks. And, to Janet, I,too, paid $$ to investigate and try the Smart Points, and while doing so, had to go back to Points Plus "incognito" with no support (and failed). There again, I had to spend the money to find out the new program didn't work for me, and was getting no support on what I WAS following. Sorry, but this is a big stickler for me with the whole Weight Watchers organization. Thanks to all!

Am also a lifer but had to see what flex style was about after gaining 30lbs since leaving points plus! First week back and feel positive about this plan. The free food list is awesome! Basically you're counting carby foods and sweets! See very do-able. Hope this helps someone.

I agree with Janet, November 16, 2017. Why spend $$ to socialize. We KNOW how the plan works! Just do it! It's a good plan to follow for life. Save your money for your new skinny clothes!

There was a comment made about “paying WW to socialize. You know how the plan works - just do it.” (Paraphrased). Think of the meeting as a team - you work together toward a common goal. Weight loss and maintenance is hard! I tried to go it alone and failed. At work I am a design engineer for one of the world’s top companies - we depend greatly on teamwork.

Since I am under a doctor’s prescription, I have to put the ingredients together to make this work. Having the group is what makes it for me.

I heard that on the free style program you can eat 10

Points less than your daily points and still loose weight

Is this right?


I'm puzzled because I KNOW I've had a comment on here last week, but can't find it. Anyway, I did go back to WW last Thursday after staying away almost a year and a half after "boycotting" because I hated the changes from PP to SP. I'm glad I went back and I'm trying the new Plan and trying to be optimistic. I stayed afterwards and talked in private to my leader who I first met when I joined in 1998 and is the only leader I've ever listened to. I promised her I would give the new Plan a try. Linny, I think there is something to being around other like-minded people with the same goals. I think "socializing" and interacting with them is not a bad thing in my book. I have done it on my own sometimes too but, at least for me, I think knowing that I'm going to be accountable at the weigh in is an incentive to watch my eating more closely. Diana, I have doubts about being able to eat "10 points less" than your daily points and lose weight. My daily points were reduced (again) with the onset of this new Plan even more than it was a couple of years ago. When I found that out I was REALLY doubtful, but so far it hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be. As I discussed with my leader, with what research I could do before going to the meeting I was suspecting that the new "free food" concept was similar to Simply Filling (which I never had success with and found too restricting) and it is with a few additional "free" foods. I will post in the future as to how the new Plan is working for me. I am Lifetime so will not go back again until next month. Ever since making Lifetime in 1999 I don't go weekly (especially now that I'm over goal) because, quite frankly, I don't want to pay that fee weekly.

I have no idea what all of you are talking about. I just joined WW again and I find it absolutely workable and EASY to follow. I’ve lost 31/2 pounds the first week without feeling the least bit overwhelmed. Maybe some of you think you can continue to eat chocolate cake or whatever your weakness is and still lose weight. Ain’t going to happen on any program! Just follow the program and stop complaining .

Hi WW love the new program the zero points great this my 3 time lost weight every the only reason I left is my leader left and without her I just did not like it anymore did well on my own so I just wanted to see wat new program was all about

Allrighty then!

Jean I wish I could give you a standing ovation! I couldn't agree more! I LOVE the new program, haven't lost 3 lbs in one week but I have LOST every week. I can't stand the whining either...nor can I stand the questions that are being asked that the answers can be found if they get off of their butts and attend a meeting! This blog is NOT a Weight Watchers meeting!

Jean and Caren. You two are SO supportive. Why don't you form your own little meeting and cheer each other on? Since you have it all figured out? The rest of us inferior people will just grovel out here in the mud in struggle on. I have not had any "cake" in at least 10 years. I have word for "know it alls" like you that like to put others down...when you don't know them...or what their ituations are. I personally have lost every week. I just don't like you putting down everyone else... we are here to support each other. WHINERS? Really Caren? Witches? Is that the word I am looking for? No, but it sounds like it.

It is not my intention to put anyone down. I am simply stating the fact that, in my opinion, the WW Freestyle program is very simple to use. There is nothing complicated about it. Maybe it would be more encouraging to others to stress the simplicity of it rather than making it more complicated than it is. The more difficult some of you make it sound the more discouraging it makes it seem for those who know very little about the program.

Could anyone tell me how the new Freestyle affected the men's points proportionately to us gals? Just curious. Thanx. Shirl

I did extremely well with the old ww and then the pro points plan! The fact that they keep changing the plan is very annoying and has caused many weightwatchers to leave / go to slimming world /to gain weight! I will continue to follow the propoints plan! My sister and her friends do the old ww plan and we all have great weightloss each week! Bring back the old plans!!

WW changes because science changes -- they find out new and better things. All of the WW programs have worked -- even the one that you had to eat 5 fish meals per day, one liver meal per week, you had to make your own ketchup, etc. Come one, people. Change is sometimes difficult, but if you want to lose weight and keep it off, this is how you do it. I have been on each and every plan WW has had since the 70s -- I have lost and gained four times. This final time I've kept off 94 pounds for four years. This is the way to eat for the rest of your life -- if you want to live a healthy life at a healthy weight. If you don't like WW, go elsewhere. No one is forcing you to do this.

@Linda Congratulations on your weightloss however I do think that you are missing my point! Of course nobody is forcing us to follow the plan! As previously stated, myself and many others got on very well with the original plans! We want to loose weight and most of us want a plan that we are comfortable with and can stick with in order for us to use as a life plan! Constant changes mean that we are always having to readjust - when weight watching is hard enough!

Yes science is changing but guess what? The old plans still work so why change them when they do not need fixing?

After reading the newest comments on here I am checking in again. Like I said in my comment above of January 8, I did go back to WW after not going for a year and a half. This is only the third time since I became Lifetime in 1999 that I stayed away and the other two times I wasn't much over my goal weight so got back down to being "free" really quickly. This time it will take longer because, as is common with me, (no matter the program) I lose very, very slowly. I'm talking a pound a week or even half a pound sometimes. I remember when I first started years ago my leader (same one all these years) told me that if you have a huge amount of weight to lose you lose in larger increments. Anyway, I won't go back for a weigh in until next month and I don't weigh myself at home except once a week on the day my points get replenished. Like so many on here I loved PP and I never had any problems with changes over the years until the big revamp two years ago when Oprah came on board. That's when, after six months into the Beyond the Scale program, I stopped going. Anyway, this time the changes are better in my opinion and I'm giving it a try. It hasn't been all that hard. I've rarely gone over my points for the day and haven't used the roll-overs or weekly points or extra points I get for exercising. I didn't think this was possible. I mentioned to my leader when I went back how people out there are saying they're sticking with PP, etc. and she seemed clueless and doesn't get on any of the sites at all to see complaints. I told her how I didn't feel I could do the old Plan and come to the meetings and that my materials would become obsolete, etc. Again, she seemed "surprised" anyone would want to do this and said it didn't make sense to her. I know how strict WW is on their leaders (after working a short time at the Corporate office)but I do wonder if all the leaders actually make these changes when they come about. No disrespect to my leader, but I've always thought she looks too heavy (to me)but she doesn't appear to ever get bigger (or smaller for that matter.) I think they may take whatever measures they need to in order to keep their job. If they get a certain amount over (they give them a little more leeway) they get put on notice. I remember one time I asked her what she did to lose the weight when this happened to her and she said "basically starve myself". I'll check back in after my next meeting.

I had been on WW plan on and off for years. I always lost weight but due to surgery and hospital stays I fell off the wagon. So this past Friday I started the new program. It was a little scary to see that I only had 23 points to work with on a daily basis. However, the new zero point food menu really makes a difference. Protein really does keep me feeling fuller, therefore I don't find myself craving food without available points to apply. In my "eat whatever you want" life I did not consume protein as I should have. My eating habits were horrible, filled with sugar and mostly processed foods. In only a few days of following the program I do feel better already. So come on not be fearful of the limited points per day. The improvements make the program easier to follow.

I know I said I was skeptical of the new Flex Plan and had vowed to go back to Points Plus. However, to be fair to the new program, I did start going again three weeks ago. The program does work. However, just for giggles, I also kept track of the points I'd use if I was doing Points Plus (tracked side by side). Here are my observations: On most days I didn't use up all of my 23 Flex points to its credit. And, not always did I use all of my 26 Points Plus. Bear in mind, I'm eating the same foods for each point allocation. And, maybe it's just in my head, but I sort of feel that this being the case, I might like to go back to Points Plus because it affords me more of the variety (occasional granola bar, a cookie, etc., etc.), which I'd still keep track of and maybe even go over into my 49 weekly. However, I'd not feel as deprived (and think,"OMG, I just broke a rule and ate some sugar!") and know that I could still lose weight on P.P., and maybe just "get into" my 49 weeklies a little more than I'm doing on the Flex Plan. OK...I realize I can still have a cookie or treat, but it SO limits my points. It's just that the Flex Plan "feels" a little more regimented, like a diet, than it did on Points Plus. Also, it's kind of a hassle to change over as I have memorized the PP to a point where I can make my favorite recipes and know what I've got, point-portion size, etc. Haven't decided yet which I will persue. Think it will be more implanted in my little brain after next week's weigh-in. And, that's why I wish W.W. would offer a little support/respect for previous programs where people have had wonderful results! And, I wish some of those same people would read our comments on the subject. Regardless...Weight Watchers Program[s] are great...thanx for listening. Shirl (P.S. Lost 25# in less than a year on P.P.)

I understand completely Shirl. I really loved PointsPlus also. From what I have read over and over on here, a lot of people agree. I never thought of comparing them side by side. Maybe I'll try that. I also agree with Jackie. The new Program is a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was really put off when I went back and found out my points had been cut AGAIN. I thought it was going to be so hard but have been pleasantly surprised. I'm a person who goes strictly by the book so I am determined not to go back to PointsPlus now that the "book" has changed. Like you I had so many foods memorized with PointsPlus, had lots of cookbooks, etc. I just thought "if it ain't broke why fix it?". That's why I boycotted after the Beyond the Scale Program was rolled out and only tried it for six months. Believe me, WW had plenty of members who were disgruntled and I think they lost a lot of long-time Lifetime members like myself. I think they listened and that's why the most recent changes went into effect. It is frustrating when they keep changing things. You get comfortable with a Program and if you are losing or maintaining, why rock the boat? I just have this idea in my head that it's not all that easy for WW Leaders either. Of course, they have to sing the praises of the new Plan, whatever it may be at the time, but can you imagine how familiar they are with the ones that they have been teaching and preaching about for years? My Leader even mentioned how she hadn't been able to part with all her cookbooks. I do disagree with those that compare this Plan with Atkins or other high protein diets. Those diets strongly discourage or even forbid certain foods. Anyway, I'm trying really hard now to become accustomed to the new Freestyle Plan. I think I can do it!

Debra: read and loved your comments. I'm still "trying" the Flex Plan (going on my 4th week) with results; still "comparing" also with satisfying/comparable results on the Points Plus side, which reaffirms I can lose weight using the Points Plus plan again. Only problem, of course, is no meeting/online support for PP. And, I will say this: if I were to go back to PP, I realize that the "extra" indulgances I feel I could have/want without the guilt would impact my 49 weeklies, which I admit I haven't been using much these past three weeks. So, from that standpoint, maybe Flex w/b better, healthwise, because I feel it does limit my indulgances more, which probably isn't a bad thing. I just "think" it is :) Time will tell. Also, I will admit that the Flex Plan does influence my food choices when counting Flex Points or Points Plus. So, at this point it's hard to say which plan it is going to be long term. And, I'm a little conflicted...can't you all tell? Thanks for the comments, and I love this site. Shirl

Hello....there is a weight watcher calculator on line for the previous plan.…

Do you know if this is for Smart Points or for the new Flex Points? I am trying to see how many points I am allowed now with all the 0 points.

Hey Debra! Like your name! I got on the site you mentioned above and it came up showing SmartPoints, PointsPlus and “Previous”. I’ve never gotten on these type if sites so am not familiar with them. To me it seems like it would confusing to try and figure all this out on yourself. I’ve been Lifetime since 1999 and as I’ve commented above just went back after taking a “break” for a year and a half. I’ve learned from experience that I just don’t do as well when I don’t attend meetings where I an accountable and receive all the up-to-date materials on the current Plan at the time, but that’s just what works for me.

Hi All.... wanted to share that I don't think the new plan works as well because my sister and I have been tracking the same foods that we were eating before and we have stagnated( we are both lifetime members)... not counting eggs as 2 points and not counting my 1/2 cup beans 3 points, has drastically affected my being able to drop the weight I usually gain over the weekend... I will now try counting my beans, lean chicken, and eggs manually because what's happening is I have extra points at the end of my day and even at that I have stopped losing and stuck battling my last 7 pounds I gained over holidays! ... I have been on weight watchers for 12+ years and the last system prior to freestyle is in my opinion the best... I think not counting lean protein will affect people's weight loss journey. If you take a close look beans are zero regardless of amount, that's a ton of calories! I'll try and keep my daily points the same but count my lean protein. Fruits and most veggies as zero points definitely works. I'm curious if anyone else finding themselves gaining or stagnating on new freestyle plan. ??? And I agree with a lot of the post, I absolutely love WeightWatchers, it's the best plan! My sis and I are also very strict and by the book and the only thing we have changed is not counting eggs, beans, and lean meat as they are suggesting... but after almost a month of stagnating we will try and count these again and see if it makes a difference...

Hey Eve. As I posted above, I am trying to be optimistic about the Freestyle Plan after boycotting the Beyond the Scale Smart Points Plan that I tried for six months. After not attending meetings for a year and a half I went back on January 8. I am Lifetime since 1999 and I will go to another meeting for a weigh in sometime next month. I have only been weighing once a week. Weighing every day brings me down because it can vary a lot for me depending on what I ate the night before or whatever. I haven't lost hardly anything so far, but this seems to be the way it is with me. Like you and your sister, I am following exactly by the book and since I did go back I have all of the current materials and am not just "guessing" or trying to find out information on the internet about the new Plan. I'm trying not to be frustrated. I rarely use the whole 23 daily points and haven't so far used any of my weeklies, rollovers, or extra points accrued from exercising. When I go back next month and tell my Leader this (same one I've had all these years) I suspect she is going to tell me "I'm not eating enough" which is not true. I am diligent about writing in my food journals every bite I eat and have done this since 1999 (even the two other brief times I stopped going to WW). My favorite Plan of all was Points Plus. I have heard this from SO many other members on here. I will have a better feeling about what I'm going to do going forward after my next meeting. When my Leader and I were talking (alone) after the meeting last month she did tell me that she had members who were "struggling" with the Plan changes. I really have had no problem with it and like it a lot better than when they made the BIG changes when Oprah came on board, but if it doesn't result in me losing weight (like I have with all the other Plans) then it seems useless to continue it because it will seem like I'm trying so hard for nothing.

I've been on the Weight Watchers program for the last three weeks. The first week I lost 2 lbs and the second week just a pound and now I'm on the 3rd week and so far nothing. I cannot lose weight on this program.

@Leslie: You say you cannot lose weight on this program. I am a lifetime member who gained a lot more back than I initially lost. I’m on my way down again - I’ve lost 50 out of 100 thus far. I have also struggled with flex. Even so, after a whole month of trying, I got it to work.

I offer you no magic solution - except that I exercise - a lot. I bicycle commute an hour each way to work but not every day.

Another thing that is going on is that my physician is monitoring me. My blood pressure was too high. My physician said I needed to lose and I have avoided medication.

So my question for you: Have you had a checkup lately? How is your bloodwork? I showed parts of this program to my physician, and he says that foods listed on the 0 points list are ones he wants people to eat.

Even if you are having struggles (believe me, I know what these struggles are like - my wife had 110 pounds to lose and it was slow for her - it took 2 years), know that you are eating a healthy diet, which is most important. It is also supported by the latest medical research.

I do have a couple of friends who have thyroid issues - and that is one of many reasons I recommend seeing your physician.

I still haven’t gone back for my monthly weigh-mail for February yet (probably next week) since starting the Freestyle SP Plan on the 5th of January. I’m trying to keep an open mind since I didn’t like the Beyond the Scale program. I’ve only been weighing once a week because daily fluctuations frustrate me. I have been following the program to the letter (I’m a by-the-book kind of person). I’ve journaled every bite of food since 1998 when I first joined WW and became Lifetime in 1999. I also do aerobic exercise faithfully as I have for years. I had success on all the former programs especially PointsPlus, which I loved. The bottom line is I’ve lost only about two pounds. Now I have to keep in mind that I always lose very slowly — but not this slow! I will talk to my Leader when I go back and see what she says. I haven’t had any problem navigating the Program and it’s easy to follow, but I’m just not sure it’s working for me. If you have a really large amount of weight to lose, which I don’t, you naturally lose in larger increments anytime you begin to eat healthier.

Lost 10 lbs and then 3 lbs the first two weeks on Flex! Since then it has been a challenge. Struggling really. I was using every excuse to pig out on carbs - stress, mood swings. You name it I used carbs to make me feel better. But I have had an "ah ha" moment! If I keep on doing Flex in spite the slow weight loss right now I WILL see victory down the road!! Its not there on the scale the way I want now but I'm losing inches that is evident in my clothes. Also I'm eating healthier foods! I may slip up from time to time but I realize this is a plan I can do for life. Plan, mind you, not diet. And that "ad ha"revelation has changed something in side of me. I've developed a purpose and know I WILL succeed!! And it will not be the way I originally thought but it will happen. Just wanted to share this with the weight loss and struggle community. Please hang in there until you receive your "ah ha" moment. Peace!!

Hi 3 years ago I got my gold certificate after losing 19 pounds quite quickly on Pro Points

I then decided to stop smoking, unfortunately I put on over 2 stone.

I went back to Weight Watchers but it had changed to smart points,

I couldn't lose weight I found it very difficult so I left.

I managed to lose over a stone on the Old pro points system on my own. but unfortunately my father then died.

Now 2 and a half stone heavier I decided to go back to Weight Watchers in January.

The diet now changed to smartpoints flex I absolutely love it it's very similar to ProPoints I think.

I lost 7LB in 2 weeks and feel great roll on to the next 22 pounds!

Brilliant plan easy to follow point free food great but 11 weeks in I have only lost 10 lbs, very slow. I don't think it works for me. Already considering my options

I like the new program because of the zero points foods. Nice to have corn on the cob, chicken and EGGS at 0 points. If you follow the program you will loss weight and you shouldnt be hungry. Save your extra points for special occasions and if you add your roll over points you can really enjoy yourself.

I hate to admit it, but I didn't go back to my meeting in February like I'd planned after starting back in January and trying out the new Freestyle plan. Since I am Lifetime I only go once a month so waiting until the end of February would have been six weeks on the new plan. I had been following it to the letter and didn't find it difficult like I thought I would. Just as I posted here back in January of course have been exercising regularly like I have for years. I got really frustrated because after six weeks I had only lost about two pounds (and actually the scale would show it went away and came back over the period of six weeks. Since I had gotten all of the new material in January I just didn't go back (yet) because I was so down about losing such a tiny amount. I really like the new plan better than Beyond the Scale (which I hated), but still like Points Plus most of all. I'm really bummed out and I'm not going to go back and pay that money each month if I'm not losing.

I joined back with a several month commitment and immediately regretted wasting my money. I miss Points Plus and have to say that I HATE the Flex Plan. It does not make sense to me that a person 100-lbs overweight would only get 1 more point than a small person. It also does not make sense that fat-free plain yogurt is zero points, but fat-free, no-sugar-added flavored yogurt is 3 points. Eggs are zero but Starbucks egg bites are 10 points! I could go on and on. I just cannot eat the same way I did with Points Plus (where I was able to meet goal).

I usually use up my points by lunchtime and have only consumed about HALF of the calories I should be eating for the day (1650). I also miss the forums on the old WW site. So disappointing.

Totally agree, Amber. See my last post just above yours. I haven’t gone back since I went in Dec. 2017 to get the new materials because I was hoping it would work better. Weight Watchers just keeps changing the Plans and it’s not only confusing but expensive. I heard the other day they’re changing the name to just go by WW. If you have time you can read my many posts on here as I first became Lifetime in 1999. Some of the changes are so puzzling to me.

Hi Anber, et al: First off, I want everyone to know how much I enjoy reading all comments. Personally, I am happy that I have lost 20# on the Flex Plan. (In five months.) I am, however, "on the fence" as to how I will view the new plan in a year or two. I lost 25# on the Points Plus plan, which I did like a lot. I gained it back after two surgeries and again tried Weight Watchers (Flex Plan this time). While it worked (and works!), I found myself wishing I didn't have to "violate" the "rules" by having that occasional cookie or (dare I say) piece of pie or cake?); and, if by doing so, I give up something else or else use up all of my weekly allowance. I like my occasional glass of wine, (did I say

just one? 4 Points...yikes! times 2? yikes again!). Conversely, I like the fact that I may only have five or six daily points left before dinner time, and relish the fact that I can have a protein-packed dinner of scrambled eggs with sauted oinions, a slice of light bread, and even add in a serving of frozen hash browns, while spending only four or five points at most! Made my points allowance that day by having the leeway of zero-point eggs. Wonderful! Yes, I go back and forth with pros and cons, but for the time being, am happy with Flex Points. It is so difficult to basically give up sugar, but also it is healthy. Points Plus doesn't penalize us for using sugar as much, and sometimes you just gotta' do what you gotta' do--we're talking "living life" here. If I feel I want to "experiment" with Points Plus again and still maintain, then so be it. Just want everyone to know there are plusses and minuses to each plan. Am glad the Flex Plan allowed me faster weight loss than points plus, however, both did the job. And, I do love the fact that my skinny jeans fit me again. Best of luck to anyone who is "on the fence." You are not alone, and sympathies abound! Shirley

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