The New Yoplait Greek Yogurt & A Chobani Bite

February 5, 2013   82 Comments

Here I go again, reviewing Greek yogurt. I can’t help myself!

New Yoplait Greek Yogurt

I think that January must be “launch a new yogurt month” because I noticed a big shift in the dairy case. I saw this Yoplait Greek yogurt and bought it with very low expectations.

You see, two years ago, I wrote this: Three Reasons To Avoid Yoplait Greek Yogurt Ahem.

I picked this up and decided to eat it for breakfast this morning. General Mills never contacted me about my review, nor did they send me any of their new yogurt, but I feel that they paid attention to my complaints.

Here were my reasons for avoiding the old Yoplait Greek versus what I found out about the new one.

1. Old: Not Greek Yogurt - New: Greek Yogurt - seems that they skipped gelatin and protein concentrate and actually made Greek yogurt. This is a good first step in making delicious Greek yogurt.

2. Old: 18 grams of sugar per serving - New: 9 grams of sugar per serving - They cut the sugar in half, but they are using sucralose to make up for it. Honestly, I couldn’t taste the sucralose in the one that I sampled.

3. Old: Tastes terrible - New: Tastes pretty good. I actually enjoyed eating it which was a real shocker.

It is 100 calories (2 Points+) and has 10 grams of protein. Is it as good as FAGE? No. But, it costs half as much.

If you follow this blog, then you know I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners. This time, my only complaint would be to just leave out the sucralose and let it be more tart. I am sure General Mills doesn’t feel it can take that risk with the national palate.

Chobani sent me a large cooler full of yogurt and I did find one in the box that I really like. They created this four pack of 3.5 ounce yogurts that are only 100 calories, no artificial sweeteners, and 8 grams of protein. Why do I like it? The point here is that you can attain 100 calories of tasty yogurt by eating less yogurt.

Yoplait Greek is 5 ounces with artificial sweetener to help it be reduced in calories. Chobani Bite is only 3.5 ounces and tastes better. Which would you rather have?

Chobani Bite comes in four flavors: fig with orange zest, caramel with pineapple, coffee with dark chocolate chips, and raspberry with dark chocolate chops.

It retails for $2.99 for a four pack. I haven’t seen it in my store yet, but they say it is available nationally.

Have you tried the new Yoplait Greek or the Chobani Bite? Please share your reviews.

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

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I love the Chobani bites, well I only tried the coffee and chocolate one and I loved it! The only thing is the containers are so small, I want more!!

I'm not a huge yogurt fan however, I do keep Yoplait Chocolate Whipped in my freezer especially for the summer after a walk when I need something..........However, the Chobani selection you described got my attention (raspberry/dark chocolate & coffee/dark chocolate. I will keep looking for them.

Yoplait's Greek 100 is also the only yogurt endorsed by Weight Watchers, it is currently the only yogurt that I eat :)

How many grams of sugar are in the Chobani Bite? I used to LOVE Chobani Greek (my husband still does) but stopped eating it because their sugar content is through the roof!

ADDICTED to the Yoplait Greek 100 Key Lime flavor - it is also one of the lowest in sugar. I have it with blueberries every morning.

My sister just told me about the Chobani bites that she tried. She got them at Walmart. I have not seen at any of my local chain grocers.

I've tried the new Yoplait, and I really like it. Actually, I was buying it even though I'd read your reviews of the older version....price-wise it fit into my budget (coupons!), which is a big consideration for us. That's part of the overall problem - finding a good option that you can afford. Two of us eating a Greek yogurt every day (he only eats vanilla, but I need variety) adds up quickly. I'm glad they've improved the Yoplait - I feel better buying it now!

Yoplait Greek 100 Lime flavor is my fave too!

Hello, My son loves the yogurt that John Stamos has a commercial for. I just can't remember the name. It is very thick,and I think it tastes good..but I wonder about the fat content of it.What do you think SnackGirl? I buy it for my son,since he's 12 now...thinking better than junk food.

I like you snack girl LOVE greek yogurt! I've tried everyone I can get my hands. I'm in LUV with these chobani bites! I've tried the coffee/chocolate flavor and the caramel pineapple. So far that's my fav! I have the raspberry/chocolate one but haven't tried it yet! Thank you for all the good info you put out!

I'll be looking out for it!

I buy the yoplait Greek yogurt for me and the chobani Greek yogurt for my husband. I finally broke out of eating the regular yoplait yogurt for the added protein in Greek. I love yoplait bc that is the only yogurt I can stomach. So I was surprised when I tried the Greek yogurt and liked it...once you get past the smell and stirring it up, your good...

I have tried the Chobani bite in the raspberry dark chocolate. I loved it! not too sweet...just the right amount of choclate. I have never been a fan of Yoplait Greek because of the artificial sweetener taste...maybe I will try it again! I am and always will be a huge Fage fan!

I don't know if I'll ever stray from's just too good! The Chobani Bite flavors caught my attention though so I may branch out for the coffee and chocolate!

I'm obsessed with Chobani in general and picked up the two flavors my local Target had--coffee with dark chocolate and dark chocolate and raspberry. They won't replace my breakfast chobani but for an afternoon snack I can't think of a tastier (healthy) treat.

I am new to the Greek Yogurt Scene. I tried Greek yogurt, FOB (Fruit on Bottom) about a year ago and hated it! I am a textural person and the grittiness was just too much for me. Yesterday I saw in the store Chobani Blended Vanilla chocolate Chunk (7points for 8 oz – I have half the serving size). Okay…the girl in me saw Chocolate and just had to reach out and grab it and put it in my cart. When I got home I didn’t even put the groceries away before I popped the seal on that container, WOW! Loved it! So you are saying to yourself, that is not the best choice. Your right, but for a sweet treat, this is soooo much better than picking up the Blue Bunny Peanut Butter Panic Ice cream.

Off I went to the Chobani website to check out what else they have that I can give a try. I think the next thing on my grocery list will be the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Champions, (3 Points), The vanilla golden Crunch (4 Points), and the Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips (2 points). Yahoo! Can’t wait.

I really liked the simply dannon flavored 80 cal packs, unfortunately I can't find them locally anymore. I just don't see all the hype w/Greek yogurt. Frankly regular yogurt is priced to high forget what the Greek stuff costs!

Ariene, thats oikios and should be 0%. I buy it too and i love it! Normally i buy fage, but oikios is good too. Their stonyfield greek plain is also good bc its oranic, and plain so it dowsnt have sweeteners. But ill think about trying the bites! The fig orange sounds good!

I tried the Yoplait yesterday.... Not a fan. I haven't tried the Chobani bites, but I'm totally addicted to the Chobani Black Cherry, it's amazing!

I'd be extremely careful with anything that has sucralose in it. My sister started having blinding headaches and dizzy spells after eating it reguarly, and when she stopped (after being informed by another woman who had the same symptoms), her symptoms disappeared. I'm personally in favor of buying plain yogurt and adding whatever you like to it instead of buying this stuff.

Love the Chobani Bites! Tried both the raspberry/choc. and caramel pineapple and both were delicious. I've seen them at A&P and Shop Rite.

Have you seen the new chobani kids' 'gogurt' type things they have? I bought some for my kids yesterday and they love them

If it has sucralose, I would definitely stay away. There is so much evidence that it is dangerous. My son also lived with debilitating headaches but when I eliminated sucralose yogurt and protein from his diet, he no longer has a problem. I use plain, no fat greek yogurt and add vanilla, stevia, cinnamon, walnuts and fruit and it is fantastic.

Snack Girl, I saw the Chobani bites at Big Y last night, but not having read any good reviews I skipped them but now I'll go back and give them a try. Thanks

Totally agree! Thanks for your info! here in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, we get both brands of yogurt....

Fage 0% + your own fruit = healthy, high protein and low sugar PLUS NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS!

I found my Chobani bites at Target. I recommend raspberry with dark chocolate chips. So yummy!

I have tried all 4 types of Chobani Bite. I love them all! The coffee with dark chocolate chips is my favorite. While I do dislike all the sugar in them, I would rather eat them and know I'm eating something a bit more natural than sucralose.

I loved the chobani bites and so did my kids, but I tried the yoplait greek 100 in strawberries and I could taste the sucralose. I thought it was gross. I will stick to Chobani and Fage and just add a bit of honey when it is too tart!

"Yoplait Greek is 5 ounces with artificial sweetener to help it be reduced in calories. Chobani Bite is only 3.5 ounces and tastes better. Which would you rather have?"

I avoid fake sugar like the plague (headache inducer for me and given that things like Stevia have bad side effects--lowers blood pressure too low for those on blood pressure meds per WebMD). My motto is if pregnant women can't have fake sugar how is it okay for the rest of us?

I'll stick to my Icelandic yogurt. Or Australian yogurt. :)

"Yoplait's Greek 100 is also the only yogurt endorsed by Weight Watchers, it is currently the only yogurt that I eat :)"

My suggestion is to check out the 100 calorie ones that are 100% natural. The Icelandic yogurts are often right around 100 calories and you can divide the Australian container of Noosa down too. I would never just do something because a large corporation (Weight Watchers) endorses something...that's listening to corporate greed rather than your own common sense.

I've seen Chobani Bites at SuperTarget, if you have one near you, you may find it there.

I usually get chobiani vanilla the sugar is lower then I add fruit myself. I will eat the bites as a snack and more of a treat. It is better than a brownie or cookie. We live in a smaller town and we have had all 4 bites flavors for about a month at target.

I discovered the new Yoplait Greek just this past week. The black cherry is amazing.I also love the lime, and the vanilla.

The price is right...and the calorie count. Up to now, I have preferred Fage and also Trader Joe's Greek yogurt. I also liked the Siggi Icelandic yogurt, but it is expensive and the tartness takes some getting used to.

It's SUPER cheap to make yogurt and REALLY easy in a crock pot. You can even make it from skim milk, and recipes exist for greek (either strain or add dry milk to mix.). Even if these are delicious, they're about 75 cents for 3.5 ounces. I can make a quart for less than that.

Hi! It would be helpful if you could also include comparisons of grams of sugar and carbs for these yogurts. I am finding that anything with flavoring is high in sugar. I so far am sticking with Fage total 0, but they were out of it at the store - why do they always have a ton of Chobani, and no Fage??? - so I experimented and bought Voskos - all insanely expensive, but trying to eat healthy can be expensive.

Chobani fig and orange bites love it what a great snack!

I tried the Yoplait Greek yogurt the other day and was examining the label for all the things you said was bad about it before I bought it but couldn't find it (especially the "greek style" in small letters!). I thought it was pretty good but still not as thick as I like it and a little too much fruit. I still prefer mixing plain with fresh fruit but this is good if I need to grab something quick on the go.

I absolutely LOVE the fig with orange zest. I also have tried the coffee with chocolate and the raspberry with chocolate and these are really good too. (Fig and Raspberry are 3 pts. and Coffee is 2 pts.)

I tried this Sunday and really liked it.

Love the Chobani bites! I have tried the coffee/ chocolate, caramel/ pineapple, and raspberry/ chocolate so far. All excellent! I found them at Super Target. Have not yet seen the fig/ orange, but I am sure it will be delicious.

Thanks for the Review!

I've recently started to use the yoplait greek yogurt in my smoothies. I used to use Fage 0% but I wanted something a little sweeter without the calories.

How many grams of sugar in the Chobani bites?

The grams of sugar in Chobani bites depends on the flavor -but there is 12 grams of sugar in the Fig and orange zest. Yes, this is a treat (even in its small size).

I love Chobani yogurt! My daughter eats the Chobani Champions kid's yogurt. They have some interesting flavors and are the same size as the Bites, however I don't know the calorie count offhand. For my yogurt, I sometimes take a small handful (about a tablespoon) of mini chocolate chips and put them into a few of their flavors (raspberry, lemon and orange). Delicious!

I honestly probably wouldn't go with the yoplait yogurt or chobani bite. I like to start with plain yogurt and use my own add-ins (like peanut butter, mini chocolate chips, fruit, etc). When I add fruit, the yogurt is only two points (less points for more yogurt than chobani bite) and when I add pb 2, it only adds up to 3 points (still more yogurt to eat than chobani bite). All of that being said, chobani bite does look intriguing and could possible be eaten as a treat every once in a while :)

I found the Bite 4-packs for the first time last week after watching them post about them all January on Facebook. I got the chocolate coffee variety and like it. Though when I looked up the ingredients I'm not as in love with it as making my own flavored Greek yogurt. But sometimes you have to go with convenience and in that case I'm happy with the Bite.

@Caren - Just because something is "endorsed" by Weight Watchers doesn't mean you can't branch out. In fact, with the plain Fage, you will get a full cup (8oz) for 3pts, or you can do 2/3 of a cup for 2pts. WW used to have their own yogurt brand, but it was terrible. That's probably why they endorsed Yoplait 100. As I'm sure you know, they are paying money to this brand to have their logo on their packaging.

In general, I find most of the WW foods overly sweet and a lot of them use artificial sweeteners. Some WW leaders are more into the natural and whole foods, but they do get $$ when they sell the products at the meetings.

The only problem I find with these yougurts are they are not organic. For a person concerned with antibiotics and hormones these are not a good choice. Also the sucralose is a HUGE no no. You may as well be eating poison. Go for the low fat or fat free Organic with no hormones or antibiotics and never any artificial sweetners. You'll pay more but you'll be healthier.

I love oikos, just not the price. I also love dannon light and fight greek yogurt.

Saw the Chobani bites at Safeway on Sunday (2/3/13) was interested in the coffee with dark chocolate but was sold out, will go back and let you know.

Hi Lisa, I was wondering if you've tried Voskos Greek Yogurt. I really like it and it seems to have less sugar than other flavored Greek yogurts, but I also wanted your opinion on whether it is real Greek yogurt or not. You're much better at deciphering the ingredients than me. Thanks!

I'm with Stacie on buying plain yogurt and adding your own flavour.

Ever since your original review on the Yoplait Greek, I haven't gone near it. I try to stay away from artificial anything, not always easy, but I try to do my best! I saw the Chobani bites at the store on Sunday and snatched it up quick. I love Raspberry and chocolate together! Honestly though, these are just ok, not work the $ - I could barely taste the chocolate.

Stacie I totally agree. Artificial sweeteners are a complete deal-breaker for me. I would never try the Yoplait! They are sneaking that stuff into so many products lately it's scary - you really have to read labels now.

I love the Chobani Greek Yogurt Bites....Just enough for me and the flavor is very tasty....I have found the Greek yogurt that I will eat and not let expire in my refrigerator...:)

Agree stay away from artificial sweeteners. We are too use to the sweet stuff. Do without for awhile and you will be amazed that when you do eat something sweet you will not like it as much.

Read this earlier today and found myself in grocery store around lunchtime so I picked up a Chobani coffee/choc. Bite. Not so great, in my opinion. Too bad it came in a 4 pack. Didn't care for the sweetener even though it sounds "natural" enough. I'll stick with adding cinnamon to my fat free Fage along with whatever fruit I have on hand.

Great review! I tried the Yoplait Greek yogurt for the first time last week and like you I could not taste the artificial sweeteners a plus for me not a fan either. I have not tried the Chobani Bites and look forward to it.

I will only eat plain Greek yogurt that has not artificial sweeteners. I can add whatever I want, and I know what I am getting. I wish more companies would appreciate that and offer healthy food.

I bought the Danone OIKOS honey on the bottom and the sugar content for 100g container was 10g and not artificial sweetners

Chobani and Yoplait, are Greek Style Yogurts.

Greek Yogurt is either Fage or Delta Yogurt.-

I would love to try this, but I know that less than 1/2 cup of yogurt will not be satisfying and I'll end up eating two of them. So, best to keep it out of my house and staying with my half cup of Oikos out of the big 16 oz. container (much cheaper than individual serving containers) with a little fruit.

I am currently eating the Yoplait Greek 100 (peach) and not a fan. I can taste the sucralose, the sweetener tastes so artificial. I actually am a bit sad it isn't slightly more tangy.

Also, thanks for all your Greek yogurt reviews. I appreciate someone keeping an eye out!

I would like to see this Chobani Bite in my stores as well. I recently did my own little taste test of Greek yogurt and concluded I like Chobani the best. But their regular version still has a lot of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Thinking I need to just mix my own fruit in. Stumbled upon your blog today looking to see if McDonald's serves their oatmeal all day which led me to your salad post which I settled on for lunch today. All this to say, you are a girl after my own heart and I love reading your reviews on snack products! New follower here! Thanks for doing all the taste testing for us! ;)

Have you tried the Light and Fit Greek? I love it!! It is 2 WW points per container. I haven't tried the Yoplait Greek. The Light and Fit has the artificial sugar. I have no problem using artificial sugar.

I will still just buy the big tubs at whole sale stores and add my own fruit or jam to make a mix.

Chibani is my go to greek yougart. it's delicious

all flavored yogurts now have too much sugar & or artificial sweeteners .i do not eat that garbage.

Just because WW endorses food really doesn't mean it is healthier. They just have a money deal with the company that makes the food -- very good marketing move in both companies' parts, for sure. I have nothing against Yoplait, but I love the Greek Light and Fit made by Dannon. It is the same amount of points as the Yoplait. I'd probably go with whatever was on sale.

I have tried both the Chobani and the Yoplait Greek. Hands down the Chobani is better-is tastes fresh, has a great texture, and contains nothing artificial. The Yoplait tastes slightly "tinny" to me and does not have the thick, rich texture I love about Greek yogurt. Chobani wins in my book!

After eating chobani strawberry pretty regularly for the past several months, I had to buy some yoplait greek yogurts this past weekend because they were out of my favorite chobani flavor. After trying it for a few days, I must say, it tastes awful. The sucralose is very obvious, and it has a very fine gritty taste. I think I will always go with chobani instead.

Nice review and I agree with you completely. One thing I noticed that I wasn't too thrilled about was that my yogurt was mostly plastic packaging. It literally filled half of my container... Bad for my tummy and even worse for the environment.

I tried Yoplait Greek 100 today and became so sick. Vomiting mostly. I have an allergy to aspartame but didn't realize Sucralose was so strong. I'm reverting back to Fage or making my own with plain Greek yogurt and fruit. When are these companies going to learn, artificial sweeteners in any form are not healthy.

I had been seeing the commercial for yoplait Greek, I am not a big fan of Greek yogurt I don't like that thick taste or the fruit on the bottom with the syrup. I bought 1 container of yoplait Greek the other day I hope it taste better then the other yogurts I have tried.

I tried the yoplait Greek when Chobani had the recall-- and thought it was too sweet- now I read it has sucralose in it- it should be in big letters- on t e containers- I don't like the taste of artificial sweetners and prefer it less sweet.

I really enjoy the Chobani bites- and would prefer to have less, and enjoy what I am eating.

I have been eating yoplair for months and love the Greek 100.Well today I was eating the Peach and almost broke a tooth on a piece of a pit from a peach.Atleast I think that's what it is.I'm very upset about that.I don't want to stop buying it but thought you should know.Please let me know you got this e-mail.the date is 6-5-14 My address is 33339 Ohio Ave.Ridge Manor,Florida 33523 Hope to hear from you soon.I could not finish that container and threw it out.I wish I saved it to show you.I'm 69 yrs.old and losing weight eating a very good yogurt.Hoping this was a one time error.Thank-you for taking time to listen to my complaint.Hope to here from someone soon

I received a coupon in the mail for a free Yoplait Greek 100cal, so I went & picked up my free yogurt! 1 bite made me turn the carton over & view the ingredients. I tasted artificial sweetener. 1 bite of this sweetener will have you scarfing food all day long, and it was listed near the end of the ingredients list! Tossed the yogurt after 1 spoonful. Disappointed, but not surprised in my findings.

After the recent commercials comparing Yoplait Greek 100 to Chobani, I decided to try it instead of the WalMart store brand fat-free Greek yogurt I had been buying (which I liked just fine). From the very moment it hit my tongue I was overwhelmed with the "fake sweetener" taste! Let me tell you, it took HOURS to get the fake sweet after-taste out of my mouth! The texture was definitely more creamy than my regular brand, and there was more by volume, but if the only way to cut calories is to add aweful tasting artificial sweeteners, then I'll have to pass. This stuff was just gross! I give Yolpait an A++ for marketing, though. They sure succeeded in separating me from some of my hard-earned money!

I have eaten yogurt since I can remember.. and I am over 50. It wasn't popular back then. I grew up eating Nordica yogurt. I just tried Yoplait Greek 100 for the first time last night and the second time tonight. I am wondering.. when it says blended yogurt and fruit pieces.. what pieces are we talking about.. last night I tried mango and kept waiting for a piece of fruit.. tonight was blueberry which is a proverbial favorite.. all I saw was what looked like colored sugar specks in the artificially flavored yogurt.. if those were the fruit pieces.. wow.. what did that take to make them.. 2 blueberries? I am sadly disappointed.. I know some people do not like to have real fruit in their food.. I do. I won't be buying this garbage again. pieces of fruit.. yeah I own a piece of the USA too.. lol.. sorry, but it just was not what I had expected at all.. healthy food should not be comprised mostly of artificial crap.

I must be very sensitive. i could taste the sucralose in Yoplait Greek 100. I won't buy it again.

I think the little African american girl that is on new yoplait commercial where she's whispering to her dad is just sooooo cute trying to find out who she is. The look on her face is priceless.

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