No Bake Vegan Brownies

No Bake Vegan Brownies

April 18, 2018   7 Comments

No bake vegan brownies are for everyone! Vegans, meat eaters, and people who love brownies but want to eat less of them.

A couple of years ago, I created a recipe for no bake vegan brownies that will rock your boat. They do not include eggs, butter, flour or processed sugar but taste like they do. Why? I think it is the combination of dates and almonds (sugary and buttery).

Dates are a fresh fruit that remind us of a dried fruit. I use dry fruit in my successful fruit and nut bar recipe and cereal bar recipe to make them sweet without hardly any added sugar.

This recipe has one tablespoon of agave syrup or maple syrup because you need something to bind it all together. The stickiness is important as well as the sugar is a good counterbalance to the cocoa powder that is very bitter.

I make this in my food processor faster than you can say, “no bake vegan brownies”. You grind up the almonds and then toss in the rest of the ingredients.

If you add enough water, the “dough” starts to clump and makes it easy to roll into balls or flatten and cut into squares. I like little brownie balls as they are easy to pop in my mouth.

Here are a couple great reasons to give No Bake Brownie Balls a try. They:

  1. Include chocolate
  2. Take almost no time to make
  3. Are super healthy and yummy

Kids love making these. They will love rolling them in their hands and NOT having to wait for them to come out of the oven.

These stay fresh in the fridge for a long time. The shape and color might confuse people who are looking for meatballs. Won’t they be surprised when they slice them and put them on a sandwich?

Have you made no bake vegan brownies? What did you think?

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No Bake Vegan Brownies Recipe

Makes 20 brownie balls

1 cup roasted almonds (no salt added)
15 pitted dates
2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (plus extra for dusting)
1 tablespoon honey, maple syrup, or agave syrup
2 tablespoons water
confectioner's sugar (optional)

Add almonds to food processor and pulse until ground. Add dates, cocoa powder, honey, and water. Mix until it just forms a sticky mass. Wash hands and attempt to make a ball with the dough (it may need a few drops more water to get to the perfect consistency). Put a tablespoon of cocoa or confectioner's sugar on a plate. Roll balls in your hand and then roll in sugar or cocoa (or both). Eat! These can be store in the fridge for a week.

For one brownie ball: 56 calories, 2.8 g fat, 0.0 g saturated fat, 8.5 g carbohydrates, 5.4 g sugar, 1.7 g protein, 2.0 g fiber, 1 mg sodium, 2 Freestyle SmartPts

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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Do you think this recipe would work using carob powder instead of cocoa powder?

on April 19, 2018

And - could one use purchased ground almond instead of grinding the roasted almonds in a processor (which I don't have - tho could use a coffee grinder I suppose)?

on April 19, 2018

@Pat - yes! carob powder will work.
@Gwen - yes! I didn't know such a product exists - but it will work!
Thanks for your questions!

on April 19, 2018

I make things like these brownie balls all the time. I open my pantry and bring out dried apricots, almonds, and unsweetened shredded coconut; this is a favorite.
When I do your brownies, I use molasses rather than the other syrups, because it enhances the chocolate and because molasses is a good source of calcium, potassium, B6, and several other nutrients, and I like it. It is good to make what one likes ;-)

on April 20, 2018

I made these and they were delicious, but I felt it was too much cocoa powder. They were almost black; a lot darker than your photo. I feel 1/3 c. may be sufficient? I also rolled in unsweetened coconut - really good!

on April 21, 2018

Absolutely delicious! Not extremely sweet but just right with a cup of coffee. I'm often searching for a little something to go with a cup of coffee in the afternoon - these will hit the spot perfectly! I made a batch this morning - sampling them tells me they'll be perfect. I'll refrigerate so they'll keep for quite a while - as I'm going to only have 1 or 2 a day they need to last for at least two weeks - unless hubby gets into them... :) Thanks for sharing this one!

on April 22, 2018

I did make these (had to grind roasted almonds - couldn't buy) and they were a hit. However - some points. I needed about 7 tablespoons of water to get the ingredients wet enough to form into balls, and I cut the dates into small pieces. I rolled the balls in cocoa but like the idea given above of coconut. Thanks.

on April 24, 2018

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