Got Hommus? Oasis Hommus Giveaway

July 16, 2013   417 Comments

Not all of us have time to make hommus. Snack Girl can count the times she has made it on one hand.

Oasis Hommus Giveaway


This is one of those food products that can be done right by a manufacturer. Oasis Hommus of Toledo, Ohio makes some delicious hommus. Here are the ingredients:

Chickpeas, Water, Sesame Tahini, Lemon Juice, Fresh Garlic, Sea Salt

Sounds good? For two tablespoons:

34 calories, 1 g fat, 4 g carbohydrates, 0 g sugar, 1 g protein, 1 g fiber, 81 mg sodium, 1 Points+

This is one of those foods that you should use all the time with raw vegetables, as a sandwich spread, or a topping for pasta (seriously). You can’t go wrong with beans and a little bit of sesame paste. Yum!

You can find Oasis hommus here: Participating States. It retails for $2.99 - $3.49 per 10 ounce tub.

To enter to win 4 tubs of Oasis Hommus shipped to your door from Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine ($20 retail value including shipping) COMMENT below on how you serve hommus.

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

What will I win?

Four flavors of Oasis hommus to be sent fresh from their factory in Toledo, Ohio. Flavors will include Original, Roasted Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic, and Jalapeno ($20 value including shipping).

How do I enter?
Comment below on your favorite way to serve hommus.

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Am I eligible to enter?
This giveaway is offered to US residents only.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The randomly chosen winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize.

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I love to eat hummus with carrots.

I love hummus on a sandwich with avocado or I use it to dip snap peas

On anything crunchy and as a substitute for mayo in a sandwich.

On skinny baked falafel!

I love it with baked pita chips and all different veggies! Yum!!

Replacement for mayo
On flatbread crackers
Dip with crudités

Mixed with panko and olive oil for fish topping

Hummus and pretzels!

I love hummus with tortilla chips, vegetables, or pretzyls! YUM!

With whatever veggies are in season!

I love it on everything! Veggies, sandwhiches and wraps, substitute for marinara on pizza! And I make these "ham rolls" take a slice of ham spread on a little hommus, some spinach and some feta and roll it up. Soooo good.

Carrots, celery and peppers

I am obsessed with putting hummus on my carrots and wraps!

It's really good on a kosher hot dog with a toasted bun.

Wow only 34 calories for two tablespoons! That is so good! I love dipping carrots in hummus, it's my mid morning snack just about everyday!! I love it!!!

I like hummus with my pita crackers and a glass of wine before dinner!

Love, love, love hummus with pretzels and carrots!

Every day I have a whole wheat pita with hummus, avocado and fresh veggies or salad jammed right inside that pita!

Love, love, love it with cukes and cherry tomatos!

I love to eat hummus with baby carrots and celery.

Veggie chips and hummus...delish!

chips,green peppers,cauliflower,pita chips

I love hummus spread on a lightly salted rice cake!

I love, love, love hummus, especially roasted red pepper and chipotle flavors. I use hummus as a sandwich/wrap spread or mix it with a little plain, nonfat greek yogurt as a dip with pita chips or vegetables. Yummo!

Baby carrots and on salad! Yum!

Love it with pita chips and carrots!

I love hommus with mini pitas, dogmas, feta and olives

I like hummus on toasted bagels

Love it with cucumbers, pretzels or baby carrots. It's a great snack while I cook dinner!

I put hommus on wraps instead of other dressings or just by itself with a little feta! But mostly I just eat it with pitas. Love hommus!!

I use hummus instead of mayonnaise when I make a tuna salad sandwich. It's delicious!

I love hummus with pretzel thins.

Spread Hummus on gluten free spinach wrap with finely mashed tuna add tomato wrap it and enjoy

To my daughters with a spoon! They have been eating it plain since they were babies. Crazy.

Hummus is great as a vegetable or cracker dip. I also love hummus as a spread with a slice of turkey and provelone cheese as a light snack.

We use it as a dressing for spinach salads.

I use this product as the perfect lunch for hubby now that we are flexatarians. I send it with pita bread and assorted veggies like celery, cucumbers and carrots for dipping.

Hummus with our fresh homegrown sugar snap peas. Love it on a whole wheat wrap with carrots, spinach, roasted red peppers.

I love to put a dollop of hummus on my green salad with chopped veggies that I pack at home and bring to work for lunch.

I love veggie wraps with hummus and whatever fresh veggies I can find!

I eat hummus with carrots, cucumbers or pita chips. OR spread it on a veggie wrap.

Carrots & hummus ..... my favorite combination.

Mary’s Gone Crackers’ line is manufactured in the USA in our dedicated organic, gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, dairy-free facility to ensure there is no cross-contamination... yum!

With raw veggies! Asparagus has that crunch and the hummus with it- heavenly :) Or if I'm feeling fishy it's great on flatbread and tilapia.... now I'm hungry!

I use hummus on EVERYTHING....sandwiches (as mayo), dipping veggies, as a dressing ( mix with ACV, balsamic vinegar or just plain water),. Also, mixed with yogurt for a tangy taste.. lol Spread it on top of chicken meatloaf, baked sweet potato...anything!!!!!

My daughter and I love to eat hummus with sprouts and cucumbers on pita for a light and crispy lunch. It is also good just straight out of the container!! Got spoon!!

With pita chips.

Love the Roasted Garlic with whole wheat pita.

I love hommus with toasted pita bread - we scoop it right out of the container.

Add some chopped roasted red peppers.........AMAZING!!!

I love Hommus and Pretzel Crisps!

Just can't beat the hummus and chips!

I love hummus! Hummus on celery is awesome.

Thanks for a great give-away! I LOVE to serve hommus with carrot sticks, and ohhhhhhhhhhh with LENTIL CHIPS, PITA CHIPS, black bean chips, and even as a spread on a sandwich!! Hommus is so versatile you can serve it a zillion ways! Yum!

We use a thick layer of hummus instead of tomato sauce on our pita pizzas. Then we load the top with veggies and feta. Mmmm!

Pita, cucumber, tomato and hummus is my fave! Triscuits work, too.

I eat it with a spoon right out of the tub!

Veggie wrap! Or skip the wrap and just dip veggies like broccili, cauliflower, daikon, radish, jicama, carrot or whatever is in season.

I love hummus with pita bread. Boring, I know... :)

I love it on veggies and triscuits and wheat thins. :0)

I love it on chicken breast! Top each breast with hummus and bake! Delicious!

I love it on Wasa crackers. Yummy!

Crudite! (Shout out to Fried Green Tomatoes)

I am a purist just love it on pita

I use hummus as a sandwich spread and mix it with salsa to make a veggie dip :)

You name it, I like it!

Always finger-dipping good!

Same as everyone else--as a dip, as a substitute

for mayo on a sandwich etc. plus you can add in

your favorite herbs and spices for a little kick.

Hummus on top of an omelet or frittata is my new favorite!

Hummus and snap peas

I have never tasted hummus but I would love to try it. I'm always up for something new for my taste buds!

We love it on turkey wraps with lots of veggies.

I love to take it as the dip of veggie trays

I put hommus on grilled bean burgers, baked chips, raw veggies and my favorite is on some whole grain pasta with fresh basil and cilantro. Mmm

Hummus makes a great cheese substitute for vegan quesadillas!

Croutons and hummus

Pretzel thins, pita bread, veggies, as a spread on a sandwich, on a salad. YUM!

Love to mix capers in the hummus...can eat with pita chips or veggies or with a spoon!!!

I love it with baby carrots cut into smaller dipping sticks, on nut crackers, or in place of mayo on sandwiches! :)

Simply by itself with pita chips!!

I love my hummus on pita chips! Also very good on my hamburger!

I love to eat it on Mary's Gone Crackers or with veggies of course!

I love hummus and mashed avocado as dressing on a spinach salad!

I like it with carrots, celery, pita chips and sometimes as a spread on sandwiches :)

I like eating it with celery and carrots :)

Usually as a dip for veggies, but sometimes I add a big dollop to my salads.

Hummus and reduced fat flipside pretzel crackers!

I love it on a tortilla roll up.

I put it in a snack baggie to take to work, then cut the corner and sqeeze it on cut vegetable or multigrain pita chips

With Celery Sticks and Carrots, or some homemade pita chips. Yummmm..I want some right now!

Hummus with homemade pita chips!

I love to serve hummus with fresh veggies. It is also my "secret" ingredient for amazing scrambled eggs :)

I dip crusty French bed or toast in hommus. I also like it as a sandwich spread or with fresh mini peppers.

I usually eat it with pita bread but am willing to try it with raw veggies.

I like to serve hummus as a spread on a baguette topped with Greek food items such as olives, fresh tomatoes, and feta. I also like to add a couple spinach leaves if I have some in the fridge.

I love hummus with pretzels, pitas and carrots!

Love it with crackers and pita chips and a11 crunchy vegetables. It is a "go to" food for me :)

I love to eat hummus on pita chips, or a spoon.

I love hummus with warm pita or crunchy vegetables. I use it in sandwiches also. Nothing too fancy because to me hummus is the perfect nutritious and tasty meal when I want something that lets me relax and forget about cooking.

I also like serving with olive oil drizzled on top and crushed red pepper when I have guests.

I love hummus served on a platter with pita bread cut into bite sized triangles, and mixed vegetables. I chop up some red onion and sprinkle it on top of the hummus

I like to dip pretzels in my hummus.

On a wrap with lots of veggies

I love hommus on my veggie burgers.

Oasis humus is my FAVORITE brand of humus! I love the sun dried tomato shitake mushroom flavor!

hummus stuffed in mushroom caps, love it

I can eat hummus by the tablespoon (love the artichoke and spinach combination), or with strips of yellow, red or orange peppers.

I mix hummus with a little non- fat plain yogurt and use it as a dipping sauce, a sandwich spread and a salad dressing.

Mediterranean quesadilla: flat out wrap, hummus, feta and Kalmata olives! Broil for a few minutes....voila! You can even make your own tzatziki (cucumber) sauce for dipping. Yum!

Best either on toasted bread or crunchy cracker or flatbread. I mix it with sundried tomatoes and add the oil from the jar, a pinch of sea salt and bon apetite' ....dinner is served!oh yeah and vino!

7 layer Greek dip, served with carrots, cucumbers, and pita chips!

I love hummus on a thick slice of cucumber topped with grape tomatoes or shredded carrots!

With radishes and pita chips or as a spread on a turkey sandwich.

I love hummus on sandwiches instead of mayo and as a dip for fresh veggies.

I put a spoonful on salad, no dressing needed!

I make my own pita chips by cutting up low fat tortillas, spraying them with some butter spray & sprinkling them with Penzy's garlic powder. Yum, best way ever to eat hummus!

i eat mine with rice crackers since i'm gluten-free - LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

I put hummus on anything! My favorite is with carrots and pretzels, or even alone with a spoon! I've also made my own salad dressing with hummus. Delicious!

I love to serve hummus with tons of veggies or on my wraps or sandwiches!!! mmmmm :)

I like to eat hommus simply; with some toast or crackers.

I like a piece of pita and red pepper hummus as a snack, but my absolute favorite way to eat it is garlic hummus in a falafel wrap with lettuce, cucumbers and a little tzatziki sauce.

LOVE hummus!

My fave is in a wrap with feta, cucumber, tomato & sprouts! But also love to dip raw veggies!!

I use hommos on and with everything.on sandwiches, wraps ,pitas. I use it with turkey, chicken, ham, fish beef. I use it on top of chicken or fish before baking ir broiling. I use it on baked potatoes. Obviously I use it w raw vegetables and chips and pretzels and crackers

I mix it w mashed potatoes for flavor, zing, and protein. I mix it w sour cream for a dip. I mix it w cottage cheese for flavor. I probably could go on, but now I'm tired!!

Hummus is GREAT on everything!

I like hommus with tortilla chips or on tacos.

i brought it to the office with me to share with my friends with carrot sticks. they'd never tried it before. a few didn't like it, but a few were HOOKED! now we trade opinions on the varieties and where to buy. love it on pitas, too!

I love hummus with assorted veggies and pita chips

Roasted Red Pepper is a favorite flavor here on pita chips and baby carrots! Delicious!

I am so glad there is a hummus I found without oils. 1 gram of fat is awesome for myself and kids!!! I use hummus on carrots, cucumbers, Mexican torta sandwiches instead of refried beans, and my all time favorite with PRETZEL CHIPS!

I love hummus alone with almost anything. It is a great low cal, nutritous addition to any meal or snack.

I've never tried Hummus. But from what I have heard it's very good. I think it would make a great snack food with veg sticks. A dip with crackers.

can't beat hummus on a turkey sandwich, yum! hummus on crackers is great too or peppers dipped in hummus, mmmm...

I love to eat hummus with chips, veggies and a spoon. We serve it at every party!

by itself! Or with celery and pita chips

I use hummus as a condiment on turkey sandwiches to bump up the protein!

My in-laws are Lebanese and we top our rice pilaf and stuffed grape leave with hummus - YUMMY! Also like to spread pita bread with hummus, top with diced cucumbers, and roll up and eat. Great snack!

Love hummus on anything salty and crispy!

Of course, I use for a dip with veggies and pita chips. But, I also top it on warm steamed veggies as a "sauce" and as a burger patty topping (veggie or beef) yummers!

Love it on a slice of tomato either or broiled slightly in the oven.

I love hummus with baby carrots as a snack or on a turkey sandwich with spinach!

I love a summer roasted veggie sandwich with Hommus spread over the bread. It is light and low cal but wonderfully filling.

I love hummus and pretzels!

I love hommus served with pita and/or carrot sticks!

I like dipping hommus with pita chips the best, then carrots & when I run out of carrots..sometimes with a spoon!

I love hommus on pita chips, totilla chips or on any veggie!

I love mine with pita chips or carrots!

There is nothing better than hummus with baby carrots!

I boil up some eggs. take out the yolk and replace it with hummus. kinda like a hummus deviled egg. oh so good and less cholesterol.

Love my hommus with pita chips I also like to make finger sandwiches when I have company turkey and hummus

With raw vegetable spears! Love the roasted red pepper.

Grill a veggie burger and spread the hommus on top yum!

Like everyone else commenting here, I love hummus. My favorite way to eat it is spread on a lavash bread with sliced Roma tomatoes, feta cheese and Romaine lettuce - roll it up and eat. YUM!

However, being a resident of MA (as you are as well) I'm wondering why Oasis Hommus isn't available in the state (almost all of New England in fact). Are they planning on breaking into the NE market soon?

hummus with Mary's Gone Crackers and a glass of wine for Happy Hour!

Hummus and pretzel chips!!!

We eat hummus all the time as a snack, sometimes as the meal. As matter of fact that is what we had for dinner last night pita bread with hummus and fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.

Swirl it up on a fresh cold baby carrot!

We serve it on sandwiches and with veggies and chips, but my 4-year old daughters like to scoop it right up with a spoon.

It would be a great starter for a girls night! To serve with Pita chips and raw veggies.

I am watching my cholesteral, so I dip raw vegetables

In the hummus.

I eat it with veggies and love it on a baked potato. Yummy!

I love hummus on everything, but my Armenian roots like flat bread my grandma used to make in the yard on a metal pan on a fire.


I eat hummus with a spoon. :-) And also in my salad (stirred together), on sandwich as the main "meat", and as a dip for veggies or crackers/bread. Love hummus!

I love to use hummus on sandwiches instead of mayo. A much richer flavor! But my favorite way to eat it is on a spoon.....instead of peanut butter.

Love it on Pita chips...or anything CRUNCHY!!

I love hummus on my salads instead of salad dressings or as a dip for my veggies :)

i love to use Hummus as a sandwich Spread!

I use humus with pita chips and salsa.! YUM!

I love hummus! I mix it in with rice, eat it on a sandwich & dip chips in it.

Scooping it up with carrots!

I love hummus!! I eat it every day- with carrots, with celery, baby tomatoes, with pita bread, on sandwiches....I even admit to have eaten it once or twice right out of the container...

Hommus! I love to eat it with veggies, crackers, flatbread, as a sandwich spread, or just plain on a spoon. Today, I am going to mix it with some dressing for a bean salad to give it an extra Kick!

Add it to savory muffins or biscuits (before baking) or spread it on warm cornbread right out of the oven in place of butter. Yum!! So many ways to use Hommus. Roasted Red Pepper is my favorite but I really want to try the Almond.

My favorite way to eat hummus/ hommus is with fresh veggies, usually carrots and broccoli!! I will also eat it with tortilla chips. I've had it as a snack or a meal and love it!

I often whisk some hommus into vinaigrette when making salads.

It is my favorite dip for anything!!

I eat hummus every day for drunch. I spread two tablespoons of hummus, 2 tablespoons of Avocados, one teaspoon of wasabi sauce, spinach, kale, or lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, pickles, on a 100 calorie Lavosh bread, roll it up and eat it. I season and cook the vegetables a little to heat them up before spreading them on the lavosh bread. I've eaten this meal every day for years and never tire of it. Sometimes I add Asparagus, as it is in season. I am a vegetarian and love to eat fresh produce. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and win. I hope I win.

I ALWAYS serve hummus with bright veggies and gluten free chips/crackers. I also like making pasta sauces with hummus mixed in!

It's a must at any gathering at our house! with chips, veggies and the kids love it with crackers

pita and hummus.. yummus!

I serve with pita chips and veggies!! LOVE IT!!

I eat hummus with carrots and celery.

It's my favorite salad dressing, but also love it on sandwiches and baked falafel!

I love hummus with crudites or warmed pita.

As an appetizer on a cucumber slice topped with a little dill or red pepper flakes

Fav way to serve hummusis with just about any and evey vegetable!!

hummus on a platter, with lean steak or chicken kabobs over it. so, so, so good!

I enjoy hummus for dipping vegetables and also for eating with baked pita chips

Love it in pita with roasted veggies.

Also tops my burgers (beef or vegetarian).

Always great as a vegetable dip.

Love it right out of the container.

It's not too hard to make, but i can't get it as smooth as store brands. I eat it with veggies or on a sandwich instead of mayo.

I love making veggie wraps with hommus and salad.

Mostly broccoli, but I'd dip anything it in!!

LOVE hummus on veggies, pita chips, wraps. willing to try it on most anything :). My kids LOVE hummus and pretzels!

Love it on a lettuce roll up!!

I love to snack on hummus - especially because it is so weight watcher point friendly!

I particularly like it with warm pita bread but fresh veggies are also a big hit in our house. I also love that there are so many flavors to choose from!

I love to add hummus to veggie wraps

I have been eating Oasis Hommos "ZERO FAT" before it became popular. However, there is a big difference in taste between the regular hommos and the zero fat. Personal opinion. I have tried other brands but nothing comes close to Oasis. Wish more stores carried the zero fat hommos. When I find it in stores, I usually buy six at a time! Great stuff!!

I love hummus with any kind of veggie - but especially carrots!

I love hummus with grilled vegetables like eggplant and zucchini served with pita. Yum!

Can't go wrong with pita chips or carrots.

I use it on rice crackers and believe it or not, it is great on whole wheat macaroni.

I dip green apples in it....for breakfast

Red pepper hummus on a turkey and avocado wrap, yumm...

On chicken and as a mayo sub on anything. oh and on baked potatoes.

Hummus is great on endive leaves with chopped up tomato pieces!

I enjoy hummus on Reduced Fat Triscuits. I also enjoy it by

the spoonful.

My favorite side is...a spoon :)

I love to eat hommus with Flat Out pita bread!

I serve spread on a wrap, covered with spinach & sun dried tomatoes, roll up and cut in pinwheels!

I have never used this product but have wondered for long time what it taste like, I noticed the ingredients are within my cholestoral levels would live to try prior to spending monies. They all sound terrific.

I put my hummus on grilled mushrooms. yummyyy (:

I love hummus with sugar snap peas and baby carrots!

I eat hummus on Ryvita Rye crackers, and right out of the jar I'll take a tablespoon.

I like to combine greek yogurt with hummus to make a hummus mayo dip! Yummy!

We always keep hummus in our fridge: for sandwiches (instead of mayo) or use it to dip veggies. Also great with pretzels!

I use with whole wheat pasta

On subway subs, virtually any wrap I make, on a salad and of course to dip veggies

Love hummus on everything!

We eat Hommus with everything - love it on toasted pita bread or any vegetable.

Hummus with toasted pita bread. Cucumber and tomato slices. Yum!!!

love hummus with fresh vegetables and pita chips

I love Hommus with any veggies. I also use it with crackers and a glass of wine. All of my family loves it and I usually serve it a dip at get togethers.

i like it with vegetables- carrots, celery etc. love it also with pita chips, in fact that's my favorite snack to have. love it inside the falafel sandwich as well.



I bring it to work in a little two-ounce container along with carrots, mini sweet peppers, cucumbers, etc. As a dietitian, my coworkers often notice what I am eating, and I like to set a good example.

I even have my husband enjoying it! I serve it with raw vegetables while I am preparing dinner. Love it!

I like to use Hummus as the "spread" inside of a sandwich. So a pita, spread w/hummus, turkey breast & filled with veggies. Yummy!

This is a mid afternoon snack for me. I love it.

On toast and with slices of red, green and yellow bell peppers! So good!!!

LOVE all flavors of Hummus - i eat with all kinds of fresh veggies! YUM! Hummus is a staple in my life!

pita chips, kibbe, gyro, etc.

Love hummus every "wich" way :) - use it in place of mayo - with my veggies - as the "glue" for tuna, chicken, egg salad! My fav - cucumber sammy and hummus!! Yes please!

It's so versatile. I use it to dip pita chips and vegetables or as a spread on toast to make a veggie sandwich. Even my dogs enjoy a little taste of hummus!

I eat hummus with a spoon

Hummus on baked potato! I also love it as a sandwich/wrap spread and for a veggie dip. I now want to try it on as a pizza spread tonight, thanks for that idea!

I LOVE it on wheat toast, topped with sliced black olives. YUM.

Love hummus and home made pita chips!

I glob my Oasis on homemade veggie burgers. The garlic creaminess is unparalleled!

Tried a new salad dressing one night, it was horrible. To disguise the taste, I mixed hummus into my salad. It was great! I now mix hummus with a little salsa to thin it and use it, especially if I am having broccoli slaw.

It is great for everything! I use it for everything, sandwich spread, thin it out for salad dressing.. pita chips and veggies is my favorite..

At work with veggies!

Vegetables... Carrots, celery, cucumbers, you name it!

Crackers and pita chips

Sandwiches, especially pitas!

I eat hummus right out of the tub!

Piece of pita, unopened, layered with hummus, cucumbers, red pepper rings, pepperoncinis, olives and topped with a little sprinkle of feta

On the end of a carrot stick! :-D

Love hummus, but the garlic is a little strong for my husband. I've never seen it spelled Hommus before...

I love hummus with carrots, pita or pita chips - and with feta. Yum

I make a huge platter of red, yellow and orange bell peppers, persian cucumbers, carrots, orange cherry tomatoes from my garden, and indulge my friends and family. I have repeated requests to bring this platter to family events!

I love hummus with veggies, multigrain pita chips, and as a base for greek pizzas. Yum!

I love any hummus with pita crisps or cucumber slices!

I love it on flat bread or as a spread on sandwiches, esp. wraps.

My favorite snack to eat with carrots, peppers, sugar snap peas and pretzel thins! Yumm

With roasted cauliflower!

Baked brie and hummus on the big round rye crisp!! Delish!

I love hummus, with pita bread, pitachips & fresh veggies( carrots, celery and peppers)

Hummus... I like to serve it with whatever! I frequently use it as a spread on my sandwich. YUMMY!

I look forward to receiving your advise and reviews in your daily emails. Hummus is delicious as a spread in a sandwich or wrap with garden fresh tomatoes, cucumber, and spinach.

On carrots, cucumbers, celery, and red peppers. Also on warm pita and sprinkled with crumbled feta. And it's great on sandwiches, esp. veggie wraps!

I love to eat hummus with baby carrots - sometimes I mix in a little Sriracha!

I love hummus with carrots or pretzel chips...yummm.

I eat hummus with pita bread, on toast, tortilla chips, baby carrots, celery, peppers, raw broccoli, any sort of veggie really. I also put it in wraps as a dressing. :)

I would survive on hummus if I could. I love it on sandwiches, to dip cucumbers in, by the spoonful! It's absolutely my favorite food, and I love Oasis as well.

I live hummus on pita chips or carrots! A new favorite is mixing hot sauce with it and dipping celery into it. I also use it as a mayo substitute, mixing with tuna and other sandwich things!

I use hummus as a spread on a high fiber tortilla or a flat out (flat bread). I add thin sliced chicken, shredded carrots, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes. Yum!!

With veggies for a nutritious, delicious snack.

I love to use pretzels! I buy the pretzel chips from Costo and they're flat. Perfect for picking up hummus!! Delish!

Hummus inside a cheese quesadilla!

I love to slice bell peppers into wedges and use them to scoop up dips. Piping the hummus onto one end of the hell pepper "chips" makes a fun and elegant appetizer for guests as well!

I love to eat hummus with baby carrots or on crackers!

My youngest is a pretty picky eater but she has discovered hummus and loves it. She often takes a small container of it as her main lunch item to school, with crackers and pita bread to dip into it. We serve it regularly at home and often grill out meat and veggies and then have pita bread, reduced fat feta cheese, and hummus to assemble Greek sandwiches. Delish!

I like to use hummus as a spread replacement for mayonnaise on sandwiches!

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on flatbread as a sub for mayo

On cheddar mini rice cakes and as a veggie dip!

I love to fill hard boiled egg white haves with hummus.

I love hommus with any vegetable and potato chips.

Hommus on pita chips, hommus on grape tomatoes, hommos on everything! Yummy!

I love to eat hummus with tortilla chips, on sandwiches, with veggies, and I usually make my own..

I eat hummus as a sandwich replaces my craving for mayo!

Yummy on wraps. Right now my cubes are coming in and I am eating hummus with them.

Celery and carrot sticks

I love using hummus with carrots and Mary's Gone Crackers!

Hummas and tomatoes... yum yum

A slice of tomato, mix together low fat feta cheese and hummus, spread desired amount of hummus mixture on the tomato slice, press in two or three raisins and get the sweet, salty, and YUM factor!!!

I eat hummus with pita bread, on toast, tortilla chips, baby carrots, celery, peppers, raw broccoli, any sort of veggie really. I also put it in wraps as a dressing. :)

We eat hummus a lot here- my son eats a hummus and cheese sandwich several times a week, and I love it with crackers, cheese, and veggies like cucumbers or red peppers. Mmmmm so good!

Great as an appetizer - thick layer of hummus, top that with chopped tomatoes, cuccumbers, greek olives and sprinkle feta cheese on top. Serve with pita chips or warm pita bread.

Don't get me wrong I like to have hummus with veggies but I also like to add hummus to my waffles, Falafel, and meatloaf.

LOVE using it as a veggie dip!

I love it with Fritos or tostado :)

I love hummus with tortilla chips, with veggies, and best of all as a replacement for mayonnaise on a sandwich!

I love Hummus on salad!

I peel hard-boiled eggs, cut them in half and remove the yolks; then I replace the yolks with a spoon of hummus. sometimes i sprinkle turmeric on top or chopped parsley. tasty, attractive and healthier than deviled eggs. my book club loves them!

Oasis is loving how you are all sharing your favorite ways of enjoying hommus. We look forward to the giveaway! Please keep your post coming : ))

I love hummus on anything crunchy...rice cakes, baby carrots, etc.

I dip carrots and celery in it and for a treat, spread it on pita bread.

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Either with pita bread or as a spread on a sandwich.

I love to eat hummus with carrots, baby cucumbers and grape tomatoes!

Carrots and gluten free crackers.

I love using hummus as a sandwich spread instead of mayo. YUM!

All my crisp vegetables turn into spoons when I splurge on hummus.

It may be boring, but I love it with carrots and celery. Or with pita chips!

Love hommus with baked eggplant slices :)

I love it inside pita bread with basil and cucumbers...Makes for a great summertime sandwich!

I love to eat hummus on a sandwich with roasted veggies or spinach and cheese!

Hummus with ice cold cucumber slices instead of crackers.

I enjoy hummus with carrots, cucumber, sliced raw bell pepper and sometimes I'll have it with some original Mary's Gone Crackers.

I just like to eat it with unsalted crackers

When I first started my vegetarian diet, my lunch consisted of cut carrots, celery, green peppers, broccoli and hummus. YUM. Then whenever I "wanted" something that's what I ate again. I lost thirty pounds in three months. I love hummus!

I like to dip pepper strips in hommus.

As a dip for veggies or pita chips, as a spread on a wrap or sandwich, mixed with a little water for salad dressing, replacing the yolk in deviled eggs, or replacing the butter/mayo for cucumber sandwiches.

I eat hummus on raw vegetables, on tortilla chips, pita chips, pretzels and in place of mayo on a sandwich. Yum!

Love Hommas in Pitas, on pretzels, veggies!!!!

I warm pita or flat bread, spread with hummus and top with grilled onions and sweet red peppers, cut with pizza cutter, makes great appetizers! Love it!

I like to serve red pepper hummus on thinly sliced cucumbers with a sprig of fresh parsley or chives on top. They make a striking platter of appetizers!

I like to spread it on whole wheat pita then pile with sprouts, tomatoe, onion, whtever! It's a great substitute for mayo!

I eat it on a spoon:)

I will sometimes use hummus as a salad dressing swap. My favorite is roasted red pepper...yum!

I would like to use it as a sandwich spread. I would also like to try it on corn on the cob instead of butter. I think that would be tasty for a change of pace. It would also be a god topping for veggie burgers.

With vegetables on a wrap sandwich. Delicious.

I love hummus baked on top of chicken with veggies!

Eat it just plain or with anything I can scoop it with

My husband could eat gallons of this stuff in one setting. To say he loves it is an understatement. We like to serve it with homemade pita, veggies or chips. Yummy!

Have I won the giveaway yet?

I just eat it by the spoonful!

make a snack plate with hummus, pretzels or pita chips, cucumber, carrots and bell pepper

I'm with Beth.

By the spoonful! No dipper needed. :)

That sounds awesome! 34 calories? Sign me up! I love hummus with carrots and pretzels, but straight from the tub is great too! ;)

I use my index finger and eat it right out of the tub!!!

I put hummus on practically everything! But lately it's been on toast for breakfast or on a veggie burger at lunch :)

I eat it on celery or in a wrap with some lettuce...yummy

Love hummus with all the fresh garden veggies at this time of year. I could finish off a container of it in no time if I wasn't paying attention!

On a sandwich made of whole grain bread, avocados, sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce and roasted pecans!! YUMMMMY.

Hummus is the best snack ever. It goes great with veggies, or as a sandwich spread. Even been known to eat it by the spoonful! YUMMMMMMY!

On sea salt pita chips or fresh pita bread!

We love hummus and raw red pepper strip dippers.

I like eating hummus with pita chips of course!

I love having veggies dipped in hummus!

I love hummus in a whole wheat wrap with spinach or lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber slices, bell pepper slices, sprouts, shredded carrots, avocado, and cheese. If I want a snack, I love it with whole wheat pita triangles, carrots, and cucumber.

Hummus and pita bread in my lunchbox. With a salad in the summer and a thermos of soup in the winter. LOVE it! I also took it as a snack on my most recent vacation. It's pretty neat to eat in the car.

On a spoon!

Mmm ... on CrunchMaster Sea Salt crackers!

I love to dip fresh veggies in hummus!

I just brought my personal favorite - Hommus, carrot sticks (and pita chips for those who want them) to share with an art group at a workshop. It's a great treat and feels so good to have something healthy that doesn't sit like a rock in my stomach. The kids will be dismayed to find the new tub of Hommus missing from the fridge - they love it as much as I do!!

I make my own pita chips and hummus. I enjoy them as often as I can.

I love to eat hummus with stuffed grape leaves!

i use original humous and mix it up with various things to match the meal, for example, a popular mix is with blended black beans and sliced jalapenos for a nice side or condiment for chicken fajitas...

I eat it by the spoon :-)

I love hommus with veggie sticks of all kinds and most crackers. Roasted red pepper is my favorite, it's so yummy!

Pita+hummus+cheese+peppers=delicious lunch

A piece of light whole wheat bread, toasted, topped with hummus and roasted veggies!

With carrots of course!!

We love to dip radishes in hummus -- they're a surprisingly yummy combination!

Love to add a small amount of Chunky Bleu Cheese salad dressing to a container of roasted red pepper hummus and serve on 100% whole grain party bread. Also, good as a veggie dip.

I love it on a salad or as a dip for mushrooms or cauliflower. Also try it with canned tuna or salmon instead of mayo! :)

Armenians (hyes) have enjoyed Hommus for generations as a dip with pita bread, cracker bread, persian cucumbers and a variety of other vegetables.

as a tasty protein addtion to my veggie pita sandwich - usually filled with cuke lettuce onion and tomato,

Love to eat it with carrots and pita chips. Haven't tried it on noodles yet. Can you show a recipe for that idea. My whole family loves hummus. Is the brand name spelled with an o or are the rest of us wrong for spelling it hummus.

Stirred into tofu veggie scramble just before serving.

With baked potato chips, mixed with light mayo on tuna sandwiches, with crunchy veggies, and in raw veggie pitas.

With tiny tomatoes, whole grain crackers, sliced cukes, and whatever I have on hand!

Love hummus with ANYTHING! My favorite is with wheat bagels!

Typically, I serve my hummus with carrots, sweet peppers, or corn chips. Sometimes I put some on top of my burger as a substitute for spicy mustard. Thanks Snack Girl and Oasis!

I make a wrap with tortilla, veggies and hommus.

Pat, Hommus is the correct spelling for Oasis, we are different than the rest in all ways ; ) If we don't already have a hommus and noodle recipe on our website, we'll be sure to put one on there. My favorite is the roasted red pepper hommus on pasta. Just add a bit of water to your hommus for a thinner texture, pour over cooked pasta and enjoy!

Hummus is really very easy to make. Just put ecerything in a food processor and in less than a minute. Voila! So why buy a packaged product?

I love hummus with raw veggies (especially broccoli) and on baked sweet potatoes!

I LOVEEE hummus! I like to dip it in my veggies and I also like to put it on sandwiches

I tweeted:

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I eat hummus on wheat crackers and on cucumbers.

I love hummus as a spread on sandwiches, bagels, and especially as a dip for crackers and veggies. My favorite lunch is a little cup of hummus with wrinkle cut carrot chips

I like you on facebook and commented :)

I eat it straight! Love the different varieties, especially artichoke!

I love hummus with carrots or with bell peppers.

I love to eat hummus with my home made oats crackers ,yummy !

Besides the traditional dip I like to use hummus in place of mayonaisse in sandwiches and on artichokes.

With my egg white omelets on toasted english muffins. It's delicious warm!

I like to warm pitas in the microwave and serve hummus with warm pitas for lunch.

Carrots & Celery but after reading the comments I found a few more ideas!

I spread hummus on sand which thins with turkey for a tasty sandwich or use it to dip Triscuits or raw veggies into. My favorite is roasted red pepper! Mmmmm

It's great with slices of cucumber or summer squash.

on crackers

I like to help myself to hommus (and pita chips or celery) while my husband is snacking on potato chips. Tastes great and I love that "superior" feeling! LOL

Hummus is great with crackers or pita chips, or smeared in a whole grain tortilla wrap/veggie wrap with spinach, tomatoes, and sliced almonds :)

I tried Oasis Hommus when I was in DC. It was so delicious but I can't find it where I live, which is South Texas (wayyyy south). I love to pair it with veggies, pita chips, and inside sandwiches and wraps! :)

I use hummus as a dip for Kim's Magic Pops (available at Amazon or at Each one is 0 WW points!

I like hummus with crackers instead of dip. I've also been known to use it as pizza sauce.

On crackers, pretzels, veggies, sandwiches......yummy with no guilt!

take a mini pita (the super small ones, about 2 inches) spread on hommus, top with a slice of cucumber. perfect appetizer.

Love plain with pita bread

I use hummus with a tuna salad. It is so much better for you than mayo and adds flavor.

I eat hommus everyday inside a big whole wheat wrap with lettuce and tomato!

We serve hummus in wrap with locally grown steamed veggies,feta and basil leaves!

Spread Oasis Hommus on a whole wheat Flatout flatbread, add a meat protein (chicken, turkey, fish, shrimp), cover with whole leaves of romaine lettuce, then roll up from the long edge. The result is a satisfying crunch from the romaine and enhanced flavor from the hommus. Additionally, I've lost 70 lbs in the past ten months and am always looking for Weight Watchers-friendly, high-volume, low-point meals - and THIS qualifies!! =)

Vegetables, crackers, sandwiches

I love to spread it on a grape leaves pita sandwich

I make my own pita chips, or eat it with flat bread!

eaten with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, peppers, celery, and cucumber slices.

With cucumbers and tomatoes. Yumm!

hommus is great on on a turkey burger served on a rice cake. Very filling too!

I use it to make mock tuna salad

I just add boil eggs, celery, pickels, and cuks. mix and eat on crackers or as a sandwich. taste great and meatless

With any veggies or pita chips!

with baby carrots

I love hummus in a wrap with lettuce, tomato, green onion, and hot sauce. So delicious.

Love hummus with pita crisps, multigrain crackers, or pretzel crisps.

I use hommus as a filling for my deviled eggs.

I spread hummus on a flour tortilla, add sliced veggies and balsamic vinegar for a healthy, filling lunch.

Hummus and carrots or grape tomatoes is my go to lunch!

I love it on a sandwich with all of the yummy tomatoes and cukes I am getting from my garden now.

I eat it in a wrap with turkey or turkey ham, cheese and a lttle onion, Yummo!

I love putting hummus on my sandwiches! Adds flavor and a whole lot let calories than other condiments such as mayo! :)

I like to serve hommus with lots of different vegetables, like cucumbers, red bell peppers, and carrots!

I put in on a sandwich with turkey and cucumbers.

Schmeared on top of scrambled eggs and veggies. Hummus + eggs = Awesomely tasty!

I like using it as a dip for veggies!!

With carrots; mixed with tuna; or with pita chips!

i love dipping my carrots in hummus!

i liked snack girl on fb!

It's delicious in chicken or tuna salad in place of mayo!

With Stacey's Pita Chips!

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