Oikos Triple Zero and Fage True Blend Review

October 20, 2019   19 Comments

Oikos Triple Zero and Fage True Blend have something big in common. Neither type of yogurt has added sugar.

Oikos Triple Zero and Fage True Blend Review

I have looked far and wide for the best flavored yogurt - check out Chobani Greek yogurt review and Siggi’s yogurt.

The best news is that many brands have lowered the amount of added sugar since the bad old days (one had 23 grams of added sugar years ago!). Now, companies get that we want yogurt that tastes good but doesn’t have too much sugar.

My favorite so far is Siggi’s because they chose not to add any other sugar substitute in their yogurt. Both of these brands, Fage and Oikos add chicory root fiber to sweeten their product which I can taste (and don’t particularly like). Oikos also uses stevia leaf extract.

But, they are very different products.

First up - a new product in the yogurt wars - Fage TruBlend.

Here are the nutrition facts for vanilla:

For 1 container of vanilla = 110 calories, 2.5 g fat, 1.5 g saturated fat, 9 g carbohydrates, 5 g sugar, 13 g protein, 3 g fiber, 60 mg sodium, 3 Freestyle Smt Pts

This yogurt tastes like yogurt. I would not call it sweet - it is sour and tangy. The flavors are subtle and I found this yogurt to be quite good. It was a little chalky but I have found that with all of Fage’s Greek yogurt.

If you are looking for high protein amounts with no added sugar - this is a good choice.

Next - Oikos Triple Zero:

Here are the nutrition facts for vanilla:

For 1 container of vanilla = 120 calories, 0 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 14 g carbohydrates, 6 g sugar, 15 g protein, 6 g fiber, 65 mg sodium, 3 Freestyle Smt Pts

Oikos is Dannon’s version of Greek Yogurt. It has an exceptionally high amount of protein per serving and no fat (but notice how it is 10 more calories than Fage).

To me, this product is aiming for a dessert-like flavor rather than yogurt. I found it to be cloyingly sweet compared to FAGE and it did not taste the least bit sour. It has a very creamy texture.

Overall, Oikos Triple Zero tasted more like chemicals and less like yogurt than the Fage TruBlend.

If you are not used to the sour yogurt flavor, Fage TruBlend is going to take some adjustment.

Have you tried either Oikos Triple Zero or Fage TruBlend? What did you think?

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My new discovery is Two Good Greek Yogurt. Have you tried it Snack Girl?

I am just really steamed at the fact that companies decide for us that we cannot go without sugar. And they also seem to think that we have to have a dessert-like concoction while they try to pass it off as Greek yogurt. I appreciate the reviews and this information is good to have when buying a pre-packaged yogurt while on the go, but I buy the plain and then add my own fresh fruit or honey and nuts if I want sweet.

Oikos Triple Zero is part of my decadent dessert concoction. It is sweet enough to mix with plain Greek yogurt at a 1:1 ratio. Then I mix in a bit of whipped cream cheese and top with a bit of granola or crushed graham cracker. Total satisfaction. 😋

Wish I liked the sour taste of yogurt that you like. I really hate it if it doesn’t have some sweetness. Maybe I would like the Oikos Triple Zero that Snack Girl thinks is too sweet. I guess we all have our own taste buds and mine definitely dont like sour. Nevertheless, I am trying to cut back on sugars for health reasons.

The only Greek yogurt I eat is Fage 0% Fat Free plain, or the Kirkland (Costco) brand. I've tried other brands, but Chobani smells like old socks, and tastes awful. I don't use artificial sweeteners, can't tolerate chicory root fiber (inulin). Fate does NOT taste chalky, it tastes like sour cream.

Bridget- I think you would like Oikos Triple Zero. It’s sweet but not a lot of sugar.

Doubt that I will try either (I was interested in the Fage). Too many points. I use the Fage 0% or 2% depending on if it is being used for more of a meal. I add my own artificial sweetner (Splenda preferred). If I want a sweet treat, I add fresh fruit and/or extract (lemon, coconut, etc). So with the Fage 0%, it's 0 points. Thanks for trying the latest Fage and Oikos.

Oikos Triple Zero is a mainstay at our house, for both my husband and myself. I have never been a yogurt fan until I discovered the Yoplait flavors (years ago) - but I have been eating Triple Zero since it hit the market. Also, I just discovered Chobani with fruit on the bottom and am now buying this on occasion, though it does have more calories that Oikos.

I eat the Oikos triple zero everyday and I love it .. so I guess to each your own.

I'd love to try the the Fage! I personally love Triple Zero. They have a chocolate flavor- enough said! I also agree with the other poster that 2 Good is awesome and is the lowest in sugar.

Have you tried Icelandic Provisions nonfat plain? Also delish for more sugar is key lime. I like the texture best among thick natural yogurts.

It's cheaper, tastier, and healthier to buy a big container of plain yogurt and add pure maple syrup or honey to taste! I thaw raspberries or blueberries to stir in and it's sooo good. My kids can't get enough. We buy full fat yogurt. Fat slows down sugar absorption and it tastes great! You need less sugar overall because the fat tastes creamy and delicious.

I am going to try the new Kremi Icelandic Provisions plain and see how that works with the maple syrup and berries-I love adding a little granola also.

I prefer either Chobani OR Fage plain non-fat. I think the Chobani is a bit more like the texture of sour cream as the Fage seems a bit heavier/thicker. Either is good though & I use it on a baked potato with salsa or for breakfast with fresh fruit or sugar-free fruit cups. I also like it with a spoonful of strawberry preserves. If I add some diced fresh strawberries to it & chill it in the freezer, it tastes like strawberry ice cream & satisfied an ice cream craving. I like some of the other brands/flavors named here, but to avoid any WW points, I stick to the plain.

I dont eat either. I eat SIGGIS. It has 4 ingredients that make yogurt. Nothing I cant pronounce.

Best option - make your own yogurt in an Instant Pot on the Yogurt setting - it's DELICIOUS, CHEAPER, CREAMIER, and YOU control how much or how little sugar you're going to add. One container of Fairlife milk in the red container always on sale at Shop Rite for $3.99 and two tablespoons from any plain yogurt container of your choice as your "starter". There is enough yogurt to last me eating yogurt for lunch at least 6-7 times.

Great idea!

I was disappointed I saw 0 added surgar and thought it would have none it has 6 grams of surgar& stevia leaf is a artificial sweetener

I like Oikos triple zero cherry-flavored yogurt mixed with 2 heaping Tbls. of cottage cheese, with a handful of pecans thrown in, some blueberries, topped with some Keto-friendly granola from Costco. It never gets old. :-)

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