Would you like an order of fat with your burger?

March 13, 2009   1 Comment

Onion rings are another delicious fast food. I love the soft oniony inside and the crunchy batter outside. Unfortunately, the deep frying part renders these puppies into a very fatty snack.

Onion Rings

I was hoping that onion rings would have less calories than french fries, but they don't. I have noticed that they taste strongly, and that I can't eat as many onion rings in a sitting as french fries.

If you can find a "value" size of onion rings, that will set you back around 180 calories, which is a more manageable amount.

What CAN you eat at a fast food place? This is a really hard question because most of the food served is very processed. Processed food means that the fast food chain has altered its form such that the nutritious part is taken out.

I don't think there is any food that is MORE nutritious after processing. A "whole food", for example an apple, has all its nutrients intact and is much better for you than a processed food.

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1 Comment:

I love onion rings. Love chicken nuggets. Fried fish. After all, I AM a Southern chick. So when I went off white flour and fried things, I concocted a great alternative: Bob's Red Mill brown rice flour, egg whites, seasonings and Pam (or a drizzle or two of olive oil). Tastes so great, I don't miss the grease at all.

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