Orange you fabulous!

February 2, 2009   1 Comment

My grandfather would to send us a box of oranges for Christmas. I was pretty disappointed as a youngster because I was hoping for toys. But as an adult, I would appreciate the gift.


A box of fresh oranges in the dead of winter is a wonderful present. Oranges are a winter fruit, and throughout the country you can find them fresh. They travel well and as a snack they are terrific because they come with their own packaging.

Just throw one in your pocket book, briefcase, or backpack and you have an instant healthy snack.

Is drinking orange juice the same as eating an orange? The package says that drinking it can help you cross one of your 5 fruits a day off your list. But, a cup of orange sections is 85 calories, and a cup of orange juice is 110 calories. hmmm.

Hey! you say, that is only 25 calories difference, no big deal! The big deal is that you will miss out on the fiber, the time it takes to peal and eat, and the chewing involved in eating an actual orange. Your satisfaction for that 85 calories is much higher than just drinking that 110 calorie juice.

Try oranges mixed with bananas and frozen blueberries for a great fruit salad. Add a dollop of plain yogurt and you have a luxurious snack.

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1 Comment:

Love all your ideas. Just found your site and can't wait to tell all my weight watcher friends about it. Can you please send me 100 healthy snack tips, thanking you in advance, fran

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