How to Survive Holiday Parties

December 1, 2009   2 Comments

Worried about gaining weight this holiday season? Watch our first Snack Girl video to get some hints on how to make it through the holiday eating bonanza.

Remember it is useless to feel guilty if you start having fun and eat too much. Hey, it's the holidays - give yourself a break!

My biggest plan that is not outlined in the video is not to waste my holiday calories on crap such as Doritos. I like homemade goodies and stuff that makes me go, "YUM!"

What is your plan of attack for holiday parties?

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Love having such an upbeat video -- and the Altoid's are a great idea!

Historically, I have had no plan of attack. I attend the party and either a. eat everything to excess or b. eat nothing at all to avoid eating everything to excess. I LOVE the idea of a little nut mix snack before hand and the mints are inspired! Either way, no guilt.

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