The Winner of the Peeled Snacks Giveaway

September 15, 2010   2 Comments

The winner of the Peeled Snacks giveaway is: Katie M.!

Peeled Snacks Winner

She was asked for her favorite Peeled Snacks flavor. She said:

I don't really care for fresh mango, but I love dried mango.

Wow! Maybe that is a texture thing, because Snack Girl would kill for fresh mango.

If you didn't win, you can always buy Peeled Snacks on their website (Peeled Snacks), in Starbucks, or on Amazon.

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Snack girl...have you ever tried Del Monte's mangos in the glass jar? I can only find them at Publix, but they are great to keep on hand when you can't get fresh ones. My kids and I love them, and they're very tender.

Those snacks do look yummy...I'll definitely have to give them a try! I'm sponsoring a giveaway myself this week at contest ends on Friday so there's still time to enter at:…

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