Who Loves Planet Fitness?

March 20, 2016   26 Comments

After attempting to run outside when the weather got bad, I decided to find a gym.

Planet Fitness Review

My running habit, which I started in July, had never been through a Massachusetts winter and I wanted to keep going. When I ran outside when it was below freezing, I found that I had trouble breathing because the air was SO cold.

I didn’t have the money or space for a treadmill so I looked around for a gym and found myself standing in front of Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness is seriously ugly. Here is my view from the treadmill:

As you can see, they use purple and yellow (what?) to make the gym look festive. There are no windows and there are many screens. Just what I needed – more screens! Lately, I have been looking at Trump, Hillary, Cruz, Sanders and Kasich as it seems that they are the only people worth covering on CNN.

Other than the hideous color combination, Planet Fitness is pretty great. Every time I go there, I run into yet another friend who is using their service while the weather is bad. EVERYONE is here! (who knew?).

It only costs $10 to sign up and then $10 per month to remain a member of one club. Since I only need it for the winter months, I am cancelling soon – and they have promised me it will be easy.

The one thing that I do not understand is this:

Why is there a bucket of candy in a gym? Are they somehow confused that the people who go there are in need of Tootsie Rolls?

Personally, I find it very strange for a place that is promoting fitness on the planet to give out free candy. I could see free kale or carrots!

Please share your Planet Fitness stories.

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The planet fitness near me has lots of Windows! They usually also pass out snacks but I have only seen things like bananas and energy bars. I guess it depends on the one you go to. Also, not sure if every one of them is but out here they are 24 hours. I love this because I work an odd schedule and occasionally can only get to the gym at 11 at night.

I think it's cool they put "judgment free zone" right on the building... It's definitely ugly...I can't deny that haha...but, I do like they use that phrase. I don't go to the gym often enough.. So I often feel like a fool trying to operate some of the hopefully everyone inside takes that moto with them ;)

We used to go to our local Y, but I am a HS teacher and saw a lot of my students there, so we switched to PF. It suits our needs very well, it's always clean and you can get on a treadmill without waiting. Plus the price can't be beat! I definitely see myself there in the summer when it's blazing hot outside.

Love love love planet fitness

I like PF. As for the candies, I've never seen a bucket that large. The one near me has like two own holders. It has saved me once or twice though. Sometimes, when I'm working a bad mood of i can be there for two- three hours I which I've depleted my energy stores and having a sugar crash.

I'd rather work my bad mood off there instead of of home, i know i eat my feelings

I love love love PF, my friend and I started out going to a "women's only" type place but it was too "in your business, everyone is a BFF" type place so we switched to the PF down the street. Love everything about it, we did upgrade our contract to take advantage of the hydro-massage tables and total body enhancement but, at $20.00 a month, it's still cheaper than the other place we went to.

Love PF. We went to the Y, the community center, and 24-hour. Each have their own advantages. Our PF has most of the equipment I like. Lots of windows. It's always super clean with a great shower and dressing area. It's low-cost lower than any of the others probably because of the lack of classes and no pool - both fine with me. And it's full of a real diversity of people. Young, old, fit, not-so. I like that.

My sister uses and loves it. They could make one improvement. I wanted to pay her monthly fee for a few months as a surprise gift. They do not have any way set up to do that - no gift card, no way to pay them cash and apply it to the account, etc. I don't like to give cash as a gift. So, no business from me. Wouldn't that make a great and health promoting gift?

I have never been a serious gym goer - usually lived in temperate areas where it was easy to get out and jog or walk year round. I'm now in my late 60's and have a PF very close which my husband and I regularly use. I love their 30 Minute Express. I plug in with my IPod to Springsteen and the hour races by. Yes, they have mini Tootsie Rolls and I do take one as I leave as a mini treat as I leave. Whatever motivates you to get there and work out is really what matters. Mine has an abundance of Windows and well maintained equipment. Their "judgement free" zone works for me. I get in there, do my workout and leave feeling terrific. The best deal for your money.

My local gym (a national chain, not PF) constantly has food in the lobby to celebrate promotions, gym anniversaries, etc, and it always boggles my mind. I've seen everything from cake and cupcakes to burritos. Why why why would I want to be tempted with cake when I've dragged myself to the gym? Also, the combination of sweat and burritos smells as awful and you would think.

Because even in the most healthiest life, you could always make room for one tiny Tootsie Roll. Geez...lighten up folks, it's all about balance!

The Planet Fitness near me has bagels on the weekends and Pizza on Friday nights?! Whaaaattt?! I think it is ridiculous. I don't think they take fitness seriously.

The candy is strange but then Runners World has recommended candy for long runs. (I am not an advocate). I prefer Crunch and the fees are similar. Few gyms I have been in are really pretty, even with windows. There was one exception and for the fees they charge it should be!

My PF is great but they serve pizza and bagels once a month. I asked an employee once and he told me (jokingly I hope) "Job security. "😳

I have been a member of Planet Fitness for YEARS but rarely go lol. My first time in WW I went there all the time, haven't been there since last year. My husband does use it often though. Ready for this? Our Planet Fitness has Pizza Day and Bagel Day....seriously.......

Any gym that serves pizza and bagels or candy to people who are trying to be HEALTHIER is a joke! It's all about money for them- whatever will attract members, and we are junk food-crazed it works. :( I do not support planet fitness.

Planet Fitness is a joke!

I just joined Planet Fitness over the weekend. My problem is that my daughter has a 3-hour dance class every Saturday - what can I do during this time, and the drive back home is not worth it, because then I have to come right back in 30 minutes. I know--I'll work out!!! I joined and could not be more excited. PF looks like a gym to me, it's perfect. It has many ellipticals and tons of treadmills. It has a "stretching room" -wow. Maybe I will even take an aerobics class on Saturdays. That is all I need to get in a great workout while my daughter is dancing. And cheap too-- I will only go 4 times a month but for $10 bucks it is worth every penny. I am thrilled.

I LOVE PF...has been my gym for 4 years.

Besides the candy, the other thing I find odd is free bagels and free pizza. WHAT?!!?

I belong to the PF one block away from where I live. I don't go regularly but use it when the weather is inclement or it is dark when I can work out. This is frequent enough that the basic membership is worth it to me. I was able to take advantage of a special to pay for a year at a reduced rate to see how much I would use it. So far it has been worth it.

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