A Great Tool For Battling Childhood Obesity: Helpful For The Rest Of Us, Too!

December 2, 2011   14 Comments

Sometimes you get lucky and find a product that is both FUN and promotes healthy eating. The plates above fit the description.

Portion Size Plates

Deane Peck, a Registered Dietician, has worked in children's obesity clinics and needed a tool to support families with their transition to healthier eating. She came up with these Children's Portion Plates as a teaching tool for parents.

They are also super fun for kids! My children (5 and 7) went bezerk when these showed up at our door. I noticed immediately that the "fruit and vegetable" part of the plate was the biggest. This is a great reminder for me to keep on putting them on my kids plates (even when they would rather just eat pasta with cheese).

Deane made them with BPA-free plastic and managed to get them manufactured in Arkansas. They retail for $15.95 for 4 and you can buy them here: Portion Size Matters.


Snack Girl: In your work with obese children, what have you found is your biggest challenge?

Deane Peck, RD: My biggest challenges are the grand parents, and parents because people so often times show love with food.

In other words they are loving their children to death. It's so hard to have a parent accept the fact that they are the cause. They are the one's driving the car through the fast food line, into the ice cream and yogurt shops, allowing the chips and cookies and soda's to come into the home, and into the lunch boxes and ultimately into the mouths of their young one's.

It's such a fine line we as professionals have to walk with these parents and caregivers because NO ONE wants to hear that their child is anything but Perfect.. As a parent myself I feel the same way but as an educator I feel that it is my job to help parents change the way they view and manage their children's health.

Snack Girl: Why did you design the Kid's Portion Plate?

Deane Peck, RD: I designed the Kid's portion plate in response to my clients wants and needs. Parents want to be able to walk out of a diet consult with a usable tangible plate.

The only thing I could tell them to go buy were the 3 section paper plates or styrofoam plates to use, The two small sections measured about 1/2 cup and the one large section measured about 1 cup. These were affordable and convenient.

I began to search around for other options and quickly found that there was nothing available. So I took it upon myself to design and develop what is now the Kid's Portion Plate.

Snack Girl: To what age are these plates relevant, and how strict should a parent be when trying to get her child to eat from all sections of the plate?

Deane Peck, RD: The plates are perfect from age 2-7 years old. I do use it and have sold them for older children and adults by allowing them to have seconds.

As for eating out of all sections, the sections are there as a reminder to not leave out a food group at any meal. Variety and consistency of eating from all food groups is so vital to the growth and development of these young body, minds and souls.

Snack Girl: What is your favorite snack?

Deane Peck, RD: My favorite snack will be pretty plain and boring but here it is: peanut butter toast with sliced up bananas. I use 1/2 of the Oroweat multi-grain sandwich thins. I have tried many of the snack ideas that you have had on your website.

Thanks, Deane! Keep on doing your great work!

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Just got mine ordered this morning! This is a fantastic reminder for us as we serve our children AND teach our children good nutrition! Thanks for sharing!

Great idea! Such a super visual reminder... As a mom to a 15 & 10 year old boys, it seems they are always hungry.

Thank you sooo much for featuring this! My husband and I just had a discussion last night about portion sizes because his portion sizes for the kids are always bigger than mine. I'm going to buy these today so that we're both on the same page. It will also be a good reminder to serve more fruits and vegetables and less mac and cheese. Thanks!

My daughter is 9 years old and always hungry to and getting her to eat the right size portions is a different story . I like the idea of the plate.

Awesome. I'm posting this to Google+ right now.

I wish the school cafeterias would use these, I swear somedays the whole plate is made up of bread & noodles!

I hope that Deane designs an adult size portion plate that would be great becaue I know I could use these but would much rather have an adult portion plate it would be much easier

I would love adult versions too!

I too would love to see an adult version or for children 8+!!

These are great... I actually have seen the adult equivalent (not a plate but a portion sizer) but this would be perfect for those of us adults with blood sugar issues who eat 5 or 6 times a day. Little meals!

I wish we could incorporate something like this into our school system. I'm a teacher, and the things the lunchrooms let these kids put on their plates is despicable. This is a fantastic idea.

I would love to see these used in schools. My daughter's 7 so just on the outside of the age range so I probably won't bother. It is a great reminder to give her more veggies and less pasta (her favorite!). I would love to see these in sizes for bigger kids and for adults! I'm on a low-carb diet, but I can just use the carb spot for some more veggies or a little more protein.

For those of you interested in an adult version of this product.

Do these come in adult sizes?

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