Eating Less Without Working at It

February 2, 2015   15 Comments

We eat with our mouths but also our eyes. It can be hard to determine how much you really need to eat.

Portion Size

Before we get into the important subject of today’s post I have an important announcment.

I have created my own YouTube Channel!!

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Yes, I am taking to the moving image to get my message out. For those of you who love to read – don’t worry! – I will still be here typing away.

Now back to the post:

It can be hard to tune into how full we are when so much is going on during a meal. This is why I have changed my plate to reflect the portion that makes the most sense for me.

No, I am not a growing, soccer playing, bouncing off the furniture 8-year old boy so I don’t eat my weight in pasta every day. Nor am I a 6 foot tall male who does construction. My portion (unfortunately) has to be smaller if I am to keep the pounds off.

I made a video to explain my shift and to inspire you to do the same:

How have you changed your portion sizes?

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Great post - I'm going to give it a try! Love the video - your kitchen is so clean :-)

Thanks for what you ate doing.....

Thanks for what you ARE doing......( sorry about the mistake)

Love the video :) I use the smaller plate trick... seeing an overflowing small plate works so much better than the half empty larger plates - the other thing I do is make muffin sized everything - almost all of my desserts are made in a muffin tin, and instant portion control :)

What really works for me is using a salad plate. Love the video.

Great video! I have Fiesta ware too and I didn't know about the "lunch plate." This is a smart easy way to cut down. Thanks.

Also, if one eats a good amount of protein with each meal then one is less likely to get very hungry throughout the day.

A breakfast high in protein keeps me satisfied until lunch when I have a grapefruit or apple that keeps me good until dinner.

Veggies are a good snack but fruit is too with lots of antioxidants and vital nutrients.

I always make sure my "free" (low or no calorie) foods are low in sodium and high in nutrition.

We use smaller plates too. Great idea!

Thanks Lisa! Nice article and video.

I've done that! I have a collection of pretty 9" china luncheon plates. I keep my eyes open at the thrift store.

Look at you! You got your own channel!I eat off smaller plates and my plates are the color blue. Science have shown that blue and green plates doesn't make people over eat because it reminds people of the color of mold and they are "cool colors".

Wow, what a great idea! I've used Corelle sectioned plates forever. I got on Amazon and found them in 8.5 inches - yea! I also bought 8" sturdy paper plates. I just ate my fourth meal on smaller plates, and I really think this is what will work for me. Thanks so much!

Unfortunately, because the plate is smaller I do get my exercise by getting back up and walking to the kitchen for seconds. :(

I have made two changes that, to me, were big changes. The rest were gradual, like replacing snack with fruits and vegetables, etc.

1) I make my sandwich for lunch, cut it in half, and refrigerate the second half. Eating just the first half. Plus, lunch is started for the next day!

2) For breakfast, I cut my cereal portion down to the size recommended on the package. It now fills a smaller bowl. The visual of my current cereal bowl sitting inside the kind I used to use was striking. Now I find it funny!

I have Fiesta as well, bought within the last 6 years, and yup...10 1/2" dinner plates. I also have a few pieces of 1950s Fiesta, inherited from my aunt. Guess what? 9 1/2" dinner plates! So telling, isn't it?

Small portions eaten throughout the day works best for me, but it's really hard to do when I'm in meetings all day. Smaller plates for traditional meals makes a lot of sense - I'll have to give it a try.

I've done this trick for a couple of years. The first time I brought them out to use, my husband asked why the plate was so I explained it to him and he grabbed a large plate. I have slowly weaned him into using a smaller plate. Love hearing your voice for the first time. I think you need an apron with "snack girl" on it.

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