Luxurious, low in calorie, and nutritious

February 2, 2009

If fresh raspberries were cheaper, I would eat them all the time! They are sweet, luscious, and arguably very good for you. For 64 calories for an entire cup, you get a concentrated assortment of cancer fighting antioxidants.


How can you go wrong? For toddlers, they are a wonderful finger food. The only problem is that they are so fragile and perishable, so if you buy some - you must eat them right away. Wash them very carefully right before you eat them.

If you are serving these to children, you want to avoid raspberries that are not organic because they are heavily sprayed and soak up pesticides. Choose organic raspberries whenever possible.

Frozen raspberries are a great option because they are much less expensive than fresh raspberries. Of course, the texture really changes when you freeze them, but they taste the same and their nutritious properties remain the same.

An addition of raspberries can make anything luxurious. Add them to your cereal or oatmeal in the morning, or have a bowl with a glass of champagne. The combination of raspberries and dark chocolate is simply heavenly.

At your next dinner party, just serve fresh raspberries and high quality dark chocolate for dessert. Simple, elegant, and delicious.

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