All You Need is a Wall, a Chair, and Seven Minutes

May 6, 2015   6 Comments

I recently hit a busy spell and found it incredibly difficult to get to the gym.

Seven Minute Workout

My partner was travelling and my son was sick. I found myself cancelling my workout and sitting down to eat a donut because HEY! – what is the point of trying to be healthy when I can’t make it to the gym?

It is funny how starting your day in the WRONG way leads to unhealthy choices.

The truth is that I didn’t need a trip to the gym for my Spinning class to get my exercise. I could do a “high intensity circuit training course” using my own body weight, a chair, and a table for seven minutes and get a great workout.

A scientific research paper in the field of Health and Fitness has shown that a high intensity seven minute workout can provide the same benefit of prolonged endurance training but in much less time.

Now, THAT is my kind of workout - free, short, and gets results.

You can check it out on the New York Time’s website or on is a better source because you need a subscription to the New York Times to access the workout more than 10 times.

I have found this workout to be very challenging and painful for the seven minutes. Above, I shared a photo of someone doing a modified push-up because I can’t do very many of the real ones – so I simply put my knees down and keep going. Don’t worry, I am still in pain.

After doing my seven minutes, sometimes I get a drink of water and go for another seven because I feel like it. My children have joined me and get a kick out of watching my face contort.

This workout is awesome because I can't talk myself out of seven minutes. I may be busy but I have seven minutes to support my healthy journey.

What do you do when you feel like you have no time for exercise?

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How exciting - I love how they add the timer. I can still be foggy and follow along. Thank you so much!

Just did the routine and worked up a sweat! Loaded it to my phone too for those moments at the gym when I don't know what I want to do!

I put on my 50's music and dance around the kitchen with the mop.

It's a great app to have on your phone - makes exercising so much more accessible and simple when you can't make it to the gym. Depending on how much time you have you just repeat the circuit. Have not done it in awhile but you just reminded me about it and motivated me to get in some circuits this AM for a little extra.

I do a bit of tai chi to de-stress and work out stiffness, and pass time while waiting for appointments. My dental tech. said I had remarkably low blood pressure, so I suggested they add tai chi DVDs to their waiting room.

I am so happy to have found this blog. Your confidence and drive to educate readers to love and embrace themselves is inspiring..

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