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February 27, 2015   12 Comments

These two beautiful women are probably looking at a funny cat video.

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Honestly, I wish I was in the business of making cat videos because they are HOT. Instead, I am here trying to promote healthy food which is fun but isn’t as compelling as a cat taunting a dog while wearing a sombrero.

I hate asking anyone for favors – especially people that I don’t know –but I need a favor. If you love Snack Girl, I need you to sign up, like it, Pin it, and share it with your friends who you think will like it too.

I promise to continue to come up with easy, healthy recipes to support your healthy journey (and attempt to make you smile not unlike cat videos).

I am expanding my reach and paying attention to more of my social media channels in order to give you unfettered access to the brilliant (or almost brilliant) ideas of Snack Girl

Here are your choices and - yes- you can choose all of them:

  1. Subscribe to Snack Girl e-mails. These come 4 times per week and are the easiest way to get the latest.
  2. You can follow my boards on Pinterest. This is much more fun than following me around (like my dog does when he thinks I have a treat). The nice thing about the Pinterest boards is that if you have a specific need or interest (such as sweet or salty snacks) – they are organized for you.
  3. Like me on Facebook. You can see my posts in your feed but only sometimes so this isn’t as reliable as an e-mail subscription – BUT – I love likes (makes me feel warm and fuzzy).
  4. Subscribe to my fledgling YouTube channel. I am working on 1-2 minute videos to motivate you to get healthy. I only have three now – but I am working on more.
  5. Follow me on Twitter. I tweet about 4 times a day and I happen to love tweeting. Not sure why. #silly

Please take a moment and share Snack Girl with a friend.

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Love Snack Girl!! I have a support group and we have a link to Snack Girl on our website! Keep up the good work!

I do all the above. Luv your advice, recipes, etc...Thank you for reason!!

Love ya Lisa.... I get you in emails.

I look forward to you emails. I've tried watching you on youtube but my security system wouldn't allow it. :( Always enjoy your ideas!

Thanks for all you do to help us make healthier choices, Doctor Snack Girl. Your warmth, humor, advice, research and recipes are enjoyed and appreciated. Please, keep up the good work!

I get your emails and Twitter feed and I think your Facebook posts (I'll have to double check). I'm not sure about Pinterest, but I'm about to find out. I love your site and have gotten many recipes here along with a healthy dose of inspiration. It also helps that we're in the same state - the good old frozen tundra - aka: Massachusetts.

I love your website and your posts. I recently bought your book too! I'm happy to support you however I can♥️

Ana W

What about Instagram???

Helene - I am working on Instagram. ahhh yes. more social media fun! Can't live in a cave with this gig.

Didn't know you had a YouTube channel...woo hoo! I just subscribed....:)

Thanks Lisa! I am now following you on all those other social media. Yeah, Instagram!!! I posed this on FB too.

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