Share Some Good Things from 2021

December 16, 2021   32 Comments

Can we start a thread of good things that happened to you in 2021?

Share Some Good Things from 2021

I don't care how small your "win" might be for you. We don't have to talk about winning a Nobel Prize or Survivor.

One good thing that happened to me was seeing this sunrise on Wednesday. I even managed to run outside and shoot a photo!

Maybe this year, you finally chopped a fresh onion and didn't mind the associated crying. Or managed to remember your umbrella on a rainy day.

My good thing? I tried learning how to watercolor and can honestly say that I am intrigued by this new hobby. I never thought I would enjoy it but I love how the water makes the painting hard to control. Also, my daughter is applying to college and I did a bunch of research to help her.

Please share a good thing below in the comment section. I would love to get a thread going to make us smile.

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No one In my family lost their jobs, or contacted Covid. That to me is priceless and I am very thankful for it

One of my best friends got married this summer. It was such a beautiful wedding and so full of love!

Staying healthy …… and I Was finally able to spend some time with my childhood friend (who recently moved back to Michigan).

I got to my goal weight two weeks ago! I’ve lost a total of 145 pounds since 2007.

I reached my goal weight last month and have held it.

My son got married this year- we love her.

I started cooking and love it and my husband feels nurtured by it. So many things to be thankful for.

My business grew.

Everyone in our family is healthy and happy, very grateful. Received a One Pot as a gift. Haven’t mastered it yet.

So grateful to have received 3 covid vaccines!!

My first grandbaby was born in November - a girl! What everyone says is true, grandbabies are the best!

My family has not contracted COVID.

We have received the vaccinations.

A family member is engaged to be married.

Another family member is on her way to finishing college and getting very good grades.

My family is happy, healthy & all working.

Had a few setbacks this year. Two surgeries, vaccinated, got COVID, my mom passed away. But....I'm still standing and here to talk about it!

I was adopted 66 years ago. This year I found my bio brother and we have met twice. Really neat to have bio family.

I worked through a ton of grief -- and anger -- over my dad's passing from COVID. I managed to stay employed and even got a promotion and raise. I was rear-ended by a semi November 26th and lived to tell about it. I finished my fifth women's fiction novel and wrote my first tween novel for 9-12 year olds.

I have learned to be content with what I have. It's a daily choice.

One of the good things that has happened to me this year is YOU starting this thread. We need more of this in our lives right now, and always. Thank you, Snack Girl!

Appreciated all the moments I spent with my three grown sons and my new grandson who just turned one!

Thankful for all the great recipes that you share with us. The big winner this year was the cranberry with red wine. BIG winner at Thanksgiving. Are large family has not been touched with COVID this year like the rest of your viewing family. We do have a Large family gathering planned for New Years Eve, it's a wedding in Minnesota. We already have masks ready. To Char who moved back to Michigan, I am jealous! I live in the suburb's of Chicago, I LOVE MICHIGAN! They have the BEST Produce Ever! Would love to win the lottery and move to the UP! Have a Great holiday Everyone!

Our extended family of 11 was able to take a long camping vacation to Tennessee and Kentucky this past summer. We were able to visit the Creation Museum, The Ark of the Covenent and the Smokey Mt. National Park. While we were at Pigeon Forge our grandchildren competed in a National Dance Competition and placed Platium. Our oldest grandchild will turn 18 this year and our camping trips with him will be limited as he moves forward in his life so it was so good to have everyone all together! It was a wonderful trip and many happy memories were made.

First of all, thanks for your wonderful website!!!

My half and I had a mild case of covid; had all sorts of everyday illnesses. Had the whole family together for Thanksgiving and a Bat Mitzvah! Survived basil cell,a really painful shoulder, psoriasis infection, allergic reaction to hypo-allergic cleansing lotion-eyes blew up (looked like a lost a fight w/ "Rocky!" But, as Shirley MacLaine said in Postcards from the Edge..I'm still here. (so lucky to still be around)!

I turned 79 this year and I am still going strong and thankful to Jehovah God for keeping me alive and healthy and reading your column.

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