Siggi’s Yogurt Review

September 28, 2017   34 Comments

This siggi’s yogurt review was inspired by my walk through the supermarket. I am constantly blown away by how much changes on a monthly basis in the dairy cooler.

Siggi’s Yogurt Review

Siggi’s is a Icelandic style yogurt (Skyr) and I have never been to Iceland (or had yogurt in Iceland) so I have no idea how it compares to the yogurt there.

What I do know is how Siggi’s compares to yogurt here. It should be compared to Greek yogurt (also I have been to Greece but I didn’t try the yogurt – ooops) because of they high amount of protein in a cup.

I have been invited to meet Siggi Himarsson (and actual person) twice and I have never been free. He attended Columbia Business School in New York and saw an opportunity in the yogurt world. He felt that our yogurt had too much sugar added – heck, yeah!

If I finally get free and attend a “meet and greet” with him – I think I would say something like, “Thank you!” because he has provided the market with a great product.

You can see (above) that Siggi makes sure that you know what is not in his yogurt.

It does have a lot less sugar than many of the major brands. It averages 11 grams of sugar for 5.3 ounces (and other brands start at 13 -15 grams).

Siggi’s is thick and creamy and some also think it is chalky (like Greek yogurt). I find it sour but I love it.

It has more flavor than most yogurts. There is a TANG to it which is truly delicious.

Here is the nutrition information for the black cherry flavor with 2% milkfat:

140 calories, 3 g fat, 1.5 g saturated fat, 15 g carbohydrates, 11 g sugar, 15 g protein, 0 g fiber, 60 mg sodium, 5 SmartPts

The non-fat versions have about 20 less calories and taste pretty good – but I like the one with a little fat in it. I find these quite satisfying.

Siggi’s used to be in a higher price range than Chobani or Dannon but I found it at 5 for $5 last week. I think if you look for sales – you can find it at a comparable price. It is in Target and regular supermarkets (used to be only in Whole Foods).

When I was cruising around the store, I found this other Icelandic yogurt:

This one featured that it was “Made with Heirloom Skyr Cultures - developed with Iceland’s oldest farmer-owned dairy cooperative.” Wow!

It seems that THIS is actual Skyr and siggi's is "Icelandic style" because Icelandic Provisions uses Skyr cultures (and siggi's must be using some other cultures).

The yogurt is made in upstate New York but they flew in some cultures from Iceland to make it authentic. I wonder if they flew business class.

The Icelandic Provisions nutrition facts and ingredients are almost exactly the same as siggi’s (except that they added locust bean gum which is fishy). The flavor was not as rich as siggi’s but it had the same texture. It cost a little bit more.

I am going to stick with siggi’s as my favorite but keep an eye on this one just in case siggi's gets bought by Unilever (yes, I am looking at you Stonyfield).

Have you tried Icelandic Skyr? What do you think?

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I think this would be a yogurt to culture my homemade yogurt! It's not in my neighborhood, but I can keep an eye out for it when I'm out of town. Yogurt freezes, so I could buy and freeze to use when needed.

In my area I found it 2 for 4. As for siggis getting brought out, who knows?

Thanks for your review! I see Siggis in the store all the time but have never picked it up - I’ll have to give it a try!

I love Siggi's too. Sadly its hard to find here & the store I was getting it at has quit selling it...

I have added cottage cheese to it for even more protein & it does taste quite good (not a cottage cheese fan)!

I've tried Siggi's and really like it - good flavor & ingredients. But, like you, I will only buy it if it is on sale! Also, like Chobani. I've been adding a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal, a splash of milk & dash of cinnamon to a cup of fruit yogurt in the morning if I haven't had the chance to make overnight oats with plain yogurt. The oats definitely keep you full longer.

I have several friends and their children with Diabetes who love Siggis. As a lover of Greek Yogurt, I love this brand of thicker yogurt. As a Nutritionist I recommend the Plain Non fat version and mix in fresh fruit or Vanilla Extract or PB2

Love Siggi's. Just bought the largest container of the plain. I add my own fruit or powder peanut butter and put on chocolate rice cakes dusted with cinnamon. Yum

I have been eating Siggis since it came out, I was buying fat free and my

Nutritionist told me to eat the 2 or 4% because it's better to have a little fat and have been doing that a long time, if you sign up for their newsletter they give you a coupon and also give them again every once in awhile. I also love Icelandic but it's soooooooooo hard to find.

I read the post that is sufficient for diabetics. Curious why you said this as it has a lot of sugar? So if one loves Greek yogurt is it better to eat Siggis or plain but adding fresh fruit might give too much sugar. Please advise.

Chobani's is an international hero, imo. They saved a town when they started up a defunct factory, trained and hired the townspeople. But then they also expanded so they could hire the large number of immigrants the State had committed to....and didn't know what to do with. And for that they had to hire a lot of interpreters. THe owner is also an immigrant...and he gave all his employees a 10% ownnership stake in the company in 2016.

I don't think of this yogurt as a significant source of calcium. Comparing its 15% of your daily requirement from the "plain" flavor to Trader Joe's European style's 45% or Nancy's plain nonfat, also 45%, it seems on the low side. Siggi's serving size is only 5.3 oz while the others mentioned above is 8 oz so if you were eat an equal amount of Siggi's (1 1/2 containers) you would be getting 22% of your daily calcium. I do agree it's a better choice than a lot of the other yogurts but there are no additives in the TJ's or Nancy's yogurts either so, if you need to get your calcium from yogurt, you can find a better source than Siggi's.

Very tasty! I do like knowing it's a healthy product. I also add cottage cheese; not only it it healthy, it tastes a bit like cheesecake!

Lisa have you tried Norrskyrr? Same type of product but I think it’s even better than Siggi. Try the elderberry

Great post Lisa! I love Siggi's! I eat one vanilla a day, and really love that it is so much lower in sugar than any other I've found. I love the tang, and often add my own fresh fruit or berries. Note that the foil top on the individual cups, at least in my area, has had $1 off on 4 coupons on them for at least a year. Makes it more affordable!

Perfect timing, I have a coupon!

i have tried both of these yogurts and have them in my fridge as we speak. i love both of them especially the key lime flavor. siggis also has a triple cream yogurt which is excellent. just like a dessert

I love the full fat Siggi's. I was recently told I was pre-diabetic so the lower sugar is a good thing and the extra fat helps to keep my blood sugar more stable. I hope the price will drop once it becomes more popular.

Tried three flavors of Siggi's for the first time--peach, cherry and blueberry. Huge disappointment. Yogurt has the consistency of the type of paste children once used to attach items to paper in kindergarten--a large, thick blob, the remains of which must be scrub-brushed off plates and utensils before being placed in a dishwasher. The yogurt is usually sour, and the fruit allegedly included is barely visible and does little to cut the sourness. There are too many good brands on which to spend one's money--without enriching Siggi.

Very interested I love yoguart

I haven't tried Siggis, but I have been buying Oikos triple zero greek yogurt - no fat, no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners. 1 Cup has 8 grams of sugar, 10 grams of fiber and 22 grams of protein (this it for vanilla). It's quite good!

Love Siggi's plain yogurt with frozen blueberries and raspberries. Dessert!

I love the thickness of Skye. My favorite yogurt. The container I bought yesterday had a lot of whey. Bummed. Never happened before. Skye is perfect for type 2 diabetes. The high protein low sugar is amazingly perfect. I eat The plain. Thanks for my perfect food. Valarie

I am sitting here eating the mixed berries Siggi's I bought, and wishing I hadn't also bought two other flavors as well.

This is literally THE worst yogurt I have ever had. I am amazed that it even has 11 grams of sugar in it, given how mouth-puckeringly sour it is. And the texture is chalky, like someone ground up some antacids and mixed them into some Greek yogurt.

There are no actual berries or pieces of berries, they are just theoretically blended into the yogurt, but I can't taste any berry flavor, just sour chalk.

I am surprised at all the positive reviews on here. I would STRONGLY suggest you only buy one if you've never had it before!

Tried a 0% milkfat Raspberry.It had 0% Raspberry flavor,but I'll try some other flavors.

I LOVE YOGURT!!!! This is HORRIBLE!!! My friend at work gave it to me because SHE thought it was horrible! BUT ...she thought it might just be her taste buds. I AGREE with her! I added my own banana just because that's all I had for lunch! Btw...I LOVE Greek yogurt.

I really wanted to loke this yogurt. I've eaten 8 of the containers thinking each time I would get used to a quirkiness in all the flavors. I figured it was a personal issues so I ignored it through my 8 trials. There is an odd taste that turns me off. I love the nutritional values for the 2% and thought this would be the best yogurt for me. I was not able to adjust to that seemingly odd taste. Maybe skyr yogurt just tastes different than Greek. I'm sorry I can't say I fell in love with it. I'm going back to Powerful Greek.

I love siggi’s 4% it’s amazing in vanilla!

Absolutely love your Skyr! More authentic in taste with less sugar. :)

I tried this yogurt, I think mine was bad, it tasted like i had a mouth full of lard! I had two other family members taste it they both spit it out and thought i was playing a joke with them! It's not even close to tasting like other brands! Sour and very bitter! I bought three of them just to try. They are expensive so I thought they would be good. Ooops!

I think they are a little sour tasting because there is much less sugar. The ingredients are pasteurized skim milk, cane sugar, fruit pectin, live cultures and strawberries in the 0 percent milkfat siggi's I am eating right now. No lard.

I love yogurt, I’ve had the cultures myself, so I know what real yogurt tastes like, this tastes more like sour cream, I Like way better 100% grassfed Maple Hill Organic

Agree that all the good products get bought up and removed by the big corporate cherrypicker that needs to remove any challenge to its substandard products. We are doomed until we undo this recurrent strategy allowing Mr.Mediocre to control our choices.

I agree with the other comments. I tried all the fruit flavors too. Horrible! But..the zesty lemon is awesome!

I found this yogurt disgusting. It was like eating a thick paste. Saw your add on TV. Bought the vanilla flavour and it tasted so plain. It’s actually hard to swallow. Waste of a seniors money. Throwing it out……

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