A Simple List for How to Get Healthy

January 16, 2020   17 Comments

I saw this list of 48 words posted by a Canadian doctor and I was inspired.

A Simple List for How to Get Healthy

Here is the original article How to Be Healthy in 48 Words and the 48 words:

Don’t smoke (2).
Get vaccinated (4).
Avoid trans fats (7).
Replace saturated fats with unsaturated if you can (15).
Cook from whole ingredients — and minimize restaurant meals (23).
Minimize ultra-processed foods (26).
Cultivate relationships (28).
Nurture sleep (30).
Drink alcohol at most moderately (35).
Exercise as often as you can enjoy (42).
Drink only the calories you love (48).

I repost it because I love the clarity of the list. There is no haggling over supplements, gluten, or a particular diet (for example).

His list starts with a simple truth Don’t Smoke. I have been hearing that one since I was a little girl (and my parents smoked). My aunt, who died of cancer at the early age of 63, regretted every cigarette.

I hope you can look at this list and it will make you feel good about what you are accomplishing toward your healthy goals.

For example, I don’t smoke so I can check off the first one and I always get vaccinated for the flu, etc.

The ones about food - no trans fats, replacing saturating fats, whole food ingredients, and avoiding processed foods and restaurants - these are Snack Girl.

I am here advocating for these obvious and important healthy food choices every day.

You can do it.

I’m not going to say is is easy because it isn’t. We have so much food around us - literally everywhere we go - that is unhealthy.

I spent one day doing my chores focussed on the amount of junk food that I was offered in locations that didn’t used to have food!

Marshalls? Old Navy? Dick’s Sporting Goods? what are these stores doing with candy at their checkouts?

How about the gas station that was showing me a video of pizza that I could buy - 2 slices for $3 - in the convenience store?

I’m just trying to buy a pair of running shoes and some gas for my car. I don’t want or need pizza or a Snickers bar but I happen to like both of those things. I need to make a conscious effort to avoid these foods or I might buy them and eat them without thinking.

It takes work. Will power, time at the grocery store, time in the kitchen BUT it is worth it because you will feel so much better. I can predict that if you followed the above 48 words - you could become a new person.

I would love to know what you would add to the list. What has worked for you on your healthy journey?

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I love the 48 words - Simple, common sense!

Thank you for sharing!

GREAT information!! thanks!

Be kind! I loved the list.


Thank you so much for this - simple, to the point, uncomplicated, and very doable. I think if we would all follow this, we will be ahead of the game!

Doing "Dry January" and have never felt better. Quit smoking 12 years ago - CHECK! Improving my way of life (and family's) by "eating the rainbow" as pictured above! :))

I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t drink soda ( of any kind) but sugar is a problem for me. I spent 2 years avoiding sugar and most white carbs before 2017. I need to get back

Add on the list - no added salt.

This should be made available in a laminated poster that you can put on your fridge or other prominent place in your kitchen. Then you would be reminded of it every time you went there for a snack.

I'd add no added sugar to the list!

Beautiful information to begin or continue with, NEVER GIVE UP & NEVER NEVER LOOSE HOPE! Thank GOD we are well enough to begin again & again for the ? time. Those that are living & don/t have that choice [physical problems] would trade places w/us with their problems anytime. TIME TO GO FORWARD! I'M ON BOARD. Inspiration? that's what I got from above can go a long way to success. Have a Healthy day to all of you. Blessings to al! anneippi

Work in the least stressful environment you can afford. Fill your life with lots of non toxic people as insurance against any toxics that show up.

Minimize caffeine! My hubs & I switched from (weak) coffee to herbal tea 1/1/18 and marvel at the changes: increased energy, increased mental clarity, no need for more afternoon caffeine, much better sleeping at night. And the herbal teas that we have tried (Hibiscus, Peppermint, Chamomile, Fennel, Cinnamon) are delicious.

OMG, so so true! On smoking, I quit smoking 20 years ago and my doctor said she'd rather see me gain 20 lbs. than continue to smoke. I did gain some weight, but feel so much healthier and became much more active after quitting. Great article!

I love the simplicity of this list. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

I agree with all but the vaccination. The toxicity in the vaccines is scary. We have had way too many negative results with vaccines with my grandchildren and some adults I know to ever suggest them to my loved ones.

Be a giver and eat healthy to receive a blessed life

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