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Oh my! I initially read this as "how to get slimmer by twerking"!!!! I was wondering where snack girl was going to go with that. I love Dr. Wansinks research! Who knew he had this??! Thanks for sharing!

I don't know how I feel about your plugging other people on your website. I think not good. I like your blog because your down to earth an non-commercial.

@Madeline - I hear you - but I wouldn't have shared Dr. Wansink unless I felt he was excellent and helpful. Thank you for your comment!

Kim you are hilarious! I learned from Dr. Oz that when you go grocery shopping don't go hungry and stick to the perimeter of the store. I'm fine with you plugging him cause clearly you need some fine tuning like the rest of us, I want to know who your source is. If you didn't tell us then you are stealing the credit. Also it helps me do extra research. You know I may or maynot vibe with them right away, but maybe after looking them up (because I know who they are)it could change my mind. I only have one spot for snacks. My grandmother never had snacks all over the house she had one drawer and it wasn't cookies or anything like that it was fruit roll-ups (which unless you make it yourself is not that great), crackers, nuts she was wild about nuts, and un-popped pop corn that we used to make in a pot. So I followed suit when I became an adult and got a snack shelf of my own. I don't have many drawers in my kitchen so I have a shelf. My worst behavior is going out to restaurants. That is a work in progress for me. Even though I eat have and take the other half home, I tend to get the not so healthy options.

Thanks for your blog. Your awesome as is everything you share.

I did the intro and joined. These folks have my philosophy and i am so excitied. Thank for sharing!!

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