Snack Girl Turns 49

September 2, 2018   112 Comments

Yes, today is my birthday and I really am 49. Can you still be a girl at 49?

snack girl 49

I named myself Snack Girl a while ago and I think it would be hard to change. Snack Woman is just strange so I guess I will keep calling myself a “girl” as I push 50.

A few things about 49:

  • I am invisible but I am assertive enough to make up for it.
  • I really have stopped caring what most people think of me.
  • I can’t find my hairbrush and it may be lost forever.

The truth is that I don’t care about age. Things that you think are important such as the numbers of spins on the earth and the number of pounds on the scale – just aren’t.

My house would qualify as a mess (though the Legos are no longer on the floor), my neck is approaching chicken, and I haven’t won any parenting awards lately (where can I apply) but I DON’T CARE.

What do I care about? - My kids being safe, healthy, and loved. Also, I care that they do chores – lots of them because I am busy. For example, I bought my children alarm clocks so they can wake themselves up and now they make their own breakfasts and lunches before school. I drink coffee and read my newspaper.

(Go ahead, flame me, I DON’T CARE)

I care that I am healthy and that my husband still likes me most of the time. I think it is important that we resolve the latest argument before we start the next one.

Finally, I care about you. My readers have been with me for a while now and I think about the fitness ideas, recipes, and products that you will find value in learning about.

All day long, I am struck by insights that may be valuable to someone out there that reads what I have to say – and I write myself a note. Most ideas don’t make it on the blog, and many things I share don’t help, but I keep trying.

So, if you are still reading this. Please share something you would like me to research or create. I am here for you and I do care.

My birthday wish is a whole bunch of comments with things you are curious about. I can’t promise I will get to all of them – but I will try!

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Wishing you a very happy birthday! Here’s to a happy & healthy year ahead :)

Happy Birthday! Life is a great journey of seeking what’s truly valuable — enjoy!

To research: how much water is too much water to consume each day?

Maybe you already know. I don’t.
Love your recipes! Thanks for your work!

Happy Birthday!!

Bravo for attempting and mostly succeeding, like many of us, to live your best life. Curious about how invisible feels-seems like you are very insvisible on line.

Para Bens!

Happy Birthday!

Awe.... to be 49 again! Actually, I love every birthday, each one a blessing! Happy birthday and many joys and good health in the next year.

My question is concerning fats. If you do not consume enough, can that cause hair loss?


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday from a 57 year old girl....

Happy Birthday!

I’m curious how you figure out what is for dinner every night. Meal planning is such a chore!

Hope it’s the happiest one yet! Have a great day! 👯🎉💐🎈

Happy 49th birthday twin. Today I reach level 55 and I am with you about where my caring energy goes & does not go. Enjoy!!🎂🎂

Happy Birthay. Hope your day is special and the year ahead is filled with your favorite things!

Wishing you a Happy Birthday. May you have many more.

Very happy and healthy birthday, Snack Girl! I agree with De Keimach - also with you about where you expend your energy. Wishing you all the best, always! You are there for us and I think I'm not alone saying, "Thank you!" My thoughts about research - well, it's actually a topic. As a member of WW, I have been reading for a while about ditching "diets" and eating intuitively (or demand feeding, if you will). I want to know if that can really work for compulsive dieters/emotional eaters. I mean, I can't believe we were created without being able to eat and regulate our weight/health by following a list of foods.... Thanks. Again, all the best to you and your family - enjoy the day!!

Happiest of Birthdays ever, Lisa! 49 is a great, young age and you wear it well!

As one who always looks forward to your blog the most out of all my emails, I would count that as one measure of success! You have given me many enjoyable reads and much shareable information. Wishing you another wonderful year.

have a great and happy birthday. i follow you religiously. you are truly inspirational. i'm 68 and always look forward to what you have to say. thanks for all you do and write.

Happy Birthday !
May you be blessed with many more!
Thank you for being grounded.

Happy 49th Birthday from this 52 year old!

Is there a way to streamline meal planning? It takes SO long! Such a time consuming job!

Attitude gets so much better as we age, I’m 66. Little things don’t matter anymore, laugh more, love more, and flat out enjoy life. Snack girl?.. how about snack babe? Or snack goddess? Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday and I love reading you because you are so normal and just like me! I wonder why WW changed to Freestyle without giving members the choice to do the other program if it worked ?

Happy Birthday! I'm 43 in January; I totally get it!

I'd love for you to look into a lower carb, higher protein way of eating and moderate fitness lifestyle, because this seems to work so much better for me as I age, if I can stick to it!

I am 73 and still consider myself a 'girl'. Enjoy your birthday. Thank you for what you do to help us girls stay healthy.

Wishing you Love, Joy, Peace and Patience

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday. The older I get the more I enjoy being invisible. It is very freeing. I'm interested in green tea. I was reading an article that said you need to drink a "good green tea." How do I know what is good and what isn't.

Dear Lisa,

I love your name, “Snack Girl.” It gives extra power to being female in some way-a playful way. I also see that you have hit the “late 40s Sassy” phase. It is a great and glorious opening to the next developmental stage which is much less burdened by what others think of you and more full or what you think you’ll do. And who you’ll be. Your work brings joy and health to us all. Keep it up!!

Happy Birthday! Topics I’ve wondered about recently: intermittent fasting, is it healthy. Does it help with blood sugar control as it says? Regular vs WW pasta, is it that much better than the regular?

Happiest Birthday!! I don't care what you write about because I've lived a long time and do what I want by now, but I will always read what you have to say and give you credit for a job well done!! Thanks for it all!

Happy birthday Snack Girl!!

Happy birthday Lisa....age is just a number, health is the important piece of life, feeling good everyday.

Why would someone flame you for teaching your children how to care for themselves? That's your job. Duh! When I was 14, my mother had a brain tumor. I tried to help her with household chores like the laundry--BUT I'D NEVER DONE IT BEFORE. We'd done simple chores but not that kind of thing. I vowed then never to let my children be helpless like that. They moaned and complained and then thanked me when they moved out because they knew how to "do stuff."

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on another year of great adventures and achievements. I so applaud your attitude to age. At seventy two I am enjoying the transition from big soft kid to tough old bird - sensible and conforming grownups miss out on all the fun!

Happy Bday! Love your excellent blog 😀

Happy birthday, Lisa! I am so proud of everything you have done, having known you since Snack Girl was just an idea floating around in your head. I think 'Snack Babe' is perfect!

Wishing you a very Happy Life and lots of Birthdays to come,love and peace of mind ,body and soul💝

Happy Birthday dear Girl!! I applaud your positions!! I am 76 and I didn't get to your positions until so much later! May you have many more great insights!

Happy birthday! You rock! You’re an inspiration and I love getting your emails and your book is great! You have helped me a lot! So keep it up!

Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, Lisa!! Praising God for the day of your birth and rejoicing in his plan for your life!! Have an awesome day!! Thank you for all u do!! Love your blog!! ♥️

Happy birthday to you! I’m 68 and still kickin’. I’ve found that age mostly a state of mind. If you stay active and keep learning, life is much better. Enjoy your day and have some 🎂 🐣🍷🎉🎁💐

Wishing you a very happy birthday 🎉🎂🎊

49 surely is young. I could be your mother 😆

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day young lady. I am right behind you turning 49 on September 22.

Happy birthday! At the age of 51, I am exercising regularly and controlling my weight. BUT I wonder if there are other things I should be doing to stay healthy? Vitamin supplements? Calcium? How should I prepare for the "golden years"? Thanks for all you do!

Happy Birthday! Have a fabulous day.

Happy Birthday!! I am approaching 50 (a few short weeks away) myself. I’ve enjoyed Snack Girl for a few years & thank you for all of your encouragement and practical advice. Keep reminding us that’s it’s not about the scale!!

Happy Birthday and many more. I just went to the doctor. I have a lung problem . He wants me to lose weight . He said it will help my breathing. He suggest to eat half as much and try to loose a pound every week or a week of a half. Do you think this is a good plan?

Happy birthday! You are an inspiration! I'd like to see articles on recognizing, understanding, and stopping emotional eating. The psychology behind poor and destructive eating habits is the "missing piece" at weight watchers. Any ideas on the "inner work" needed to understand and change would help! Also, could you share ideas on how to dress/fashion our bodies if we are not model thin? Sending a birthday (((hug))) and wishes for a wonderful year!

Congratulations from someone 10 years and 27 days older. Life is better older - who wants to go back?!!! Luv your posts - your philosophy and thots make my day. I have learned so many good things - thank you for doing this and please keep on.

IMHO your best, happiest years are ahead of you...coming from a contented, happy 64-year-old. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday young lady. Splurge today and have a slice of German Chocolate cake....😉

Wished I could be 49 again. Happy Birthday and many more. Enjoy each and every day for the rest of your life. From this 75 year old who almost died 8 years ago. I am now glad when I wake up each morning and face a new day in my life. You are very friendly and know how to relate to people. Keep up the good work. Love ya, Mary Lou

Happy Birthday! 💐

I am now almost in the middle of my 50's. Each decade is better.

Happy do a great job at what you do!! That's all!! <3

Happy Birthday!! As a long time follower, I wish you a birthday filled with love, happiness and maybe a nap. ;-) I’d like to understand ideas of how to keep fitness up as we age, specifically strength. I’m a fellow WW and avid gym goer in my 40’s but I’m sure this will need to evolve (?).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!! You ROCK and I just love reading all your ideas and comments, I look forward to your posts every day.

I turn 47 tomorrow... I guess my question or comment is .... is it normal to feel so much younger then I am? You have talked about your accomplishments and how good it makes you feel but does it make you feel younger? I have been working out more, taking spartan training courses, signed up for a spartan race at end of September. I just feel great and I hear my friends talk about how old we are and how horrible they feel all the time. I guess it makes me think it’s abnormal for me to feel younger then I am. I feel as good if not better then I did at my low 20’s.

Have a great day Lisa and a great birthday 🎂🎉🎁🎈!

Happy Birthday, Snack Girl! Appreciate all of your insights and recipes! Keep up the great work!

HAPPY Birthday Lisa,

I have been with you a long time and care very much about you too! Very thankful to you for the many insightful e-mails and mostly yummy recipes! I truly appreciate you and the work you do. Thank you for never giving up!

I would love for you to research coffee creamers that actually taste good and aren't so ridiculously high in WW points! Wishing you a blessed year ahead and a wonderful birthday!

Happiest of birthdays to a wonderful Snack Girl! Yes, you will always be that😊

@Kim-plan to do lotsa cooking on weekends; plan for leftovers so you can use them for either lunches or suppers! This will help for when youre rushed during the week. We also love vegetarian nachos and they are SO easy n fast to make, either for 7-8 minutes in the oven ir even quicker in microwave!

Happiest of birthdays to you, have an amazing day filled with fun and family

Happy Birthday, Snack Girl! I've been following you for a while, and enjoy your work. But I got you beat in the age department - I'm 62 and also an RD with a media presence - Smart Eating Show, to which you can subscribe on youtube, a weekly 1-2 minute vignette on a nutrition topic. I agree that getting older is freedom and while I have a 20 year old in college, I feel so happy to have my career as well as my family. You do an excellent job and your blogs and tips are interesting and useful. Thank yo for all that you do! Celebrate yourself! with love from Mary Donkersloot.

A joyous happy 49th to you! 49 and you just finished a triathlon. You are amazing! Enjoy your new year.

Happy birthday Lisa! I enjoy reading your comments and admire your attitude! And I've saved many recipes from your site. Thank you for all your research and efforts - they are worthwhile. I would love a simple recipe for homemade chocolate syrup made from real chocolate. Seems like this would not only taste better but be healthier than the store choices filled with HFCS and other additives.

THIS QUESTION CAME IN: I wonder why WW changed to Freestyle without giving members the choice to do the other program if it worked ? ~~~~ Being a WW Member since 1987 ... MY SUGGESTION: We have CHOICES! If other WW "programs" WORKED BETTER for you ... KEEP ON, KEEPING ON! WHY NOT? I see no problem with that?

Happy Birthday Snack Girl! :-) Yes you will always be Snack "Girl"! Wow - what a year you have had - look at all your accomplishments! Good for you. And you gotta know that 49 is going to be even better! btw, you probably don't realize this yet but 49 is still very young so embrace and enjoy every single minute! And last but not least - love your blog ~ keep up the good work.

Happy 49 Lisa! I love that the number on the scale is not defining who we are. I do admit that it is more difficult to keep the weight off even more so as every 10 years go by. I am 60 but 7 years ago I was fit and looked great, now at 60 struggling to get back there again. Are there things I can do to aid in weight loss and overall fitness at my age? Running is out from years of playing sports hard and running, which I loved (2 not great knees), would love to hear your suggestions! Thanks!

Happy Birthday! I myself turn 68 this week and could care less what people think of me.

Happy Birthday from one invisible girl to another!

Happy 49th Birthday 'Snack Girl'!!!

Can you research some ideas for a healthy diet for people with diverticulitis?


Beth ( - :

Happy birthday! Wishing you many fantastic more. Love your site even though at 62 I became plant based and not looking back I can still change up some of your recipes to suit me. 🎂🍷😚

Happy Birthday! I always enjoy reading your posts. You are doing your kids a favour by having them make their breakfasts and lunches- they’re learning to be independent!

49 is a great age to be. Happy 🎂 Birthday!

Happy Birthday 🎂 Have a Wonderful day and a Great year.

Don't know if you know anything about Fibromyalgia? I have it and have for years and always looking for any new information that could help, rather it be certain foods or exercisers. Thanks so much Snack Girl

Happy Birthday Lisa and have a good time today. The Three County Fair is in your neck of the woods, a small time one compared to The Big E. I went with a friend last year.


Happy Birthday! What are healthy meats besides grilled chicken and fish?

Happy Birthday Snack Girl. I look to be the oldest of the bunch so far, but still think of myself as a 'girl'. Do it all while you can. Pick your battles carefully with yourself. Should I stay home and clean the house, or let someone else do it? If my hair is not perfect, should I still go out in public? If I'm dressing comfortable and not fashionable, should I still leave the house? If I'm overweight, should I still feel bad about myself? There's only so much we can take. Pick and choose and don't be so hard on yourself. We only have one life to live, don't waste it on the petty things. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy something about your life everyday.

You are still a BABY!!! (I'm 62) Happy Happy Birthday!! Thanks for all that you do for all of us!!

happy birthday Lisa! I'm 66 and how'd that happen when I'm only 33 in my head? But new things come with every year, my grandbaby turns one year old tomorrow. keep making your kids self-reliant. it is a great gift. I rather like snack babe!

I would like low sugar low fat chocolate recipes. Love your recipes

Happy birthday and,, while you should keep the name as it is due to nationwide recognition, I will always consider you a snack goddess. As for what to research: I would love your opinion of coconut oil. I read it healthy and then I read something like this about how that is not correct:…

Happy Birthday Lisa! We can always "be" girls!!!!

I agree with Kim... A way to streamline meal planning.

Well now, Snack Diva, have a wonderful day. Have a nice little piece of cake with friends and family. You know you will work it off by Tuesday. You will always be our "girl" !!!

Happy Birthday!!! 🎂🎁🎉👑

Enjoy your bday! My bd is 9/4. Love your emails

Happy Birthday Lisa:)

I have enjoyed your blog over the years - it was actually one of the first I ever subscribed to!

Thanks for sharing all the great ideas, food related and otherwise!

I’d love to know more about calories and macros. Lots of WW’s are double tracking both. Why????

Happy Birthday!🎂🎁🎈🎉

What do your kids eat for breakfast? Mine is stuck on chocolate covered doughnuts. Us d to be fruit loops. However, he has a glass of milk with them so that balances out right? 😬😂

Birthday greetings! Enjoy your special day!

Happy birthday. I enjoy your site and have made many of the healthy recipes you suggest. Weight has been a lifelong battle and yet I keep trying. I'll be 70 next year - you are just a young chick. Keep up the good work - it's nice to follow someone who struggles like the rest of us.

Happy Birthday! You will always be a girl - don't change that part!

I'l love to hear your take on this...a doctor recommended my husband work toward a more anti-inflammatory diet. I take that to mean less red meat and more fish. I've been serving more fish and more vegetarian meals. But when we eat out (a lot) he'll choose fish and chips, thinking he's improving his nutrition. I can't get past the idea that fried/breaded fish and french fries have got to be worse than or at least as bad as some red meat. What's your take on these trade offs?

Happy birthday 🎁🎊🎂🎉🎈 Girl enjoy 😉

Happy Birthday Girl!

Hey Snack Girl! Happy birthday today and all year through.I enjoy your blog and recipe book. Can you give us ideas for making meals in the instant pot? Thanks for all that you do for your family and for sharing with us. Keep up the good job and forget what others think.

Happy Birthday to you! Lots of Blessings to you!

Happy birthday !!! Thanks for all your insight. Love reading your work.

Well, so I thought you were nearly 40! :) Be happy Snack Girl, you give us a lot and thank you :)

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! I have enjoyed your blog for many years. I like your product reviews and restaurant item reviews. Would love more of those. Simple recipes for meals and snacks are great too- you’re my go to for those. Thank you! 🙂

Your take on the keto diet? As a RN since the 80’s it was against everything I was taught! Turning 49 this year as well, I researched it for weeks before I began my attempt this New Years...8 months of eating 75% fat macros. I will admit I was afraid to get my labs drawn...I never really had abnormal labs. To my relief each level was improved!!! HDL doubled, LDL and triglycerides dropped, my cholesterol pretty much unchanged. I’ve lost 20 lbs, I’m never hungry and cravings are now pretty much history. Having been a ww receptionist for years this is the first time I don’t feel like I’m starving alllll the time, or constantly feeling like I’m thinking about food. My skin looks amazing and it has always been a quandary. I have taken my measurements many times to assess my efforts and have never lost inches until now...clothes that I wore 10 lbs lighter fit better now due to my body composition. I had this annoying back fat and extra layer of stuff and it has melted. My physician husband has secretly joined me in these efforts and has lost 30 lbs not sweating a minute. I never would have believed that this would have been such a pleasant journey! I feel less foggy, my trip monthly migraines have decreased substantially, I feel less anxious!!! I used to say ‘I’m so stressed’ almost like a mantra and that has been replaced by ‘lets get it done’. Many ppl are so quick to judge this way of eating without researching it...I know I was. Autophagy is a huge bonus. My fear as I get closer to 50 is developing insulin resistance and eventually needing daily medication which comes with side effects...I honestly feel like I’m back in my 20’s!

Happy birthday! Love how you are so “down to earth” keeping it real.

Hi Lisa! Belated happy birthday! 49 is wonderful! I did my first sprint triathlon and my first 1/2 marathon at 49. I have been following you from the beginning, it seems, and love your soothing matter of fact advice. Healthy eating ongoing is what it’s all about of course, but I’d love to see you address the ‘ok I gained 10 pounds- now what?’ Theme. I think when I get back from my trip to Germany I’m going back to WW...

Happy Birthday Lisa!! I think the lessons you have learned are good ones! Enjoy your upcoming year!

Flame you for giving your kids alarm clocks & having them make their own breakfast? Seriously?? What you did is teach them to be responsible & isn’t that what parents supposed to do? Keep up the good work. I would love to see more on product reviews. Loved your non-dairy yogurt review. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Lisa. Loved your article. I too am like you and stopped caring a long time ago what people thought of what I did, wore, said etc. It is just not worth the stress. At the same time I began walking. I had been walking since 1991 but only 2 or 3 miles a day. Then I really began walking. That was 2010. I upped it to eight miles. Ipod was always charging! I did not do it all at one time. Couple miles here. maybe one and a half in while dinner was cooking. My stress level went down to zero. This was good as in 13 I was diagnosed with cancer.It was hard, but I continued to walk thru 8 rounds of chemo and 35 radiation. I read your articles and applaud you for your triathlons and all the exercise adventures you are trying out. Keep on going Snack GIRL!

Happy Birthday, Snack Girl!! I love that you care about your health, how you feel on the inside and that you care for and about your family! I think it's funny that you "lost" your hairbrush...I turned 65 in May and decided to never color my hair again! It looks pretty horrid right now,but hopefully within 6-9 months it will all be grown out! I, too, do not care what anyone else thinks! My 85 year old mother still gets her hair colored, but I just don't want to continue this every month! Happy Birthday Sweetie...thank you for your emails; they brighten my mornings!

Happy Birthday, SnackGirl!

Love your work, your enthusiasm, and your inspiration.

Happy birthday dear "girl" and many more. I had one 2 days before you did.....but # 86...believe me, you are doing better than fine in every way. Enjoying your life as you go. Most importantly you have your priorities straight. I look forward to your daily messages...a "treat" that I enjoy so much. We bought a new car last week for 64 anniversary and go on little jaunts every day. Some of them to the Dr. Keep on chuggin' as you are getting it right. (fire engine red car)

Happy Birthday a day late! We are both Virgos! 😀

I knew I liked you!
Keep on truckin’ Snack Girl!
It only gets easier, and more fun.

Happy Birthday! I look forward to your updates and applaud your goal of helping the next generation learn about responsibility!

I wish you a wonderful and very happy birthday.

Happy birthday from a 60 year old who still feels like 49!

When life gets crazy and after a long day of work and then obligations afterwards sometimes one doesn't get home until late and a bowl of cereal is just the easiest thing to consume for dinner. What cereals are a good choice for dinner? Low carb, low sugar, and tastes good! Also, what "milk" is the best to consume with the cereal? 1% milk? Almond Milk? Soy Milk...etc? - Thanks!

Happy Birthday!

Loved your insightful commentary on life, it was great...

Happy Belated Birthday! I would like to know about probiotics in yogurt. Do all yogurts contain probiotics or is it just Activia?

Happy birthday! You help your readers with every email! What a gift to us!

Although you aren't single, how about easy meals for singles?

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