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April 27, 2016   39 Comments

Spring has sprung and there are some changes here on Snack Girl.

Snack Girl Advertising

Some of you have been reading this blog for years, and I am so grateful that you spend a few minutes per day here. I have been thrilled that I have been able to continue to create recipes, review foods, and make eating well fun.

I do have to pay bills (duh) and for the last month I have been trying out a new advertising service. The biggest problem with online advertising is that it is impossible for me to control all the ads that you may see.

I wish I could put a stop to any fast food company putting an ad here on Snack Girl. The only way for me to do that would be to stop all advertising in the “Food and Drink” category – which wouldn’t make any sense because all the advertisers who want to show ads on Snack Girl are about food or drink.

Honestly, if an advertisement for McDonald’s shows up – I may have to shoot my computer.

There is a better choice than violence (fortunately). I can put a stop to the ad after you see it. Please e-mail me directly at and I will have the advertisement pulled from the site. Last week, a reader reached out after seeing a Dunkin’ Donuts ad (yikes).

Don’t think that I have lost my ethics and now have sold out to the likes of Dunkin’ Donuts. This is an industry wide problem and I am a bit stuck with this system if I want to make money as I provide this service.

That said, you can follow me on Instagram or Pinterest – though they show ads as well.

You can’t really get away from online advertising since it is how so many websites make money.

Please comment below on things you would like me to feature. I love to hear about how I can help with your journey to healthy.

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The first ad I saw wasn't even for food it was for Toyota tires.

It's not so much seeing the ad, it's that they make it difficult for the reader to follow the blog. This is not specific to your site, it happens to me every day and sometimes you never get to finish what you were trying to read. I have no answer. It's just the way things are now.

I don't think seeing a DD ad or a MCD ad is a problem. It's not your fault so will just keep reading. Good Luck and keep up the good work you do ! Leslie

You'll be pleased to know that the two ads I see on this page right now are for Target organic groceries and free-range eggs. Though now that you've mentioned Dunkin' Donuts, I could really go for a Coolatta...just kidding, of course. :)

Today's Ads are Penzoil and Rubbermaid. I do hate Ads, expecially the pop up ones. But your still worth reading and I am thankful for all your hard work. Glad you can make a living doing something you enjoy!

My add is something I recently looked up..memory foam mattress haha!! So it doesn't offend me...but I have been meaning to ask you..could you do some research on pure leaf tea?? I'm a real drinker..but I typically like it cool...I brew a cup at night..and drink it in the morning. I discovered pure leaf and thought it seemed like the closest thing to real tea I could buy in a bottle..I drink unsweetened, what are your thoughts.. Thanks!

lots of ads but I would miss you so much so I sometimes ignore or go in and object....Honda I can handle ..LOL....Love you

I would like to read your thoughts on the substitution of celery salt for the unhealthy nitrates and nitrites the industry is giving us, which I am trying to reduce significantly in our diet. From what I am reading, it appears to me that celery salt is equally bad for us.

I am only seeing an ad for kitty beds on PetSmart! :-)

Don't sweat the small stuff. We will keep you. Ha. I'm seeing 'no yolk noodles' and Samsung. Not bad.

I really love your site and I could care less about the ads. I realize that you are not the one choosing them. Just write on and keep informing us about the important stuff. Ads are in magazines, movies, online, tv, radio, billboards..... I think you get the point, they are everywhere. It does not mean you are endorsing them.

I believe for the most part you will see ads for things you have recently searched. I'm seeing ads for Nike and Which was a helpful reminder that I still need new running shoes and fabric for living room curtains!!! ;)

I agree that sometimes ads can be "overpowering" and make it difficult to read the actual content, but so far the ads on your blog are easy to scroll past and continue reading. Keep up the excellent work!!!

For me it's not so much the ad content (though meat ads on a vegan site for example would be a deal breaker for me) after all we're all exposed to objectionable ads all day. What I can't stand is when a pop up blocks text so that I can't read it. Then I typically give up after awhile.

I am seeing an ad for Amazon Fresh. It's fine--I like Amazon. Keep up the good work! I love your easy, healthy recipes and shared many of them and your blog with my coworkers during National Nutrition Month. The photo of the tulips is lovely:)

I have no problem seeing the ads. After all these years on Weight Watchers food ads don't even phase me anymore. Just keep doing what you're doing. I appreciate it!! :)

I don't mind ads but what I see is like a slideshow. Ads are constantly moving in some way such as clothing scrolling across the screen or popping up between paragraphs making you scroll Down About an inch or so to the continuation of your article. But won't stop me from reading.

Who pays attention to the ads anyway? Not me!!! The ones I always see are things I've googled or recently viewed. So keep on keeping on Snack Girl!!

Another option is AdBlock. Works for me, not seeing any ads. The people running the ads don't like this, but I sure enjoy how much my old computer doesn't bog down as often.

I see an ad for the MS walk. I love your blog and look forward to the short daily tips you have. Sometimes the topic is of no interest to me, but I LOVE that it's always short and most of the time informative to me and I often pass along the info to others. Ads are just a sign of our times. I don't watch much tv anymore, the Internet is my screen of choice. You need to earn money somehow and I really appreciate that we get to read for free....well at least not pay a subscription rate to you. I'm most interested in quick healthy meals my teenagers will eat and your reviews of various food & beverage products.

It's funny how we are all looking at the same blog, but the ads are so different! The one showing for me is about playground equipment :)

As Kevin mentioned, Adblock works for me too. My son put it on my MacbookPro so I don't know if both are needed to rid ads. There are two icons in the upper right of my screen to indicate Adblock is installed. One is a "upright hand in an orange circle" which tallies ads blocked; the other icon is a "broom in an orange circle" called AdblockPro. Hope this helps. Love Snack Girl every day including readers' comments!

Lisa, It seems like ads are on just about every site I go to.. I don't think it can really be advoided.

Now onto what I would like you to discuss is the best artificial sweetner out there on the marketfor people who have to watch their sugar intake.

I have been reading your blog for quite some time, i'm guessing at least 4-5 years..

Keep up the good work....

My only ad is for an electric toothbrush. I just wanted to let you know that if a McD's or Dunkin' Donuts ad shows up don't let that bother you. We need to live with this and learn how to deal. Until recently I would "treat" myself to a McD's ice cream cone (64 cents) and it was tasty. However, it is now 7 points....well, it's not THAT good! So I can still go to McD's and get a kiddie cone (32 cents) for only 2 points which satisfies my ice cream jag. Same with DD - their flat bread egg white sandwich is yummy. Life is about making choices and hopefully the right ones. So live it up at the questionable food advertisers, support them and educate them by making healthy choices. The more they sell of the good stuff, the more they will offer in that category.

I have an ad blocker add on for chrome (it's free everyone). So I don't see any ads :)

I'm seeing Country Crock and Wild Planet! I usually ignore the ads so I only noticed ads since you wrote about them! :o)

I think the ad companies that show up on websites know what sites we (as readers) are going to and put up the ads for those sites. I am looking at LL Bean and TJ Maxx - 2 sites that I have recently visited. I notice that on Yahoo as well. When I look at my email, the right side has ads that change as I click on my emails. However, they are almost always ads for sites I've recently looked at. In a way, that's more disturbing than seeing an ad for Dunkin' Donuts on a healthy eating website.

I see ads for Wells Fargo. Not sure why, but I will say that the ads I see here are far less annoying than the popups on the news sites that popup whenever I accidentally scroll over them. Now those are ANNOYING. Yours: not so much.

No biggie I read the blog, I don't even pay attention to the ads. I have a friend that also has a blog and she is going through the same thing. The only way to avoid ads on certain things is to pay for it.

My ex would have said, "Why don't you get a real job?"

This comment was made to me while I was and independent art teacher.: )

I have ad block too.

Worked in e-commerce for 17 years so I get the necessity of ads, everyone has to get paid for what they do. What I detest are pop-up ads and the bait and click type ads. Usually the ad you see is a previous recent site visit that you made. Cookies are left behind and used. Empty your cookies frequently (a pain as you will need to re-enter all your passwords) and you will see less.

Funny....I must be very unobservant or Ad "Blind" didn't even "see" the ads until

I just looked for them!!! LOL!

I don't come to your site but do get your email daily and love to see what is on your mind. I need to get back to healthy eating as I can no longer walk so the weight is coming on. I plan on looking over your site for veggies dishes as I am kinda doing my own diet. Eating more veggies and stopping diet drinks, breads and so on.. thanks for all you put into this as I do find so much of what you post is what I need to read. As for ads, well girl you have to pay the bills while you work for us so the ads don't bother me at least so far. :)

my boss (wife) will still be here

If I know this is the way "techie stuff" works, only a new born might not--no money on that!

Just keep being being our sweet friend who shares "food stuff." Thanks.

This is the techie world we live and work in. What sets you apart, Lisa, is that you communicate with your audience. I love the Snack-Girl tips, recipes and articles.

aren't the ads we see specific to whatever our internet searches have been? The ads I'm seeing are for products I looked up online yesterday. Maybe this is how mine is b/c I use Chrome, which sees all and knows all...

I would love to see you research Stevia - as some doctors are now recommending this instead of sugar. Is this really a healthier alternative? Or is it something that can cause more harm than good?

AdBlock is the answer. It's a free download. I don't see any ads.

I think ads based on what you recently search is invasive and even creepy. I first realized this on Facebook. I have nothing to hide,but I don't like this strategy because what else is being compromised? I'll still visit sites I like,such as this one regardless because it is pretty much unavoidable if I want to go online. Even with an adblocker I would wonder what type of information is being gathered based on my computer usage.

Shhhh...don't tell! I'm not seeing any adds! Maybe it's because I have a Mac, or, more likely, I'm reading it a day late! Keep up the good work, Lisa!

The ads you see may be from your previous searches. For example, I am viewing ladies golf clubs.

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