Snack Girl on Dr. Oz

December 6, 2015   36 Comments

I am appearing on the Dr. Oz show this week as a guest. No, I did not photoshop myself in the above photo.

Snack Girl and Dr. Oz

The episode will air on Thursday, December 10th and the promotional video below actually has me in it (I am in the blue dress)!

Check it out: Dr. Oz and Snack Girl, Thursday, December 10th.

Dr. Oz was sweet enough to offer to be in a photo with my family. You see my husband, Matt, and my son, Alex, and daughter, Ruby above. We all went to NYC to tape the episode a couple of weeks ago.

I was featured because of my apple peeling prowess and it was SO much fun. I can tell you that being on national television is crazy. The entire atmosphere feels like barely controlled chaos.

I was thrilled to be in a segment about a healthy food (apples) and I hope that my appearance brings smiles to peoples faces during this stressful season.

My interaction with Dr. Oz was only a few minutes, but in that time he did seem as genuine as he appears on TV.

I hope you will get a chance to watch it and I PROMISE it will make you giggle.

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Wow Lisa, that is awesome! I will definitely tune in to see you on Dr. Oz!

That is fantastic! I will tape the show for sure.

So excited for you!! Can't wait to watch :) Your family is beautiful

The Canadian Gals will be watching!! Love your humour!!!

Congratulations Lisa what an amazing accomplishment!!

Awesome Lisa!!.. How exciting for you and your family. I had my morning laugh when you said you were the one in the blue dress,,,LOL..I love your sense of humor... I will certainly tune in and watch and just want to say you have a beautiful family..

Way to go Lisa! Handsome family! I love Dr. Oz as he seems so "regular" and while he offers advice and opinion, he's not "preachy". I'll have to double-check what time show is on in Boston.

Congratulations Lisa!! Isn't this your 2nd time on national TV this year? And both times talking healthy snacks...I love it! May I say I am so proud of you. Even with all the new exposure you've been getting over the years, you still have that great sense of humor and seem to be very well grounded, that's AWESOME! I will be sure to watch you exhibit your apple peeling superpower this week. Your family is lovely. Congratulations again & thank you for staying you.

Oh, wow! How fun is that! Will be watching!

CONGRATULATIONS!! That's great!! :) :) :)

Awesome Lisa! Congrats! I plug you all the time in my small business and you give me the strength to continue! Love the family pic! So happy for you !!

Wow what an awesome experience for you and your family! Congrats!

looking great Lisa...I'll watch

I'm so happy for you Lisa that you're getting some recognition you differently deserve it. I just wish it was another show. Dr. Oz has never been my favorite. I have seen some weird things he talks about and seems like he's always on the weight loss kick. How to get skinny. Every show and magazine write up is always on that subject. With weird things to eat and drink. I talk with a lot of different people as part of my job and they will tell me all about Dr. Oz's new african herb or shake to get thin, just examples. I wish he would be more sensible and talk about just getting healthy. Putting the focus more on that. I never have found him genuine, I feel he's more about ratings. I'm sure to get some flak, but thats alright. I've always believed in you and what you stand for. You're real and down to earth on your advice. Now the world will know. Congratulations.

Just wanted to add my 2 cents and say congrats. That must be pretty heady stuff. Wish Oz would have interviewed you on nutrition in the real world for real people! You always strike the right note and have more common sense than anyone else I've read on nutrition. Thank you, again, for the day to day service of helping to guide and encourage your readers in healthful eating. (And, yes, it is cool to see a pic of your family. Brings a smile to my face.)

Congratulations to You Lisa! Looks like a fun episode, no doubt with you on it. I will be watching. I still Love Dr. Oz, even if he did get some bad press. I think he truly means well and is trying to help people become healthier. You and him are a great match.

How exciting! My DVR is set! Love the photo with your family and Dr Oz! Next years Christmas card?

Congrats! Setting my DVR to record so I don't miss it. I really enjoy all your articles and recipes and your common sense approach to healthy food. Thanks for sharing.

Yay! We get to watch Snack Girl in action! I'll be there Lisa!

The more exposure you get the better! By the way, you have a great looking family!

I agree with Ruth. As a dietitian I hear from patients about items he promotes that may be based on limited and/or questionable evidence. You may know that physicians usually have little or no formal nutrition education.

However, I am glad you will provide the audience with credible information in your friendly and down-to-earth style:)

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