Big Snack Girl Announcement

January 2, 2014   35 Comments

Snack Girl has been hiding something. I didn’t want to share until now.

Big Announcement

I wish it was a big surprise like, “Look under your computer or mobile phone and you will find a key to a new Ford Taurus!”

Alas, dear readers, I am not as famous as Oprah. My surprise is smaller. While you all were working on getting healthy, I have been sitting on my behind writing a book (about getting healthy) - you can buy it here: Snack Girl To The Rescue!.

Snack Girl To The Rescue!: a real-life guide to losing weight and getting healthy with 100 recipes under 400 calories will be published by Harmony (an imprint of Random House) and you can have one on April 15, 2014. The beautiful girl above isn't reading MY book (but she will love it once she gets it).

Why did I write a book?

The answer is that it has been a dream of mine to write one. Books are very different from websites because they have a beginning, middle, and (most importantly) an end. You can tell a story with many pages (288) instead of 200-400 words per day.

My goal was to write about my journey to healthy - fill it with stories, advice, fun, ideas, recipes, and facts to help you get there too. My editor says the book is like having a 3 hour conversation with Snack Girl versus a 3 minute chat on

The other powerful thing about a book is that it is not a solo enterprise. I had an editor, multiple recipe testers, copy editors, proofreaders, cover and interior designers, and all sorts of people that I don’t even know about helping me. Frankly, I loved the support and the book is much better than anything I could produce by myself because of it.

What is in the book?

It has two parts – the first section is devoted to encouragement and guidance on such subjects as emotional eating, exercise, everyday temptations, and food marketing.

The second section is recipes. There are 100 recipes that I developed and all the nutrition information is included. Weight Watchers Points Plus values are not included because of copyright issues, BUT you can calculate the PP on your own.

The recipes were tested by home cooks - many of whom are on Weight Watchers or have been on Weight Watchers. My testers, all of them friends, helped me ensure that the recipes work. My editor was a cookbook editor for over 20 years so that helped too.

I included the “Greatest Hits” of and developed over 50 recipes exclusive to the book (AKA new!).

Should I buy the book?

I think that you should, but I am biased since I wrote it. Here is one review (I sent out some copies to readers of this website to get feedback).

Vickie K. Leesburg, VA:

At last….under one cover, Snack Girl covers it ALL!! She provides a no-nonsense overview of healthy eating while encouraging readers that they can absolutely do this. Brutally honest, direct AND funny.... my husband wondered why I laughed out loud as I read the book. Lisa delivers specific tips on how to begin with "baby steps" towards a healthier, happier YOU!! This book really delivers and at the same time encourages and guides you on slimming down and having a healthier relationship with food :) The recipes are YUMMY and I am inspired cook and move towards developing a healthier, happier, SEXIER me!! Thanks much!

As you can see, Vickie liked it.

Where do I get this awesome book?

I am so glad that you asked! You can buy it right now by clicking here: Snack Girl To The Rescue.

I have put together a promotion so if you buy it before it goes on sale in April you get:

  1. An EXCLUSIVE PDF containing five recipes that are not in the book or on Snack Girl (plug in your order confirmation and e-mail).
  2. A snack pack mailed to you with a cool bookmark, coupons, and products from Snack Girl sponsors (while supplies last).

Take a look here to learn more: Snack Girl To The Rescue.

Please ask any questions you may have about the Snack Girl book in the comment section and I will do my best to answer them.

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I already had it pre-ordered on amazon :)

Awesome! I can't wait to get my copy! Congrats!

@Gail - Thank you! Be sure to enter your order confirmation number and address to get your free recipes, snack pack, and book mark.

I am amazed you found it before I announced it.

So excited! My daughter and I have a few of your cookbooks and calculate the ww points. Last night we had coffee cake in a mug for our New Years Day dessert!

I just preordered with Amazon 1 click and I didn't get a confirmation code. So I tried it again and it said I had already ordered it today. Where can I get the confirmation code to send to you

708656781 I ordered but I had a typo in my email address and it wouldn't let me fix it. Sorry!

106 Twin Tree Dr

Summerville, SC 29485

@Candace - go ahead and e-mail me directly - - with your address etc. and I will make sure you get the offer. Thanks so much!!

@Cheryl - got you girl! Thanks!!

Congratulations Lisa! I swore I wouldn't buy another cookbook but just had to support my favorite Foodie blogger!! Look forward to your emails. Love your spirit and I know I will enjoy the book. All the best..... Hugs Marg

Absolutely delighted to hear the news! You are a delightful writer with a true knack for giving us what we need (and want) to know. Much success to you with the book. :)

Yahoo!! I just ordered mine through Amazon for the kindle, and am about to look through the bonus recipes!!

thanks so much, WW & your website have been so helpful, 42 lbs gone already on my way to a healthier person

Congrats! So excited for you. I'm going to buy it!

Congratulations on the book! Just ordered my copy. Looking forward to it!

Congratulations - that's awesome

Just pre-ordered your book. So excited!

I love the site and will pre-order my book soon. I wanted to check with you first that there will be a fair amount of vegetarian-friendly ideas and recipes. Your blog is always very accommodating, but I wanted to check to be certain. Thanks! Congrats on your book, that's a huge accomplishment.

Congratulations! So happy for this new resource for healthy eating!

@Jenny - good question. If you eat eggs - then most of the recipes are vegetarian. I just flipped through it and about 75 don't have meat - but these recipes are not vegan. They use eggs, cheese, and milk. I hope that helps.

Thanks all of you for the support!!

Oh my gosh! Congratulations! I can't wait to add it to my collection!

Wow congrats!

Sounds like a homerun hit. Practical advice we have heard before no doubt but the icing on the cake we can have your awesome recipes. Did not realize you have other cookbooks!

Would love to have access to searchable pdfs of the recipes as i prefer to keep them on my ipad. The kindle ebook versions seem to lack the ability to search --as far as i know, which makes them fairly useless for recipes :-(...

Again awesome to have your new resource!!

@Caty - this is my first book - I think someone has me confused with Hungry Girl. Yes, you may have heard this advice but there may be some new stuff you haven't. The idea is that these are doable baby steps. Thanks for the lovely comment!

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