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January 2, 2012   18 Comments

Some of you out there have made some New Year's Resolutions. If you are like me, you have already broken a few (and it is only January 2nd).

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I am not very good with rules :)

Last year, I decided that 2011 was THE year I was going to write my "Self Health" book and motivate more people to eat fruits and vegetables.


So, here I am ZERO books written and I am looking at 2012. The question I should have asked myself last year was not what do you WANT to do in 2011, but what CAN you do in 2011?

Your New Year's resolutions have to be doable to work. Where did I think that book was going to appear from - the heavens? You don't want to end up seriously demoralized by the end of January.

So, what can I do for YOU in 2012?

  1. Create healthy snack recipes - I find or create about two a week and I will keep them coming.
  2. Create small meal recipes - I will expand into breakfast and lunch. I have dabbled with these meals - but it is time for more.
  3. Shine some light on the morass that is food marketing. This sticky blob of deceit tricks us EVERY DAY (and that includes me).
  4. Keep looking for healthy packaged food for times when we need shortcuts.
  5. Find and post some motivational stories from REAL people about their healthy achievements. I love celebrities but I learn more from the regular folks.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for more DOABLE ideas that you would like to see here on Snack Girl. I have been asked for all sorts of crazy non-doable things like "zero calorie fondue" :)

As for my book, I have decided that 2012 is the year of the outline.

What are your doable resolutions? Please share.

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With everone making resoltions and on 40% sticking to them in 6 months you need tips on pulling them off! I love the idea of focusing on postive behavior changes like eat 5 fruits and veggies per day or eat whole grain or how about 50% ofyour plate fruits and veggies these specific golas will help you lose weight and get healthy this year!

First of all, I just found your website late in 2011 and am so glad I did! I love your humor and awesome ideas. Being a Weight Watcher, I really appreciate you putting up the pointplus values for your new ideas, thank you! I really don't have any further suggestions, I think your blog is really informative and I love that you have posts so often! Thank you for all you do for the rest of us!!

My aim is to not buy more than one "empty calories" item per shopping trip. If the pretzels and such aren't in the house, I'll find something healthier to munch or simply eat less.

New fave for breakfast or snack: Back to Nature Apple Cinnamon Graham Crackers spread with natural peanut butter...YUM!

Super Post

Always appreciate your posts, Snackgirl- so useful. Keep 'em coming!

My goal is to get back into the GI Diet, which I find very doaable, and drop that last 10-15 pounds. I figure one pound a month for 2012 - how hard can that be? Any faster is a bonus! Happy New Year!

Lisa, I look forward to your emails and I am delighted by your humor. I share your posts with my husband and son and friends. I am a fledgling writer and have found that it is better for the mind body and spirit to go at a reasonable pace. I think you have found it. Go to it girl! and I cant wait to read what you find next!

Hi Lisa- my wife and I work hard on eating healthy every meal of every day and, speaking for myself, I've gotten some really, really great ideas by reading your site. (For friends/family who are willing to try them (i.e., people who don't wrinkle their nose at something that's not made by Hersheys), your no-bake brownie balls are always a big hit!)

To your kind invitation for feedback, I think the five genres you mentioned will be helpful to me and my wife. To wit:

I work from home and the more healthy snack ideas I have, the less inclined I am to buy some junk snacks the next time I go to the grocery store. (And I can always pack some super-healthy snacks for my wife's lunch!)

Whenever I see a healthy-meal recipe/idea that appeals to me (and I really dig Michael Pollan's "Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much." edict), I make a note to pick up any needed ingredients so that I can try it out. The more of those I see, the better.

Food marketing. I stumbled on Ken Leebow's site a while back and his version of this is the (bad for us) "Main Street Diet" <…> The fast-food pushers and the box/bag/can-food marketers spend billions to convince us to buy their stuff. Knowing everything about their deadly game can only help the average person make good decisions.

Thank you for all of the good stuff you share with us! :)

I love your blog. This year I've got to do strength training . I plan to do 12 curls with 10lbs. dumbells every

Tues, Thurs, Sat. I'm on WW maintence, so this is the next goal.

I also am a Weight Watcher and was thrilled to find you last year and add you to my "weight loss toolbelt!" I appreciate all that you do for us!

What I am going to do in 2012 is FINALLY quit smoking AND continue to lose weight...wish me luck!

My rules to live by:

Be your own cheerleader! Pat yourself on the back for even the tiniest of healthy things you do.

Enjoy every bite of food. Savor it. Don't regret it, even if it's not health food.

In 2012 I will try to continue to eat vegan mon-fri. I take weekends & holidays's my way of trying to eat healthy most of the time :-)

I love your site and am super excited you will be expanding into breakfast and lunch. These are the two meals I struggle with in variety. Can't wait to see what you have to share.

Happy New Year, Snack Girl! I look forward to you posts and you never disappoint. I've enjoyed the last couple weeks of festive eating and drinking, and am equally looking forward to getting back to my regular routine of eating well. It's been fun to cut loose a little, but there is a remarkable difference in how I feel when I eat well. Thank you for your inspiration and wealth of information to keep us choosing right.

Morass. I had no idea what that word meant, so as my English Teacher mom always taught me, I looked it up. That word is a perfect one to describe the food industry! Thanks for teaching me a new word today, and for teaching me new things each week in 2011, too. I've recently found that striving to be gluten-free is helping me feel better, even though I'm not officially diagnosed with an allergy or as celiac, so some more ideas on snacks that fit that criteria (without breaking the bank) would be great to see. Thanks, as always, SG, for your time and efforts to help us out with out food smarts! Happy New Year!

Ditto to everything "Aubre Rice" posted 8 hrs ago. I am so glad I found you 5 mos ago - and to date have lost 30lbs with the help of your daily tips/hints/recipes. I follow a few other 'healthy' sites but can honestly say your's is the one I will NOT forget to read each day - and appreciate that you ALWAYS take the time to reply to a question. Thanks Snack Girl and my 2012 resolution is to continue ENJOYING my healthy new eating habits!

I posted my resolutions on the fridge. The first 5 of 7 started with the word 'no'... No wheat, no milk.... Etc. my 7 year old son saw this and when I explained what a resolution was he wrote his own: YES hugs, YES kisses, YES I love you. He is a smart boy...

Keep up the great work.

I have a suggestion, or maybe you've done this already and could just let me know. What is the best lunch box? What is going to actually keep my lunch cold if I can't keep it in the fridge?


your website is amazing and inspirational. I look forward to every email from you! Happy New Year!

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