Snack Girl: The Book, Movie & Action Figure

April 6, 2012   26 Comments

I need YOU for a Snack Girl survey here: Do you have literally ONE minute?

Snack Girl Book Survey

This isn't some wacky market research survey about something you could care less about (like fabric softener). If you are reading this, you probably care about Snack Girl a wee bit.

As I write Snack Girl, it has become obvious that a paperback book would help me reach more people and provide some payment for my writing (other than the advertising on this site).

The Snack Girl movie and action figure are already in development so your help isn't needed. Yes, Snack Girl has a cape and a cool cat-like body suit.

I am asking YOU, my readers, to tell me what you'd like to see in my book. You have two choices:

  • Take this QUICK survey:
  • Comment on the below questions:
  1. Would you like a book from Snack Girl?
  2. What topics would you like covered in a book?
  3. Which types of foods or dishes should be included?
  4. Would you rather just send me a check? :)

I will give you all a big hug through the computer for helping me out!

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1. I personally prefer searching blogs for recipes over cookbooks. BUT, I know there are many out there that are the other way around. I am always sending people in my family links to recipes that they never use. Instead, they want me to print it out. I think a cook book is a great idea and a way to reach an entirely different audience. I filled out your survey. :)

Good luck!

I did the survey, but wish it linked back to this post afterward! I love searching recipes on the internet, but 99% of the time print it out. Now if I could only make 1/2 the stuff I print out! I always fall back on printed recipes. Especially those with nutritional stats listed.

I have cookbooks sitting on the shelf that I've never made a recipe from...they've been there forever. I love to look for recipes on the internet. I'll either copy them to a file on my laptop to *really* look at later or hand write them in a spiral notebook to 'tweak' and try in the very near future.

Completed the survey. I hardly ever use recipe books though I have lots of them. I'll occasionally glance through them to see if there is something I'm looking for, but usually, my favorites are copied off the net & filed on my computer. Ebooks are good too.

I completed the survey but just wanted to add that You Rock! and Thank You! for providing sane, healthy information to your readers :-)

@Everyone - you ALL rock. Your opinions are SO helpful - keep it up!! xoxoxo

I don't use my cookbooks to much. I like the online recipes, if there's a good one that comes through e-mail, I file it! Ok, I'm going to do your survey now.

I don't think in a survey you should HAVE TO answer every question. It's an optional thing we do for you, so we should be able to answer what we'd like and move on. Consider this next time, please.

When I get useful 'freeware' for my computer and they ask for a donation, I always send $25 as I feel they should be rewarded for value received. You were probably kidding about the "send me a check" choice, but I certainly would as I find your 'service' quite valuable! I always wondered how you ladies get rewarded for all the time and effort you put into helping so many people. I think you should all have a link for "donations" and give your grateful public a chance to repay you in some small part for all you do for us! I was happy to fill out your survey - it was short and to the point and every question seemed appropriate :-)

1. I'd love to see a Snack Girl book and would gladly grab one off the shelf.

2. I mostly use this site to try to find healthier snacks or see what "dangers" are lurking in things I already eat, so lots of alternative to tasty but not-so-good-for-you things would be awesome.

3. A little of everything... snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I like versatile cookbooks that I can pick up whenever.

4. I'd rather buy your book. :D

I have been reading more and more about the scary "natural flavors" in foods and I'd love some of your wisdom and alternatives. I have very limited time as a working mom but if there are smart choices that fit into our lifestyle I'd invest my time! Thank you for all that you do. I look forward to your emails.

Completed the survey! I'd love to see a book from Snack Girl. I have learned and gained so much from your site from reading it over the past year, particularly why certain things in snacks and foods are better for me than others and what to avoid. I'd love to see that in the book as well as healthy recipes to quick meals, perhaps. A book is a wonderful idea, I hope you pursue it!

I like the format of the site. I have actually sworn off of buying any more cookbooks. I rarely use them, they take up too much space and collect dust. I end up finding recipes online or from friends. Often, I eat something I like and try to make it healthier on my own or do a search to see if anyone already has. I bought cookbooks more when I was first learning to cook. Now, I end up experimenting more.

I mostly use cookbooks. I almost only use recipes from websites I trust, which is pretty much Epicurious & Snack Girl. I have not had great luck at allrecipes & other user driven sites. And blogs can really be hit or miss, I find.

I would use a cookbook, but probably not an app. Sometimes I have to use my phone for a recipe when my school age kids need my computer, & I find it irritating. But I am an old fuddy-duddy (42) who does not fully embrace all things digital. ;) So cookbook please!

In my head, I prefer to have the book in front of me. But Reality is such that I am better at printing it out and using it. I am trying new recipes as I find them and it's much easier to find and reserch them via the Internet. My goal this year is to find easy, heathlier recipes for the family and specifically to get the small child to eat more variety. These are the things that get me looking at sites.

It's hard to justify buying a book, or even an e-book, when the truth is there are millions and millions of recipes for free on the Internet. One only needs to search Google. Cookbooks sometimes have good, useful recipes, but they are among lots of other recipes that we don't want. Why buy a book and only make one or two things out of it? When I want a recipe, I find exactly what I want on the Internet.

I must admit... I agree with many of the posts above. Wish I could do the survey over again. lol I said I would prefer a paperback with pictures, but REALLY I look for most of my recipes on line (good pictures are a MUST, though!). I print out the ones that we like and put them in a binder. When I make my menu for the week, I grab those specific recipes and put them in order in the front of the binder so I don't have to go searching for them. :)

Love your website! I read it everyday and I've tried lots of your recipes and ideas. I would love a book, and I agree with others, a donation button would be a neat idea. I have a blog too, and I know how much work it is.

I am deep into ebooks these days due to lack of space as I travel in an RV all the time. That being said, it goes hand in hand with sometimes needing help in the 'I don't have time to fix a fast on-the-go HEALTHY snack to keep me on track' food while rushing around. I've filled out your survey and would gladly pay for an ebook to have on hand to read (when time permits) so I can throw a few of those great ideas into motion after reading about them on my ELECTRONIC DEVICES. You have great ideas that I like to keep in one place for fast reference. Time is at a premium for me these help keep me going. Thanks, girl. Every little bit of help is appreciated.

Please write a book with photos and use you special skills to reflect the flavor of your blog. I enjoy your site and would buy your book.

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