Snack Girl: The Book

February 4, 2014   13 Comments

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Snack Girl wrote a book?

Snack Girl: The Book

Last year, when everyone else was sleeping, I wrote an entire book. Crazy, no? The book also includes 100 recipes so I cooked a lot (not at night because my house is small and I would have kept my children awake with all that banging and chopping).

If you have been paying attention and learned about my book in January, above is the final cover. I think it is wonderful.

Even better, this book has now been reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly:

There are skinny girls and fit moms, and there are snack girls. Blogger Cain falls in the latter camp, offering sensible, non-judgmental dietary advice compiled into this healthy eating guide/cookbook.

Cain candidly shares her own experiences with failed diets and some of the lessons she’s learned along the way—liquid diets are impossible to maintain, eliminating whole food groups is maddening, journaling can keep you on track.

The point here is that no matter what the approach, anyone interested in weight loss and maintenance can use an arsenal of healthy, actually tasty foods for daily eating. Cain’s accessible recipes are designed with less than 400 calories per serving (they are indexed by calorie count).

Indulgence is not a dirty word for Cain. Less-healthy foods like pancakes are enriched with yogurt and banana; a tuna melt subs red pepper for bread; and mini pecan pies are baked into airy fillo shells. There are even some low-calorie cocktails for kicking back after a long day of cooking.

With humor and common sense, Cain’s diet book manages to distinguish itself from the legions of holier-than-thou advice mongers.

Right about now, you are wondering where you can get this GEM of a book. The book is like “Snack Girl the blog” but much better because the recipes have been tested many times (tasty and no mistakes) and I had a great editor (better writing and no mistakes).

You can buy the book now and then it will be mailed to you April 15th.

Order Paperback from these sellers:   Barnes & Noble   Books a Million   Indie Bound

E-Book from these sellers:

Amazon Kindle   nook   Google Books   iTunes   Kobo

If you live in the UK, you can get it here - and it is also in Canada - Chapters Indigo.

Snack Girl is offering a FREE gift to those who purchase the book before April 15th.

Check it out here: Snack Girl FREE Gift.

All you have to do is enter your purchase confirmation number, e-mail, and address and we will send you extra exclusive recipes and yummy, healthy snacks. This offer is for residents of the USA and Canada only (sorry dear friends in Zimbabwe).

For those dear readers who have already purchased the book - THANK YOU! The cover is different (hopefully better) but the content inside the book remains the same. This is the final cover that will be on the book in April.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the book or offer. I will do my best to answer them ASAP.

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hi there - just curious if the book includes colour photos?



@Angelique - there are no color photos. We chose to keep the price as low as possible (photos make a book more expensive). I wish we could have done it.

Great question!

Hi Snack Girl -- I ordered your book long ago on Amazon -- can't wait for it to get here! Sounds like it will be great! I totally enjoy your daily emails. Hope the book is a big success for you!


Just wanted to congratulate you once again on this awesome achievement. And I love the cover!!

congrats, SG

I hope the sloppy joes with black bean and the healthy banana bread are in the book. Those are my favorite of the recipes on your blog, and even my kids (who hate heatlhy food and can detect it no matter how well I hide it) like the banana bread!

Cover looks great! Good luck with the launch!

Congratulations Lisa! Love your recipes and your writing. Can't wait to read it.

Great review, well done! Looking forward to getting my pre-ordered copy. I love how they mention your "sensible, non-judgmental approach." They very reasons yours is one of very few food blogs I subscribe to.

I ordered the boor from Amazon in January. I am looking forward to receiving it. I have not received my gift yet. Do you have information about the timing of that delivery?

I love the new cover!!! Best of luck with everything. You are my hero!! Seriously!


I have a Kobo ereader, and have found your book on the website, but it is not on the list of the websites which sell it. Is there any reason for that?

Thank you so much for all the work you do!

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