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March 19, 2015   6 Comments

A funny thing happened after I started using a smart phone.

Snack Girl on Instagram

I began to like it. Very……much.

Not so much that I prefer using it to talking with my friends and family BUT I do prefer it to people that I don’t like.

You see, it talks to me with respect and says things like, “Stay in the left lane and turn left onto Main Street.” It tells me the weather, keeps me from forgetting to pick up my kids after school, and has been known to get me a dinner reservation at a fancy-shmancy restaurant.

Soon after I bought the phone, I attended a meeting with a bunch of millennial types that seemed to have sprouted from the ground with one of these phones attached to their left hands. They asked me, “Do you have an Instagram account?” to which I replied, “What is an Instagram?”

They rolled their eyes at me like I was an old person. Actually, I was twice their age so maybe I am an old person who still feels like she is in her 20’s.

It took me months to figure it out (because I am slow) but I now have an Instagram profile and you can find it here: snackgirllisa

Somehow 18 people found me already! How cool is that?

It is VERY new but I have found that I like Instagram as a way to share healthy thoughts and food photos that may inspire you. Please let me know know what types of photos or ideas would be helpful.

If you don’t know what I am talking about – feel free to use all these other social media platforms to get the lastest:

  1. Subscribe to Snack Girl e-mails.
  2. You can follow my boards on Pinterest.
  3. Like me on Facebook.
  4. Subscribe to my fledgling YouTube channel.
  5. Follow me on Twitter.

Do you use Instagram? How do you use it?

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I use my instagram mainly for my weight loss journey. Pictures of what I am eating throughout the day. I also put up stuff from my day today life. I have added you on all of you pages apart from facebook (recently deleted mine)

Added ya on Instagram, already had ya on FB and Pinterest. I also get the newsletter!

I never used twitter! Didn't see the need! I am like you were on instagram, with twitter. What do I do there? LOL!

Good Morning,

I have fb but no Instagram or twitter acc't. Don't know how to use them LOL. Maybe I should start learning..

I have a Tracfone, does that count? lol

I LOVE IG. I recently started Weight Watchers (again) and have really enjoyed following others on the same journey. I have gotten several good ideas on different foods to eat (1 pp tortillas! What? 1 point?) It is also interesting to find people all over the world who share the same weight loss issues and has helped to realize that I am not alone. I have added you as well and can't wait to see what you are eating!! Weird that so many people are interested in food huh?? :)

I have yet to join Instagram. I'm not against it, but I don't really know much about it. I have Twitter, but don't use it much so I guess I don't see the need for another social media account.

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