Time Is Running Out!

April 7, 2014   13 Comments

Why would Snack Girl put such an offensive photo on her website? Do not tell my husband how many parking tickets I have racked up in the last month.

Snack Girl Offer

Two very important things are happening on April 15th.

1. My book is going on sale.
2. Your taxes are due (unless you live in Canada and then it is April 30th).

I know that the taxes are due because I hear yelling coming from my partner’s office. My daughter announced after the latest tirade, “Don’t worry, Mom, I’ve heard all of those words before.” Ahh, parenting.

Why do the Canadians get an extra 15 days? I don’t know, but I am jealous.

More pleasantly, time is running out on getting the Snack Girl free gifts for ordering the book before April 15th. What would you get?

First, I am giving away five recipes that will be sent within 24 hours to your inbox in a PDF. They are “exclusive” recipes that are not in the book or on the website.

Second, I am offering some snacks to be mailed to your house. This could be a KIND bar, tin of almonds, and a coupon for a free bag of Cape Cod Chips. We still have snacks to mail out so please sign up to get them.

How do you get the recipes and snacks? Simply enter your book order number, e-mail, and snail mail, and we will send your free gifts – see Free Gift Form.

For those of you planning to buy it after April 15th - I get it. I am one of those consumers that needs to take a look at something BEFORE I buy it to make sure I want to buy it. Barnes and Noble as well as independent bookstores will have it on the shelves on April 15th.

If you want to ensure that your closest bookstore will have a copy, give them a call NOW. I called around and found out that my nearest Barnes and Noble will have it - but if they were out of copies – they would order it for me over the phone (without prepayment). My nearest independent bookstore will not have it (oh well) but I could order it if I paid for it. Of course, you could return it if you didn’t like it. But, you WILL like it.

Please check out the First Chapter or my first book review Publisher’s Weekly Review.

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I've pre-ordered mine & can't wait until it arrives! Congratulations Snack Girl!

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my copy! I received my snacks...yummy. I was, however, unable to open the pdf with the extra recipes. Is there a way to access the file?

Do you know if it will be available in Canada?

@Julie - I will e-mail you directly regarding this!

@Fiona - It IS available in Canada. At and Indigo/Chapters, I believe.

Thanks for your questions!

I can't wait for my copy to appear on my Kindle. I LOVE your blog. I also received my downloaded recipes. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have the points plus values. Will the book have them?

Thanks for the Canada shout out, Snack Girl!

Yes, we do get an extra 15 days to file our taxes and this Canadian will most certainly be taking full advantage of that! I know I will not be alone, as millions of my fellow Canadians will also wait until the last minute. Taxes - hate them!

@Judi - Because of copyright issues, I could not put PointsPlus values in the book. I did include all the nutritional information so you can calculate it using a PointsPlus calculator.

Also, here is a list of the recipes with PointsPlus values:

Thanks for your question!

Thanks for the list of points! Wasn't aware of the WW issues but certainly understand. Don't want to read about my Snack Girl in Jail for copyright infringement! I am a lucky girl cause I have a signed copy of your book! My sister saw you in Atlanta. She is so thoughtful and you ROCK Lisa! Wishing you much success with your book!

Do you still get the free stuff if you buy the Kindle version?

@Katrina - yes, you do! Please be sure to fill out the form:

Thanks for your quick response about the points plus. I totally understand and you made it easy to calculate the points. Also thanks for the recipes with points plus values. I look forward to getting your book!


Do we receive the same offer if we bought your book on Kindle. I purchased mine last week. Would truly love to be included. Thank you for your time. Blessings

@Cecelia - yes, the Kindle version is eligible for the giveaway. Please DO sign up for it.

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