Snack Girl Gets A New Look

May 20, 2012   41 Comments

Don't click off!! This is still the same website that you have grown to love (or just tolerate).

Snack Girl Redesign

Here at Snack Girl, we are committed to making this a place that you want to visit every day. After some soul searching (and some yelling), we have redesigned our website to look fresher, cleaner, and more hip.

What did we change?

  • We took down the cartoon lady with the apple, and put me up at the top of the page so that people who are new to the site would know that a living breathing person created it.
  • We changed the menu bar at the top of the page to better reflect the content of the site.
  • Fonts, colors, share bar that moves, etc. - there is a whole bunch of design changes that should make it easier for you to read and use the site.

This is our first day of our new design, and we are going to continue to work on it to make it the best functioning and most thrilling healthy eating site on the web. Take that Dr. Oz!

In addition to the new web design, Snack Girl herself went on a local TV show called Mass Appeal to talk about asparagus. I live in Massachusetts so Mass Appeal reflects the local nature of the show. I have never been on TV before and it was terrifying.

If you decide to watch it - you will have to put up with a cheesy local ad before you get to me (trying not to throw up). Here is the link if you are interested in seeing the LIVE Snack Girl AKA Lisa:

Mass Appeal Snack Girl Appearance

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? If you have a minute, please be constructive and tell us what we missed (or what you like).

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the site looks great! i recently did a blog redesign as well. come on by!

Lisa it looks great! Very clean and modern :)

I love te new look! It looks fresh and clean (: Thanks for working so hard to keep it looking good. I really love this blog. If you're interested in a healthy pizza makeover with an unexpected ingredient, try here:…

Love the blue color you chose!

Bravo!! TV! I bet asparagus sales went through the roof.

Looks great! I like The New updates!

Love the new look! You did a great job on TV!

much better and visually pleasing :)

I love your updated website! I always read and forward your emails to friends and family... Very helpful and many recipes we have used are very tasty.

I love the newer, cleaner look! Very nice!

Love the new look...very stylish and mod!!:) Great job on the TV program!

Congrats on the TV spot!! The website looks great:)

Lisa, you could print your site on used paper towels and I'd still read it daily, with great interest! The website changes are great!

And you are a natural on TV! What a great job you did, especially explaining that eating more (easily made!) asparagus is great and eating less olive oil is not so great! (And terrific idea about lemon juice; it never dawned on me to try that.)

Terrific job! Brava! :)

Love the new look - clean & fresh & easy to navigate - what more could you want? And you were great on TV! Didn't look terrified in the least. Roasted asparagus is one of our favorites (hint - you can do a serving or 2 in the toaster oven to save energy/time). Lemon & hard cheese are terrific, I also use lime/soy sauce for an Asian twist, or lemon & flavored sea salt (working on a jar of chardonnay smoked right now) or just a truffle salt to jazz it up.

It looks great Lisa! New to your newsletter, but already know that anything coming from a Massey has got to be very, very good.

Like many others I'd read your articles no matter what. Looks great though. You are one of the few "go to" sites for me!

AWESOME!!!! Looks terrific. I always enjoy reading!!!!


So the site looks great - it really does. The navigation makes sense etc.

But.. I miss the cheerful colours of the old site this feels a little drab. I used to look at your site every morning and enjoyed the cheerfulness. Now it looks like 90% of the sites out there and is missing the grab factor. I am still going to read it I am sure - but it won't have the same zing for me.

Looks GOOD Lisa...No matter how you design it I will always read your site..


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