What Snack Girl Wants For Her 46th Birthday

September 2, 2015   18 Comments

Party time for me! Another year typing and steering at the helm of Snack Girl.

Snack Girl Run

This year, I want something from you. More than anything, I want you to be motivated to get healthy. Yesterday, I pitched a Snack Girl Jackpot Challenge for those of you who desire to get lighter before the butter-soaked holiday season.

Today, I want to see if any of you feel like going for a run with me in Boston on October 4th. I know, you are thinking, “Snack Girl, I don’t live in Boston.” And that might be true, but I love the idea of people getting together as a team and doing something healthy.

My team is named Snack Girl Rugged Runners and the event is a 5K Oktoberfest run starting in Kendall Square at 9:30 AM on October 4th, 2015.

The event benefits Cambridge Family & Children’s Service, a group that provides services for foster care and adoption.

The fun part is that at the end of the race there is a post race PARTY with beer and pretzels. It seems that I am the Homer Simpson of 5K as I will run for beer and pretzels.

As an added bonus to get you to come out – I will be giving any team member who wants one a free signed copy of Snack Girl to the Rescue! at the end of the race. Hey, beer, pretzels, AND books. How awesome is that?

Also, I will be wearing an Oktoberfest costume as I cannot figure out a way to get out of it. My best friend, Laura, is running with me (probably way in front of me) and she always gets me to do the silliest things – like dress as a beer wench as I run through the streets of Boston.

Snack Girl Rugged Runners may not win the race but with Laura around we have a good chance of winning the post-race party (yes, they give out an award for a team that wins the party).

Click here to sign up and for more information. Be sure to join the team - Snack Girl Rugged Runners!!!

If you can’t make it to Boston, go find a pal, a silly costume, and another athletic event that will keep you from sinking into the couch every day instead of moving your behind.

What type of event motivates you to stay active?

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Sounds FUN! Won't get to be there but will try to do something here at home!

Have a GREAT time!

Happy Birthday Snack Girl! Thank you for all you do for your readers! Wishing you health & happiness :-)

I just signed us up!

We share a birthday! Happy happy! Love the Oktoberfest 5K theme! Thanks for your continued inspiration.

Happy birthday Lisa! Wishing you many more! Maybe I'll come and watch on Oct. 4, if only to see the beer wench.

Glad to hear you're doing this race! I've been doing the Cambridge 5k races for years and Oktoberfest was my first one, it's a great run and a feel good course because it's nice and flat :) I'm already registered for another team but hopefully I'll see you in your beer wench costume!

I am already signed up for Susan Komen Breast Cancer on Oct. 3 in Charlotte, NC.

happy Birthday Lisa! Can't make it to Boston but I will cheer you on by doing extra laps in our community pool...

You and my sister share a birthday! Love the virgo girls!! Emi

A friend and I have been motivated by your weight loss challenge to do out own here at work! Thanks for all the info you provide for us. I am a member of WW, and your recipes with the points are a HUGE help! Thanks, and God bless you!

46, not way, I'd believe 36

I love your spirit. :)

Happy birthday, Snack Girl! I've had your book since it first came out and have given it as gifts too-- it's great! The run sounds like there a "walk" option?!!

@Suzanne - I asked the race organizer and this is what he said:

You are definitely welcome to walk. We don't typically encourage walkers because we're under pressure to re-open the streets pretty quickly.

If you're comfortable walking on the sidewalks, I'd say give it a shot!

Happy day!! Sending birthday wishes your way :)

Darn it! I'm flying to Boston from Minnesota (for work) on October 5! That would have been a fun thing to do.

Anna, I would LOVE to be there but there is no way. I live in Southern Utah. But that is not going to happen. We just had to fork over $7,700 for hearing aids for my ever lovin' husband so we are not going anywhere. I will be cheering you and the other gals on(and guys, if any are brave enough) Way to go! P.S. I love pretzels but am not a beer drinker.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!! Apologies for being a few days late. May I say what an inspiration you are. I have been an avid fan & reader of yours for a few years & will continue to be as long as you continue to fill my inbox with new recipes and your funny anecdotes.

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