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September 16, 2014   23 Comments

I am out from behind my computer and talking to real people instead of hiding in my office.

Snack Girl Tour

Don’t worry - I don’t bite (unless you bite me first).

That is a photo of me at a recent Health & Wellness expo where I signed books and gave out free samples of homemade granola (that my husband made because I ran out of time – ha!).

Why am I out and about? I want to encourage as many people as I can to eat healthier. What I am hoping to teach? Here are my three core principles:

  • Everything you need to eat healthier is in your regular grocery store and you can afford it.
  • A bunch of little DOABLE steps can lead to big changes.
  • Cooking doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. Simple, easy, and delicious meals will save you from junk.

Here I am at a recent book club meeting, where we enjoyed some massaged kale:

Well, at least they told me they liked it.

Invite me to come talk to your church, book club, women’s group, JCC, school, or wherever you think people could use some friendly encouragement and guidance to lose weight and get healthy.

I live in Massachusetts but I am also travelling (Atlanta in October, Hilton Head, SC in November) and adding talks and locations all the time.

I am also doing events via Skype – which isn’t as good as meeting your group in person – but it works in a pinch.

My fee for speaking is ZERO dollars, but I would like to bring some books in case anyone wants to buy one.

Send me an e-mail at

I would love to hear from you!

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if you come to Maryland in your travels let me know, I love to meet you and look at your book

Where will you be in Atlanta, and when?

If you find yourself in the Providence area, let me know. Love the book and would enjoy meeting you in person.

Just want to say you look adorable in your 'Snack Girl' tee! Keep up the good work!

You are looking very fit. I hope you enjoy your touring!

I first got into Snack Girl when I ran into you at the store I worked at, KASPER, at the Lee Outlets in Lee Ma. I quickly signed up for your E-mails after we talked quite a bit of dieting and eating well. I want to say I am so much healthier now than I ever was. I eat REAL food and read labels carefully. I even dropped a few sizes in the process. Thanks so much for everything you taught me about eating well. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks, Barbara

You should think about going to health fairs at hospitals. I work at Bon Secours and they do health fairs throughout the year for their employees! It would be great to see you at those as well.

You should publish your schedule so we can try to meet with you when you're in our state.

Atlanta is October 17-22 and I will be in Downtown Atlanta. I should publish my schedule!

Thank you for the comment, Barbara. I enjoyed meeting you and I am so glad you improved your health.

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions - keep 'em coming!

Lisa, I love this idea. Please do publish your schedule and let me know if you are ever on Long Island (Lawnguyland). :-)

I don't know if your books are in the library in New York but how 'bout a library or mall or @ one of our colleges in the Binghamton, New York area. I would love to meet you and we could sure use some help.

Hi! I love you! Have you ever thought of going on Shark Tank? I think they would love you too, but I hate to lose your realness. It is hard to be so down to earth when you are a multimillionaire.

Good for you Lisa! Hope you enjoy your travels.

It would be wonderful to see you in Toronto, Ontario.

Indigo books often hosts author interviews and it is a great venue right in the center of the city. I am certain you would attract a huge audience and it would be great publicity for your book throughout Canada.

Ooh! Atlanta! I love your blog AND I love your book - hopefully I can catch you when you're here to tell you in person. :)

Hi Lisa! If you ever decide to bring your books and advice up to Canada (BC specifically), I'm sure you'd be welcomed with open arms! And big hugs! Meanwhile, I'll keep on being one of your avid online fans!! xo

Great way to get the word out love your book. Keep up the good work


The Kale chips were outstanding!

No more nibbling on potato chips while I'm cooking dinner :)

I'm in Columbia, but when you come to Hilton Head, I may be able to make it. Keep us posted on dates. Be sure to take advantage of the outlets when you come :)

I live in northern California and you could take advantage of that if you want to figure out something nearby. I live about 50 miles north of San Francisco.

Stay on your journey of wellness and wholeness...

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