Snack Girl Challenges Emotional Eating and Loses

May 28, 2010   9 Comments

This photo is of a hospital. No, they don't serve yummy snacks here. I was just at a hospital for most of a week visiting my aunt.

Challenge: Week 3

I sit now in a Motel 6 in Buffalo, NY. (Only the best for Snack Girl!) I drove to Chicago because of a crisis and now I am driving home to Massachusetts.

I have no desire to go into the details of the trip. Let's just say that I love my aunt more than I could ever express with the keys on this key board.

How did I do on my challenge? Not so great. I didn't write my food journal (or my blog either - maybe you noticed?) and I ate comfort foods instead of healthy foods.

Yes, my week was pizza, beer, ice cream, muffins, cookies, and bacon. I was stressed and I couldn't resist my favorites. But, you know something? The stress was real.

It wasn't the crappy finale of Lost or the wrong winner of American Idol that put me over the edge. So, I will forgive myself and move on.

The good news is that I kept exercising. I have caught an exercise bug and (even in my incredibly sad state) I kept working out.

I packed my Jillian DVD and my weights in my suitcase and I did my workouts. I feel GREAT because I never would have done that without our challenge.

And, this trip has reminded me of my own mortality. Do you want to reduce the chance that you will get diabetes, heart disease or cancer? Eat healthy food and exercise - any doctor will inform you of the power of these two actions.

So, I'm going to eat healthy food and exercise and I will LIVE to see my grandchildren. Got it?

No stats for this week - no scale or measuring tape here in Motel 6.

Tell me about your week! How did you guys do? Cheer me up with some happy stories of conquered goals.

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Hugs! We do our best, forget the rest and move on. I'm so sorry you're in a sad place, but pat yourself on the back for getting the exercise in!

No huge conquered goals here. Just doing my best, and encouraging and motivating others to do their best. Be consistent 90% of the time and you will see results! :)

I say, so what that you ate junk food this week? As long as you recognize it, make a plan to move on and up from here, you're good. And you exercised! I'm proud of you. That exercise is a great help towards keeping your spirits up, in spite of such circumstances. Here's to hoping that once you get home, your stress will decrease, and you'll be back at it full force!

Hey, Snack Girl - Your story this week is the same as mine for the previous two weeks: out of town for my dear grandmother's death and funeral. I almost posted about it but did not, but will chime in now in response to your post. I too fell out of my routines and succombed to eating comfort foods out of stress. To me, it was a lesson learned: I am still stuck in that "on diet / off diet" mentality and have not truly incorporated new healthy habits. If I had developed new habits, then drinking water, exercising and eating healthy snacks as needed for hunger would have made me feel good. But, my paradigm was still that overating, oversnacking on junk food, and blowing off exercising is what makes me feel better, so that is what I did instead. So, I believe in being nice to myself, knowing that I took care of myself during that stressful time in the best way I knew at the time. Now, I must internalize that lesson learned, and continue to work on new habits so that I can do better next time. Thank you for sharing your experience and thus giving me a forum to share my own. Good luck getting back to your healthy routines!

snackgirl, take care and you did really good exercising through all that! I had a couple of iffy days, but besides those two, I have stayed strong and ate smart. I re-lost my weight and again am at 148 which is good.

But my challenge is exercise! Here in Wa State it is 50 degrees, overcast and rainy and I swear it feels like November.

I keep craving turkey, dressing, gravy and cranberries!

The weather is seriously affecting my exercise.

It's depressing!

Too cold to walk and my Jillian tape remains in the Netflix sleeve...taunting me.

My treadmill has quit taunting and is now opening laughing.

You have motivated me so much to eat healthy and exercise so thanks to you I am looking much better and feel great! I think a very important thing to do is get up and try again if we fail. We need to forgive ourselves and move forward! So many of my friends fail and give up, but failing a week or two won't hurt us as much as giving up completely.

Oh, I'm so sorry this week was so stressful. I'm so proud of you for sticking with your workouts though! Working out is a wonderful stress reliever so you picked the right option to stick with. The eating will come just keep on truckin', you're doing awesome : )


Sometimes it's really important to know (or to give ourselves permission -- even at others' behest to do so ;), to just fall down, knowing that when the time is right, we'll get back up and start over -- life is filled with DO-OVERS, if we let ourselves have them. Draw from past experience to inform your future -- in other words, if you did this before, you KNOW you can do it again & have the skills to succeed. It's all part of living mindfully, gently, and in harmony with our psychic/emotional/physical world. I'm sorry for your struggles snack-girl and my heart goes out to you. Please know you are in my thoughts during this stressful time!

I'm really impressed you packed you weights! (Good thing you were driving rather than flying.) I'm so sorry about your Aunt but I'm glad you could be there with her. And forget about the food - you can only focus on just so many things at a time and you had much more important things on your mind.

My big accomplishment this week was working out, albeit briefly, on both our 90 degree days. I am not a hot weather person at all but I still managed a 40 minute workout each day.

Your posting was very helpful to me, although I'm sorry it was the result of your difficult family circumstances. When it popped up, I had just finished a difficult email exchange with my ex and had crammed a piece of chocolate in my mouth. As soon as I saw the headline, I realized I was eating because I was upset, not because I was hungry. I spit it out. (sorry if that's gross) and thought, once again, about the emotional component of overeating and eating the wrong things and how women, in particular, "stuff down" their feelings rather than daring to express their anger and frustration.

Please keep writing and sharing. You are helping a lot of people.

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