Snack Snoop is Now Snack Girl

Snack Snoop is Now Snack Girl

November 12, 2009

We (Matt and I) started this site as a snack review website. But, as we listened to you (our loyal readers) we decided that this site needed something else.

Welcome to!

Now we are going to be EVERYTHING you need to know about healthy snacks. Okay, EVERYTHING is a big goal, but we didn't think the name "Snack Snoop" was going to cut it.

Snack Girl is a place where you can find snack reviews, snack habit advice, snack recipes, snack makeovers, worst snack discussions, kid-friendly snacks, and anything else we can think of to add to the pot.

Coming up with a catchy website name is really difficult. Anyway, Frito-Lay owns (those rats!).

Let us know what you would like to see on Snack Girl - and we will do our best to include it!

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