Do snacks help or hinder weight loss?

June 4, 2009   2 Comments

Journalist Mary Schwager from the Examiner published a great article on a study by Consumer Reports on snacking.

Do snacks help or hinder weight loss?

One amazing fact is that 24% of women surveyed think that snacking is helping them lose weight. Obviously, those women aren't sitting down to a set of Twinkies.

Check her article out at:

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People who successfully lose weight usually have a diet containing lean protein, lots of fibre from salads and vegetables and their diet is low in saturated animal fats. They also usually avoid empty carbohydrates such as products containing white flour and those high in sugar. This is now pretty common sense stuff but some people still don't stick with it. Also, ensure that you are getting sufficient water or else you'll feel hungry unnecessarily.


One thing people should know is that some pills has got side effects as well. I remember my husband taking some pills a while ago and he started felling sleepy all the time. I agree there are some really good diet pills out there but it few of them.

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