Fast Snacks With Two Ingredients

July 22, 2015   18 Comments

Do you ever get into a snack rut? Hey, even Snack Girl finds herself eating the same thing over and over again.

Two Ingredient Snacks

I received an e-mail from Brendan, and thought I would try to help him out.

From Brendan:

Really enjoying your blog! As a man who craves a snack in the middle of the afternoon (I'm an elementary-school teacher here in Mass), would you consider soliciting ideas for 2 ingredient quick-snack combos? Something like apples/peanut butter or even pickle spears wrapped in turkey slices. There must be some fun combinations I've never even imagined.

As a woman, I can tell you that I also crave a mid-afternoon snack. At around 3 PM, my head starts to hit my desk as I swoon from exhaustion (because sitting here and typing is SO taxing). I cannot imagine what it is like to attempt to teach a room full of elementary age students without a quick snack. Hang in there, Brendan.

I tried to imagine how little time you have if you teach kids for a snack. Also, I thought that Brendan probably wouldn’t have a stove, blender, or toaster to use to make it. These snacks are as simple as I can get. I started with Brendan’s ideas since they rock.

  1. Apple slices and peanut butter
  2. Turkey slice wrapped around a pickle
  3. Hummus and any raw veggie (carrots, celery, broccoli)
  4. Celery and whipped cream cheese or peanut butter
  5. Peanuts and raisins
  6. Edamame and salt
  7. Banana mashed on whole wheat tortilla
  8. Baby Bell cheese and whole wheat crackers
  9. Cottage cheese and raisins
  10. Avocado half and spoon
  11. Strawberries and square of dark chocolate
  12. Rice cake and peanut butter (or almond butter)
  13. Cheese stick and apple slices
  14. Greek yogurt and chopped walnuts
  15. Cherry tomatoes and sliced turkey
  16. Dried apricots and cube of cheddar cheese
  17. Hard boiled egg with freshly ground pepper
  18. Cantaloupe chunks and ham slices

Please help Brendan with his snack problem. What are your favorite two ingredient snacks?

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Some of my favorites:

Inspired by caprese salad: cherry tomatoes/pesto

OR tiny mozz balls/pesto -use toothpicks. Barillo makes a decent pesto that will "keep" in teachers' fridge. Also baguette slices with pesto.

Org.dark choc squares/walnuts
PB on Ak-Mak crackers
Laughing cow cheese on Ak-Mak

Leftover cold cheese pizza cut into bites

wasa crisp bread with a tsp of peanut butter and 1/2 banana sliced on top

Pickled beets and cottage cheese.

One slice cooked turkey bacon wrapped around one WW cheese stick = 2 pts

2 clementines + 12 almonds = 2 1/2 pts

I love this's so helpful, especially for those of us who are organizationally (is that even a word??) challenged!

I love this post SG!

Smoked turkey wrapped around melon or pear slice

Almond stuffed into a pitted date
Cream cheese stuffed into a pitted date
Blue cheese on pear slice

Smoked salmon with herbed havarti or laughing cow wedge (ok a little fancy, but nice to have once in a while).

Hard boiled egg with honey mustard

Slice of turkey rolled with a slice of avacado

Almonds with dried cherries
Hummus with carrots or cucumbers
Harrd boiled egg with Siracha

As a retired middle school teacher one of my favorite snacks was plain non-fat yogurt (but you could use any kind you like) that I mixed with frozen berries before school. I kept it in my lunch bag with a blue ice. By the time I needed the snack, the berries were nicely defrosted but not mushy and it was delicious.

1/4 cup cheerios or plain cereal w/ 1 tbs sliced almonds

1/4 cup almonds & 1 tbs dried cranberries or raisins or mini semi sweet choc chips

5 flat pretzels & 2 tbs hummus or eggplant dip

Banana bran muffin with PB or a laughing cow wedge, raspberry yoghurt with PB Cheerios or berries, string cheese and a fruit (apple), cooked apple slices (sprinkled with cinnamon) on top of ww crackers with a laughing cow wedge) at Sobeys they have pop crisps that are large round airy crackers for 19 cal. They are a good sub for anything crunchy ie) crackers/tortilla chips and low cal. A good sub for chips? Chee chaw chips have every chip flavour for 90 cal for 2 cups. I get salsa flavour to crunch on taco salad or snack? Dip in laughing cow mixed with salsa. Cucumber or red pepper slices with laughing cow. Strawberry yoghurt and graham cracker (a lot like cheesecake if you add a laughing cow and a few slices of strawberries)

ham + romaine lettuce leaves
President Wee brie wedge + rice crackers
shrimp + salsa
PB2 + caramel rice cake
PB2 + crunchy rice roller
PB2 + Fuji apple slices
beef or turkey jerky + string cheese
seasoned roasted seaweed + string cheese

tuna + cottage cheese

Greek yogurt + grapes

Banana + Almond Butter!!! Yum!

(Hummus + Mary's Gone Crackers as a close 2nd)


From The Middle East

Cardamom Bread

Hi there - I'm just another reader but I wanted to say that you people, everyone of you, rock!! What great ideas. I love reading the blogs and you're awesome, Lisa. This is one of the nicest websites around: informative, funny, and pleasant. Talk about great combos!

Love cottage cheese with either fresh tomato chunks or cucumber and garlic pepper. Thanks for all the great ideas.

I'm a tomato and green pepper lover. Sometimes both, sometimes one with a cheese wedge/stick.

1) apple slices and PB2 or Just Great Stuff powder - don't add the water - and just dip your apple slices in the PB2 powder!

2) Fun hors d'oeuvres - hard boiled egg - cut in half - throw out the yoke and fill the egg white halves with tuna fish! DELICIOUS!! :-)

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