Snickers satisfies the need for sugar


March 5, 2009

"Snickers Really Satisfies" goes their marketing jingle. I think that the company that makes them (Mars Bars) wants to remind you that they have peanuts in them, and that they will stop your hunger.

Well, if you bathe peanuts in corn syrup, milk chocolate, and sugar, you can get a satisfying snack. At almost 300 calories, I would hope that your hunger has gone away after eating one.

I had a love affair with Snickers' bars when I was a teenager. After I would earn money from babysitting, I would run to the convenience store and buy myself a Pepsi and a Snickers.

Both of these foods were banned from my house, so I would sneak eating them. (I have a very illicit relationship with junk food). Now, as an adult, I find the combination very sweet.

Surprisingly, a Snickers bar is a better choice than Cheetos, where an entire bag is 380 calories. If you are in a convenience store, and want a junk food fix, I would choose the Snickers because it does have some protein, and it would fill me up.

Whatever you do, avoid the King size bar. That is a calorie bomb of almost 600 calories! You could eat 2 small hamburgers for that amount of calories. Shocking!

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